17 Best Trimmer Head For Stihl


When it comes to keeping your lawn looking its best, grass trimmers are essential. STIHL manufactures excellent trimmers, and these machines are in widespread usage around the country. The trimmer heads, on the other hand, tend to wear out with time and need to be replaced.

Trimmer’s heads are equipped with covers on the customer’s side, spindles, and revolving blades for mowing the grass and plantings. The quality of the products can assist you in achieving a neatly manicured and trim lawn or a piece of farming field that is well kept.

In this post, you will learn how to choose the most appropriate STIHL trimmer head for their unique needs and circumstances. Moreover, we have supplied you with a purchasing guide to assist you in making the best decision possible from the many various items commercially available. Here we cover17 the Best trimmers head For Stihl with a detailed guide. So let’s start.

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17 Best Trimmer Head For Stihl





Our Top Pick

1. EGO Power+ AH1500 15″ Rapid Reload Trimmer

  • Heavily loaded

  • Long-term endurance

  • Powerful tool

2. shiosheng Trimmer Head for sthil FS100

  • Bump-fed

  • Extremely convenient

  • High-quality string

3. Buckbock SRM210 Trimmer Head for Speed Feed

  • Convenient design

  • Accessibility difficulties

  • Powerful

4. WELOVEHOME Autocut C5-2 Feed Trimmer Head

  • Performs flawlessly

  • Compatible

  • Reasonable cost

5. MaxPower 3317233 PivoTrim Universal Replacement 

  • Weeds effortlessly

  • Long-term use

  • Quickly removed

6. Parts Club Replacement Autocut dual line tap feed Trimmer

  • Auto-cutting

  • Low-cost endeavor

  • Double functionality

7. Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance 

  • High-quality

  • Convenient lines

  • Distinctive design

8. Shindaiwa 78890-30000 Speed-Feed 400 Universal

  • High-end

  • Rotary blade

  • Long-lasting

9. ECHO Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head

  • Performs admirably

  • Created correctly

  • Efficiently

10. Weed Warrior EZ Lock Universal Fit String

  • More convenient

  • Rechargeable

  • Made of aluminum

11. Husqvarna 537388101 Universal T35 Tap Advance

  • Ease of use

  • Easy to reload 

  • Long-lasting

12. DEWALT DWO1DT995 Quick Feed Trimmer Head

  • Durable material

  • Extremely useful.

  • Long-lasting

13. Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed 2 Line Trimmer 

  • Heavy-duty

  • Versatile

  • Long period

14. Highmoor 385-256 String Trimmer Bump

  • Durability

  • Route’s efficiency

  • Strengthens

15. STIHL 4006 710 2106 5 2 AutoCut C Trimmer

  • Power tool

  • Well-known

  • Simple to use

16. GS 6Pcs 8 in Steel Wire Brush Cutter Trimmer 

  • Strong kink

  • Powerful enough

  • More ruthless

17. Orbitrim Pro Deluxe No More Strings or Wires Gas 

  • Most expensive

  • Ease and precision

  • Sturdy

1. EGO Power+ AH1500 15″ Rapid Reload Trimmer Head for Power+ 56V 15″ String Trimmer ST1500F/ST1500SF (Limited Edition)


  • Dimensions : 2.8 in Dia x 4-5/16 in L
  • Suitable for: EGO POWER+ ST1500F, ST1500SF and ST1530 15 in String Trimmers
  • Includes: 16 ft Dual-Feed Spiral-Twist Line.
  • Brand: EGO Power

As far as trimmer heads go, this one from EGO Power+ ranks well. These are some of the most prominent solutions on the market for trimming weeds because of their many useful features and their emphasis on user safety. For its size, it weighs 0.73 pounds with a weight capacity of four pounds.

In the first place, this unit’s faster technology makes it simple to swap out the chopping line. Trimmer heads can be available for use in occurs simultaneously with this system’s quick-and-easy reloading of the blades.

In addition, the 16-foot long line having 0.095-inch diameter reenacted from around the head is capable of supporting heavily loaded operations. As a result, you can count on it to keep your garden free of weeds for the long haul.

It’s also made of a robust substance that ensures long-term endurance and requires no maintenance. In a nutshell, this machine offers the best performance/durability ratio on the market.

Choosing this model has the drawback of only working with the ST1500SF and ST1500F strings trimmers from EGO Power. In comparison to other high-performance trimmer heads, it lacks adaptability, although this does not affect its efficiency.

  • Reloading lines is done considerably more swiftly thanks to this.
  • Is more effective against weeds in the garden
  • Exceptional resistance to wear and tear.
  • Totally risk-free to put to use.
  • The EGO Power+ string trimmers are the only tools compatible with this attachment.

2. shiosheng Trimmer Head for sthil FS100 FS106 FS108 FS100RX FS110 FS120 FS200 FS250 FS350 FS450 FS550 KM55 KM85 KM90 FR106 110 100 rx 110r FS-KM Weed E Tater C25-2 40027102108


  • Brand: Shiosheng
  • Best For: Trimmer Head
  • Arbor sizes:10mm x 1.0 LHF,10mm x 1.25 LHF
  • Fits most: Straight shaft trimmers

Many STIHL trimmer frameworks are suitable with this approximate device. Any and all of the RX FS100 and RX100RX models, as well as the RX100RX and the RX100RX, as well as the FS100 and the FS100 concepts, are covered by this warranty. You will, without a doubt, have a wide range of possibilities.

This model is also compatible with the KM55, the FR106, the KM90, the KM110, and the KM100RX, all of which are high-performance models.

Within that case, it is a bump-fed trimmer head that also came with a line as well as a connector or arbor, which can be bought separately. It is equipped with a 25-2 dual-line tap feed that will be immediately terminated. As a result, enhanced workplace efficiency is guaranteed.

This trimmer blade is available with lines of diameters of 0.80, 0.95, and 0.105 inches. Because of this, you will need to make a decision that is based on your specific requirements.
Because it is comparable with the vast majority of right-angle trimmers, you will not have to be frightened about this.

This gadget is extremely convenient to use, but because of the ease with which it is being installed, it might be difficult to uninstall once it has been set up. This unit comes with high-quality string, and you seem to have no trouble using it as directed.

This trimmer head offers quality products at affordable prices, and its exceptional level of resilience, even when subjected to heavy use, distinguishes it from its competitors.

  • Configuration is uncomplicated, resulting in reduced project commencement.
  • The string that comes with it performs admirably.
  • The price is extremely reasonable considering the excellent capabilities.
  • Although with heavy use, it has a long shelf life.
  • It might be little bit tough to remove.

3. Buckbock SRM210 Trimmer Head for Speed Feed 400 Echo SRM230 SRM250 SRM260 SRM261 PAS210 PAS225 PAS230 PAS260 GT2200 Shiandaiwa T195S T220 T222 T230 T231 Trimmer 99944200907


  • Brand: Buckbock
  • Trimmer head Speed Feed: 400
  • Trimmer head diameter: 3-3/4 inch, 10mm x 1.25mm LH thread
  • 4-month hassle-free return & money back!
  • Lifetime warranty

Furthermore, this BuckBock trimmer head seems to be a more premium option for controlling a range of weeds. Because of its durability and application features, this effective instrument can be used to tackle even the toughest of weeds as well as being highly safe to handle.

The from before the chopping line around this trimmer head allows it to eliminate long and dense grasses in a short period of time. Powerful and lengthy efficiency can be enhanced with a line thickness of 334 inches.

This command’s adapter, which is 10-mm long, may be used with razors from a range of different manufacturers, thus accessibility difficulties are virtually eliminated. The trimmer head’s convenient design makes reloading the spool a snap and just makes it very easy.

In addition, it comes with a four-month money-back warranty and a reasonable return policy. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee against any quality control problems.

This item can be a great help in keeping your landscape clean and beautiful. This might be caused the trimming process to be temporarily interrupted if the spool got stuck in many of its structural components and it can be used. This is why we urge you to proceed with utmost caution when utilizing it.

  • Eliminates lengthy, thick weeds in record time
  • Machining power is boosted by the use of this product
  • Suitable for use with a variety of trimmers
  • It has a four – month refund policy.
  • While being used, the spool may become jammed.

4. WELOVEHOME Autocut C5-2 Feed Trimmer Head Weed Replacement Parts for Stihl FS38 FS40 FS45 FS46 FS45C FS50 FSE60 Replaces 4006 710 2106


  • Brand: Welovehome
  • Fit For Stihl: AUTOCUT C4-2 C5-2
  • Package include:1 x Trimmer Head
  • Fits Gear Box Size: M8x1.25.

Numerous STIHL trimmers are compatible with this WELOVEHOME trimmer head. FSE60, FS50, and FSE60 are all interoperable with Autocut C5-2. So it’s a good fit for the majority of brush mowers. Some variants do have issues, but you’re not going to buy one of those. Even so, it’s always a good idea to double-check everything before making a purchase.

However, it’s a bargain considering the model’s fully assembled trim line. It’s a wonderful match for the groomer, and it performs flawlessly. Designed cutting lines have a diameter of roughly 0.08 inches. This makes it ideal for use in the landscape as well as in agribusiness.

This trimmer head helps make decent grass, which is ideal if you want your crops to grow properly. This machine may be used for both lawn maintenance and trimming, making it ideal for both tasks.

Commands are not included with the equipment, so installing may require some practice. Many instructional videos may be found on the internet, and they can be readily followed.

  • Full-featured trim line is included.
  • The integrated cutting line that ensures a smooth operation
  • Excellent for use in gardening as well as farming
  • It’s a great renewable head at a reasonable cost.
  • Installation may take a while since there are no instructions

5. MaxPower 3317233 PivoTrim Universal Replacement Head, 4 x 4 Multi


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Item Weight: 0.13 Pounds
  • Brand: MaxPower
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.25 x 7.5 x 41.3 inches
  • Cutting Width: 0.1 Inches

Customized to satisfy most trimmers, this MaxPower amazingly trimmer head is among the most reliable gadgets you’ll find. To get your garden back in order, attach it to weed whackers and you’ll have it done as fast as possible. To get a better grasp of the item’s capabilities, keep looking into it.

To chop weeds effortlessly and minimize breakage while in operation, this trimmer head uses two pieces of the rotating line. Using 0.080-inch and 0.095-inch line sizes is not a problem with this tool.

Pre-cut lines are also included in the package, so you can get started right away! We have no doubt that this treatment will be effective against even the most tenacious tiny to variable weeds.

The device is made of a durable metal that is resistant to fracture or cracking, ensuring a long-term use. Simply feed a line into the trimmer’s head and commence trimming, and you’re ready to go.

Only the lack of a piece of material from around the line prevents this unit from being used. As a result, when you’ve already completed trimming it, make sure to store it safely. Because it performs its intended job without trouble, we have no further concerns about it.

  • The weeds are easily and quickly removed.
  • Has the ability to tackle the strongest of weeds
  • Promises long-lasting performance.
  • Lines are not protected by a plastic frame.

6. Parts Club Replacement Autocut dual line tap feed Trimmer Head 10mm x 1.0 LHF for STIHL FR106 FR108 FR130T FR350 FT100 FS44


  • Arbor sizes:10mm x 1.0 LHF,10mm x 1.25 LHF
  • Brand: Parts Club
  • Autocut dual line: tap feed 25-2.
  • Fits most: straight shaft trimmers

It goes without saying that this trimmer head is built to last! You can be assured that this one was constructed with great care and will last you for years.

This unit comes with a 10mm 1 LHF arbour as well as a 10mm 1.25 LHF arbour, all of which are 10mm in diameter. The line widths that can be employed are 0.80′′, 0.95′′, and 0.105′′ in width. Line tap feed for the 25-2 is dual and auto-cutting, which makes it a versatile tool.

This machine performs brilliantly, even on challenging lawns with a variety of obstacles to overcome.

Using this bump feed trimmer head in conjunction with other trimmers with straighter shafts is possible. There are a variety of STIHL models that can be utilized in conjunction with this accessory.

With dual paths, it is far less difficult to cut the grass to the appropriate lengths. Even a complete novice can complete the installation in a short period of time.

However, reconnecting the trimmer cable after removing the door may necessitate some additional work.
The fact that this is a low-cost endeavor does not detract from the importance of this undertaking.

  • Applicable with the vast majority of STIHL straight shaft trimming machines.
  • Even on grounds with obstacles and pebbles, it lasts for a long time.
  • When it comes to achieving the appropriate lengths, those double functionality is invaluable.
  • Very cost effective, and very simple to set up.
  • After displacing the cord, it was difficult to reinstall the cover.

7. Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance Head, Curved and Straight Shafts,Black


  • Fits:322L
  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Easy to use.
  • Split Spool design

Next up is this Husqvarna trimmer head, which is designed for experienced and provides consistent, high-quality performance. Trimming and edge weeds have never been easier with this tool’s distinctive design, which was created to meet the needs of the most discriminating users.

An important aspect of this machine is its split-spool design, which minimizes the risk of scorching or twisting. Reloading the spool is a breeze thanks to the front-cap cap removal method, which eliminates the need to turn your trimmer upside down.

You may then quickly wind the wire in the correct direction by following the clearly highlighted arrows that appear after that. Additionally, the spool has two key slots that prevent the line from being unwrapped while reinstalling the cap.

One of the fastest and most convenient lines on the market is also before this unit’s 0.080-inch or 0.095-inch diameter cutting line. It’s easy to get rid of all the unwanted weeds in your yard thanks to this method.

The vast majority of consumers were quite pleased with the service they received. It was, however, 25 percent smaller than the trimmer attachment that came with the Husqvarna. However, we can tell you that everything won’t make a massive difference because we’ve had real-life experience with this model.

  • Tightens or loosens up tangles
  • Reloading the line is a cinch, and securing the line properly after use means you can get rid of unwanted weeds with ease.
  • Size is 25 percent smaller than with the factory’s original intended one.

8. Shindaiwa 78890-30000 Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer Head


  • Holds 20′ of .095″ trimmer line. 
  • Accepts up to .105” line thickness.
  • Brand: Shindaiwa

As stated in the title, this device is a bump feed trimmer head with a rotary blade, which is a standard design.

Because of the quick response time provided by this product, it is appropriate for use by trimmers with blades that are slightly bent in the middle.

Aside from that, because it is compatible with the vast majority of high-end trimmers, you can use this head with as many trimmers as you want.

In terms of STIHL speed feed trimmer heads, you will not be dissatisfied with this particular model. Because it has a loading technique that is both rapid and straightforward, it allows you to save a large amount of time during the process.

Depending on your speed, you may be able to complete the loading process in as little as 30 seconds! Furthermore, it is not necessary to disassemble it in order to reload the weapon. This gadget has a storage capacity that can accommodate trimmer lines up to a length of 20 feet in total length.

This trimmer head, on the other hand, is not only exceptionally rapid, but it is also extremely long-lasting. This is due to the sturdy bottom shell and circular eyelets that have been included for support and insulation. The bag is rather substantial as a result of these features.

A wonderful alternative to the Speed-Feed 375, this product is an excellent choice for many applications.

  • There is no need to remove anything from the device before loading.
  • As a result, it saves a great deal of time.
  • Excellent principles that support for trimmer line up to 20 feet long.
  • Sturdiness is ensured thanks to the use of an extra-thick bottom covering like round eyelets.
  • Suitable with the majority of high-end brands, making it extremely adaptable.
  • Trimmer heads with curving shafts from STIHL are incompatible with this attachment.

9. ECHO Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head


  • Brand: Echo
  • Trimmers Length: 20 ft.
  • Diameter: 0.080″ Item: 
  • Country of Origin: Japan

The utility-based items offered by ECHO are well-known in the gardening equipment sector. The brand’s trimmer head is no exception; it performs admirably, just like the company’s other products. It has a plethora of characteristics that make it easy to get the best results every time.

Using this device with a variety of trimmers and power generators was a big plus for us. As a result, it can be described as an all-purpose trimmer head.

There is no need to worry about dealing with shoddy-made units now that it has been created correctly. Installation and refilling were likewise a breeze, making it ready to use right away.

With a 20-foot length trimmer line, you’ll be able to tackle a lot of cutting at once. To keep outdoor garden weeds below order all year round, this machine provides precise clipping.

During our testing, we noticed that it would occasionally come to a standstill, preventing the line from moving further. However, this problem has only been reported by a small number of customers and is unlikely to continue for long, allowing you to carry out your trimming tasks with ease.

  • Adaptable to a variety of trimmers
  • Assembling and dismantling are simple.
  • Trims a large amount of material quickly and efficiently.
  • Often it comes to a halt for a few seconds.

10. Weed Warrior EZ Lock Universal Fit String Trimmer Replacement Head


  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 x 10.1 inches
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Item Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Brand Weed: Warrior
  • Brand: Weed Warrior

This Weed Warrior EZ trimmer head will help you win the battle over noxious plants and unsightly grass in your landscape. With a few extra capabilities, this trimmer is more convenient than ever and can handle a wide range of tasks. It measures 10.13 x 6.44 x 10.1 inches, weighs 11.2 oz, and is made of aluminum.

Trimming and edging are made easier with this trimmer head’s sturdy design, which is built to withstand a variety of weed-eating chores. Additionally, the unit can handle lines of 0.080 and 0.0105 inches in diameter, allowing you to have it for a variety of cutting chores.

You don’t have to open the head every time you want to use the form before the line strips because of an easy way. As a result of this, it saves you a lot of time and alleviates the stress of having to deal with the several spools of thread. First-timers won’t have a hard time putting the trimmer head together because it’s so simple.

In addition, this head can also be used on a wide range of rechargeable and gas string trimmers. There is no need to stress about that functionality with your current trimmer, so you don’t even have to

The bigger weeds took a little longer to cut with this trimmer head, according to most consumers. It didn’t matter, though; they were happy with said unit’s ability to keep weeds under control year-round.

  • Useful for chores like as trimming and shaping.
  • It also doesn’t take long to get up and running.
  • Suitable for all types of trimmers.
  • Reason for the reduction does not necessitate disassembly.
  • Higher weeds require more time to be trimmed precisely.

11. Husqvarna 537388101 Universal T35 Tap Advance Straight Shaft String Trimmer Head Prewound With .095-Inch Line


  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.62 x 16.51 x 28.58 cm; 244.94 Grams
  • Item model number: ‎ 537388101
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 245 g

The T25 Tap Advance thread trimmer head is the best thread trimmer head for beginners to use since it features an eyehole structure that makes it simple to reload the thread trimmer head. The lines will feed themselves as you prune, so you won’t have to worry about keeping track of them.

Among the numerous positive characteristics of the design are its ability to be linked to a trimmer shaft and its ease of use when in use. Because the trimmer head is positioned on the upper edge of the trimmer, it is simple to refill the trimmer with new blades. Once the cap and spool have been drawn up to the proper tension, winding the line is a basic task.

This is because of its split design, which reduces the likelihood of it becoming entangled in clothing. Furthermore, arrows indicate which way the broom should be wound in order to attain the best results. You will be able to wind the line with pinpoint accuracy every time if you follow the steps in this procedure.

  • It is simple to reload the spool.
  • Could hold line between 0.065 and 0.105 inches in diameter.
  • Trimmers and brush cutters with straighter and curved shafts are compatible.
  • Design that is long-lasting
  • It is possible that this will not suit all trimmer models.

12. DEWALT DWO1DT995 Quick Feed Trimmer Head and Line


  • It fits all DEWALT Cordless string trimmers
  • Brand:  Dewalt
  • Color: Black

Dewalt’s sophisticated trimmer head makes it simple to get rid of thickets of weeds in your landscaping project. This lawn and garden equipment is built to last and will help you get the look you desire in no time at all. In addition, it’s constructed from a durable material that lasts much longer than other types of trimmer heads.

We discovered that this trimmer mouth’s bump feed mechanism allows for quicker re-spooling. For continual edging and trimming activities, this capability is extremely useful.

The QuickLoad spindle function, which allows you to replenish the chopping line by twisting a cap, was also a big hit with us. When using the spool, this means you will not have to spend hours wrestling with it.

Additionally, it comes pre 0.080-inch Aerodynamic Line, which greatly enhances cutting efficacy. For dense weed management, this defensive line gives a highly long-lasting functionality. A DEWALT 0.095-inch cutting line can also be utilized with this tool, as can be seen below.

Last but really not least, it may be used with any of the DEWALT cordless trimmers available.

The directions for setting up to include in the package may use some improvement, though some of the processes given are a little too confusing. Other stages are addressed only briefly, which could lead to incorrect unit setup.

  • Facilitates and expedites the re-spooling process.
  • It’s easy to use
  • Cutting performance is boosted.
  • All DEWALT portable trimmers are compatible.
  • Some of the setup procedures are a little difficult to follow.

13. Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed 2 Line Trimmer Head 4 1/2 Inch Straight Shaft


  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 16.51 x 16.51 x 25.4 cm; 13.61 Grams
  • Item model number: 55-265
  • Brand: Oregon
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16.5 x 16.5 x 25.4 Centimeters

Additionally, in addition to its adaptability and durability, the Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed is equipped with a variety of other features that aid in the achievement of these traits. These characteristics are as follows: According to the manufacturer of the equipment, a semi-automatic head is the most appropriate choice for heavy-duty applications because of its versatility.

The feed line apertures on the sidewalls, as a result, are designed to withstand wear and tear over a long period of time, ensuring that they remain operational for an extended period of time.

Because of the line approach, which also allows for functionality, it is feasible to observe a significant difference in the reduction of vibrations while this trimmer head is spinning.

With the grip collar, it is simple and quick to secure the chopping line within the shell, requiring the least amount of effort and the maximum amount of ease possible to complete the task at hand. The line is fed through it more quickly since it is divided in half, and the line is prevented from becoming tangled in the process because of this division.

  • Architecture with a lot of tenacity
  • A grip collars is used to make it easier to attach the line.
  • There is no need to disassembly the head in order to reload it.
  • Involves 3 adapters in a variety of sizes and configurations.
  • Discrete components in the manual are insufficient.

14. Highmoor 385-256 String Trimmer Bump Head Knob for Homelite DA 03001 A DA 03001 UP06761 Homelite ST155 ST165 ST175 ST275 ST285Trimmer Head Replacement


  • Thread Size: 10mm x 1.25mm Left Head Thread
  • Brand: Highmoor
  • Best For: Timmer Head of Stihl

This Highmoor weed wacker head can keep your garden plants from being hampered by thick weed growth. It does a good job of removing all the weeds in a regular manner, and it also provides a lot of simplicity. Moreover, you won’t have to spend a fortune on it.

First and foremost, the trimmer head’s 334-inch diameter boosts the cutting route’s efficiency and durability. For long-term usage, this also works to prevent any wear-out or breaking.

It also comes with a 10-mm adapter so you may use it with a wide range of different trimmers from various manufacturers. To that end, trimmers from the likes of Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, and Shindaiwa are all competitive with one another. We also appreciated how quickly the spool could have been inserted into the machine.

On top of that, it comes in a two-pack, unlike many of the other names on our top 10. So, in the event that one of the trimmer heads fails, you’ll have a repair at the market.

Because of the trimmer head’s significantly weaker exterior, most users perceived it unsatisfactory. However, despite the fact that the exterior shell has acquired a few fractures over time due to the continuous use, they claim that this does not impair the device’s functionality.

  • Strengthens the chopping line’s blades
  • Reduces the likelihood of damage and wear and tear.
  • Supports a variety of various models and trimmers.
  • A package of two is provided.
  • An inferior exterior frame compared to other trimmers

15. STIHL 4006 710 2106 5 2 AutoCut C Trimmer Head


  • Uses 5-2 blade type
  • Standard diameter: 0.080-inch
  • Easy spool version is available
  • Double line for trimming and mowing
  • Nylon line is fed automatically by tap action
  • Brand: Stihl

It is part of the STIHL Autocut C 5-2 Trimmer Head range, which is a well-known brand in the power tool market. The Autocut C 5-2 Trimmer Head is a component of the Autocut C 5-2 Trimmer Head series. The STIHL Autocut C 5-2 Trimmer Head is one of the greatest string trimmer heads now commercially available because it is one of grass best string trimmer heads presently available in the marketplace.

It is possible to maintain medium and small lawns of simplicity and robustness with the string that is given. The string has a height of 0.080 inches and is made of nylon.

It is possible to sustain nylon line out of another reel’s head with the use of a simple tap operation that is both simple to use and manage, as shown in the video below. Moreover, it may be used for both mowing the lawn and planting trees, making it a highly multipurpose piece of technology in and of itself.

  • Spool that is simple to load
  • It is possible to use it for trimming and cleaning.
  • Nylon line that is resistant to scratches
  • Bump-feeding is a technology that allows for more effective utilisation of string.
  • Because it is designed to accommodate Stihl string trimmers, it may not fit string trimmers from other companies.

16. GS 6Pcs 8 in Steel Wire Brush Cutter Trimmer Head Set,with Thrust Washer, Rider Plate, Collar Nut, Maintenance Screwdriver, Bevel Washer,Adapter Kit for String Trimmers, Rust Removal, Lawn Mower


  • Brand: GS 
  • Color:  Black
  • Best for: Trimmer Head Stihl
  • Material:  Steel Wire Brush

The steel wire trimmer head kit contains 1xTwisted knot string trimmer brush, 1 x Thrust washer, 1 x Rider plate, 1 x Collar nut, 1 x Maintenance screwdriver, 1 x Bevel washer, 1 x Manual. The weed trimmer head and brush blade adapter is everything you need to replace and install your weed eater, the weed eater brush adopts welding fixation and strong kink, the wire is not easy to fall, The structure of the lawn trimmer blade is firm and stable.

Also included in the package is an attachment for brush weed eaters with straight shafts: GS Trimmer Head. This trimmer has a unique style, but it’s powerful enough to keep your lawn and garden looking its best. In addition, it makes use of cutting-edge technologies to keep all information secure.

We were blown away by the trimmer head’s strong construction right away.

One of the first things you notice is that it’s made of the highest corrosion resistance that’s fastened together using forceful welding. An enhanced knotting design ensures that the 0.5-mm high-strength steel strand that is secured to this disc does not move during usage, thereby providing the necessary stability.

The device is becoming more and more ruthless and productive and can perfectly trim nearly all weeds as a consequence of increasing the capacity of these two components. With these protections in place, it can withstand being hit like clumps or stones and still function.

It can also be used to remove moss, construction slag, paint, and magnitude and splatter in addition to lawn trimming. The deployment process is made simple thanks to the detailed instructions booklet that comes with the product.

This trimmer head might create a ring through into the bark of a tree and it can be used to remove weeds surrounding it, causing catastrophic damage. Consequently, you must use extreme caution when operating a brush cutter near the bark of an elm tree. Apart from that, the effectiveness of this device is commendable.

  • incredibly long-lasting
  • Trims weeds to a pristine standard.
  • Easy to set up
  • Preserves equilibrium when being used
  • Cut a loop in the tree’s bark if you wish.

17. Orbitrim Pro Deluxe No More Strings or Wires Gas Trimmer Head – Sharper and Stronger! (Stainless Steel Blades)


  • Brand: Orbitrim
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Hardened sold steel

The fact that it is the only trimmer head in this book that is completely devoid of threads or lines also means that it is the most expensive of the three alternatives mentioned in this chapter.

In contrast to ordinary hedge cutters, this one has a curved blade, which allows it to slice through even the most difficult of hedges with ease and precision, unlike traditional hedge cutters.

The curved base of the steel blades provides for greater maneuverability while both blades are in use, enabling the vehicle to float above the grass and avoid making contact with it while both blades are in operation. The blades are kept within a steel frame while not in use to prevent other plants from being accidentally cut by one of the blades.

Take note that it is designed to work with the vast majority of gas trimmers currently available in the marketplace; therefore, please bear this in mind.

  • Strings are no longer required because of the use of steel blades.
  • Sturdy manufacture with a curved bottom for even cutting.
  • Fits a wide range of gas trimmer models.
  • It is possible that it will not be suited for cutting very near to the bottom.

How To Choose The Best Trimmer Head For Stihl?

After going over the trimmer heads, there are enough a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

In the first place, it’s critical to be certain that you’re purchasing the correct trimmer head for your particular trimmer model.

No regardless of how much money you invest in your head, if you choose a hat that does not fit properly, your trimmer will render it meaningless.

1. Trimmer Head Type

There are three different types of trimmer heads present in the market, and STIHL offers three different types of trimmer heads as well-

  • STIHL fixed line trimmer head.
  • STIHL automated feed trimmer head.
  • STIHL bump feed trimmer heads are all examples of trimmer heads.

It is necessary to understand the methods by which these operate in addition to being able to select the most appropriate.

Mechanical feed trimmer heads, on average, are the most straightforward to operate and maintain.

2. Purpose

Consider the purpose for which you intend to install your trimmer head before making your selection.

If you will simply be pulling weeds and plants, and there will be no impediments such as trees or stumps in your way, it will be simple to obtain any product.

When dealing with difficulties, you will need to purchase a product that allows you to swap out the blade and strands as needed.

3. Line Type

Trimmer’s heads are produced with either single or dual lines, depending on their configuration.

Single line heads are slower but easier to use than multiline heads, however, they are not intended for commercial use.

Those double heads produce extremely speedy results and therefore are appropriate for professionals.

Their lines, on the other hand, are more difficult to wind.

4. Size

The size of the trimmer head is also crucial to consider because different trimming projects have differing degrees of difficulty depending on the size of anything like a yard, a vegetable garden, or a lawn that needs to be maintained.

In order to care for a more modestly sized garden, shorter trimmer heads that are effective at mild to medium trimming activities will suffice. On the other hand, larger lawns and landscapes will demand the usage of heavier equipment capable of supporting heavy loads during trimming jobs. 

It should be noted that the thickness of the trimming head can be utilized to determine the volume of the trimming head in some situations.

Before picking the suitable trimmer head for the job, consider the needs of your lawn, backyard, or garden, as well as the number of weeds present in each region of the yard.

5. Types Of Trimmer’s Head

You should be aware that if you’re in the market for a trimmer, there are many various varieties of trimmer heads available. The sort of head that chooses will be classified by the characteristics of work you planned to accomplish with the trimmer as well as the extra money you like to invest in it.

1. T-Shaped Trimmer Head

The most popular trimmer head is this one. String trimmers with this head can be found on a wide range of models. As a result of its versatility, it’s often referred to as a universal head. As a result, you should double-check compatibility before making a purchase. A T-shaped head contains a metal shield that can be changed to a range of settings, contributing to the achievement of varying cutting lengths. Lawns and leaves can also get through all the barriers because of the small gaps in the guard.

2. Rotary/Line Trimmer Head

The most popular trimmer head is this one. String trimmers with this head can be found on a wide range of models. As a result of its versatility, it’s often referred to as a “universal head.” As a result, you should double-check compatibility before making a purchase. A T-shaped head contains a metal shield that can be changed to a range of settings, contributing to the achievement of varying cutting widths. Lawns and leaves can also get through all the barriers because of the small gaps in the guard.

Best Trimmer Head For Stihl FAQs

How Do I Change My Trimmer Head?

You must strictly adhere to the directions contained in your product’s operating manual. If no manual is supplied, look up pictures on the internet to learn how to do it. In most cases, the guidelines for deletion and replacement are readily available online.

What size Trimmer Head Should I Use?

The size of your trimmer head will be determined by the purpose for which it will be used. Using small size trimmer heads will be sufficient for light work and tiny lawns. Larger ones will be required for hard support and employee applications, such as the removal of significant amounts of overgrowth.

How Do I Make my Trimmer Head More Durable?

There are two things that you should take into consideration. One consideration is the substance’s quality, as higher-quality materials will endure longer than lower-quality materials. The other consideration is the number of moving parts in the trimmer head; the fewer there are, the more reliable the trimmer head is likely to be.

Final Words

Here is our guide to the top trimmer heads that are commercially available. We hope that by this point you have determined which unit is the best appropriate for your requirements.

Prior to calling it a day, we’d like to walk you through some of our personal favorites from the list. The MaxPower PivoTrim 3317233 trimmer head should be an excellent option for those looking for a strong yet reasonably priced trimmer head that can fit a wide range of different models.

The Husqvarna 966674401 T25 trimmer head, on the other hand, will be appropriate for individuals who prefer to stick with a more dependable company. The EGO Power+ AH1500, on the other side, is a high-performance model that is designed specifically for use with EGO Power+ 15′′ String Trimmers.

Do you agree with our conclusion? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. And until next time, please be safe!


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