8 Best Wake Boats – Buyer’s Guide


In the 30 years since wakeboarding was introduced, it has evolved into a more popular sport than waterskiing. There is no wonder why it has become more accepted than the sport from which it originated.

It’s an absolute pleasure to glide above the water, and riding the wake of a boat is even more thrilling. You may think it’s simple, but it’s not. Your wakeboard boat plays a significant role in how much fun you have when wakeboarding.

Choosing the right boat is very important. To maximize your enjoyment in the water, read out this article on the best wake boats.

What Are Wakeboard Boats?

Wakeboard boats make a large wake that can then be jumped by wakeboarders who perform aerial tricks between the wakes.

There is nothing ordinary about wakeboard boats. Furthermore, these boats are not the same as boats used for water skiing.

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There is a big difference between both types just because they are both two riders. A waterskiing boat creates a flat surface, whereas a wakeboarding boat creates a larger wake.

The sport of wakeboarding did not have wakeboard boats when it was in its infancy. It was instead the riders who pushed their weight forward into the boar’s aft end.

Within a few years, companies started selling ballast bags large enough to hold hundreds of gallons of water, which pushed the aft end of the boat deeper into the water and generated more wake.

Wakeboarding’s V-drive inboard boats eventually became a thing, and manufacturers started building them, too, so there were no more ballast bags to purchase. A ballast system is now built into wakeboard boats instead.

Here Are 8 Best Wake Boats





Best Overall

1. Axis Wake Research A20

  • Consistency

  • Skybox Seat

  • M5Di/M6Di engine

2. Centurion Ri265

  • Ramfill ballast system

  • Fold-and-deploy tower

  • Cutting-edge innovation

3. Centurion Vi22

  • Large storage

  • Truly remarkable

  • PCM 409 engine

4. Yamaha 212XE

  • 2 engines

  • Foldable aluminum

  • Touch controller

5. 2013 Centurion Enzo SV244

  • Capable of holding up

  • Adaptability

  • 24-foot-class flight deck


  • 400-horsepower turbocharged

  • 2.0 surf platform

  • Reasonable price

7. Malibu Boats 25 LSV Wakesetter

  • Comprehensive model

  • Classic styling

  • Easy to ride back

8. Moomba Mondo

  • 3,700 pounds of ballast

  • Wide range of features

  • Diminutive stature

1. Axis Wake Research A20


  • Hull Length:  20′ / 6.10m
  • Beam:  98″ / 2.49m
  • Max Capacity:  11
  • Approx. Dry Weight:  3500 lbs. / 1587kg

It is always advisable to start out with a low-cost item within your budget if you are a newcomer to water sports. Performance, however, should not be compromised as a result.

On all fronts, the Axis Wake A20 is a great product. Considering its price of around $74,000, it’s a great choice for wakeboarders just getting started.

The powerful machine is powered by a reliable, high-performance Malibu Monsoon M5Di/M6Di engine that provides excellent performance, fuel economy, and sound reduction. The wakes it generates are of very high quality, so you don’t need to worry about that.

It doesn’t seem reasonable to expect strong wakes in a boat of this size and price range, but the A20 does.

This boat features 11 seats, 3810 pounds of ballast, Axis Skybox Seats, Mooring Covers, Stereo Packs, Surf Gates, and Surf Pipes, as well as a Tandem-Axle Trailer. A standard garage can fit it and it is easy to tow.

2. Centurion Ri265


  • Make:  Centurion
  • Model:  Ri265
  • Length:  27′
  • Class:  Ski And Wakeboard
  • Fuel Type:  Other

A Centurion Ri265 with 18 seats and 26’6″ of LOA also falls into the bigger-is-better category for 2022. Additionally, the boat’s ballast tanks can hold up to 5,850 pounds, the highest capacity in a 26-foot boat.

Ramfill’s interface features a pair of 12″ touchscreen “Touch Revo” displays that allow the wake to be adjusted in as little as 90 seconds. It also comes standard with a Roswell DropZone tower that can be folded and deployed at the touch of a button.

A big car does not just mean it is big, but also has a refined fit and finish as well as innovative features like the Revo Side by Side dash’s real-time fuel consumption feature.

Additionally, with the evolved running surface of the Opti-V Hull, the world’s best waves, wakes and rides have reached an entirely new level.

Several refinements have been added to the Ri265 to improve the quality of life on the lake, such as a Lay-flat Sun Pad Lounge Seat. For a boat that could comfortably hold 18 people, the Ri265 offers all of that at a fair price point, making it a great new wake boat.

3. Centurion Vi22


  • Year:  2022
  • Model:  Vi22
  • Make:  Centurion
  • Class:  Ski And Wakeboard
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Length:  22′

A discussion of the best wakeboard boat today would be incomplete without mentioning the Centurion Vi22.

Even though the boat is only 22 feet long, the amount of space it offers is quite impressive. It is possible to fit tons of weight in the storage compartment behind each seat.

In addition, the captain’s chair is the best addition to the helm. In addition to the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, there are also two-speed control paddle shifters. 

As well as the touchscreen, the helm also displays a menu that includes everything the boat offers. Putting more weight on the Vi22 creates more wake since it is so well designed. Therefore, even if the boat gets overweight, there will be no problem.

From beginners to advanced riders alike, the optic-V hull generates very symmetrical wakes. You can adjust the deadrise of waves and wakes by 20 degrees with the PCM 409 engine integrated. Deadrises like these are similar to those in the ocean. Overall, Vi22 is a highly impressive boat that delivers on all fronts.

4. Yamaha 212XE


  • Storage Capacity: 479 GAL
  • Length: 21′ 3″
  • In-Water Height:  7′ 3″
  • Weight:  3,702 LBS
  • Seating Capacity/Weight Capacity:  10/2,100 LBS

The Yamaha 212XE is the only jet boat in our round-up that offers twin engines, making it the perfect wake sports boat for jet boat lovers. With a starting price of $64,894, it is the only jet boat in our round-up that offers twin engines as well.

Under the hood of the 212XE are two Yamaha TR-1 engines with 1.8-liter displacement, which generate thrust through high-pressure pumps with 155 mm diameter.

A swiveling wakeboard rack mounted on a folding aluminum tower completes the hardware package that makes waves. Adding to wave-making capability is a ballast system weighing 1,100 pounds.

There is also software to consider, such as Yamaha’s Connext touch-screen system, offering sport-enhancing features such as Cruise Assist speed control, as well as user-set profiles for acceleration, speed, and ballast.

5. 2013 Centurion Enzo SV244


  • Year: 2013
  • Model:  Enzo SV244
  • Make:  Centurion
  • Length:  24′
  • Class:  Ski And Wakeboard
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline

The Centurion Enzo SV 244 is Centurion’s new flagship stretch limo with a spacious main cabin and a sleek design. A 102-inch beam and more than a foot-long lounge, combined with a 244’s largest cockpit in the class, make the 244 Centurion’s biggest yacht.

Plus, there is enough storage for 16 people to enjoy an entire day on the water due to the superior fit and finish of the boat. Ample comfort, however, is just the beginning, as the Enzo SV 244 also comes loaded with performance.

In the World Wake Surfing Championship, the Enzo SV 244 is an approved towboat, with deep-V hulls designed to carve waves on the North Shore.

Using the Gladiator tower and ProVision II dash system, you can create the perfect wake quickly using 1,750 pounds of Quick-Fill ballast, which is standard equipment, so you can create the perfect boating experience.



  • Brand: Moomba
  • Year:  2020
  • Condition:  Used
  • Model:  Helix
  • Price:  Request Price
  • Type:  Power
  • Class:   Bowrider
  • Fuel Type:   Gas
  • Hull Material:   Other
  • Location:  Lake Placid, Florida

The Moomba Helix cannot be discussed without mentioning the price, so let’s be clear about it. You can get the Helix for $56,760, which is about half the price of a new wake sports boat. It would still cost you roughly 55 percent less than a wake sports boat if you spent twice the MSRP on the Helix.

The cost of a wakeboard boat could top $200K, for those of you keeping score at home. What’s that? Yes, there are 200 large ones. People will continue to pay those sums as long as the industry goes nuts. However, this does not have to be the case.

Let’s take a closer look at Helix’s standard equipment now that we’ve covered the price. Raptor is the engine from Indmar, which produces 400 horsepower. You don’t need an optional engine package, and there is none available.

For hardcore wakeboarders and wake surfers, optional equipment will be important, however, so let’s check some boxes and see how things play out for someone on a budget who has only a few options for on-water performance and wakes.

Biminis are not included with the boat, but a tower is. There is an extra $1,000 charge for a Bimini if you want one. There isn’t. Aside from that, we do not want any features that do not enhance the wakes, such as optional graphics.

As far as wake enhancements are concerned, we would like them all. Therefore, we should purchase the Flow 2.0 Surf Package for $2,190, the Auto wake option for $840, as well as the Zero Off Cruise Control for $880.

As a result, the total price will be $61,630, but you don’t really need the Zero Off setup because it includes Digital Cruise Pro 3. It would be ideal if you used your savings on a fixed rack for wakeboarding for $630. A trailer would cost us $61,380. In today’s market for tow boats, that’s a great deal.

There are 1,700 pounds of water of ballast in the standard ballast system. It also is fitted with three wake-tuning plates at each end of the running surface, adding another 400 pounds of capacity under the bow.

The AutoWake technology on Moomba’s value-leading boats makes tuning those wake plates easier. Surfing and wakeboarding are made easier with AutoWake, which monitors the boat’s running attitude and adjusts ballast levels automatically.

A snap-in carpet and a convertible bench seat behind the boat are standard, which slides forward from their aft position to provide an ideal view of the action behind the boat. Not having backrests as standard is odd. The rear-facing backrests are part of a kit that is available for the convertible rear sliding seat as well as the starboard lounge.

Wakesurfing boats under $100K are difficult to find, never mind under $65K. In the advanced Moomba Helix, buyers have the chance to purchase one of the most affordable boats that offer the same features as more expensive models.

7. Malibu Boats 25 LSV Wakesetter


  • Boat length: 25’
  • Fuel capacity: 103 gal
  • Beam: 102”
  • Seating: 18 people
  • Boat weight: 6,175 lbs
  • Ballast: 5,180 lbs
  • Engine: Malibu Monsoon M6DI

It limits the number of passengers on board to 18, making it one of Malibu Boat’s most expansive models. Also, they should produce a bigger wakesurf, as they do with most big boats. This boat doesn’t just meet all of these expectations also it goes far beyond them.

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Malibu Boats is known for its luxury and extravagance on its wakeboard boats, as well as this one. Did we mention there are long and extensive waves here, too? You can go back and forth to the long waves without doing any effort because it’s created by the Power Wedge II setting.

With the Power Wedge II, extra ballast can be provided equivalent to up to 1499 pounds in two lift modes using electro-hydraulically operated technology. It allows the hull to lift faster from the rear by creating an additional planing surface when the wedge tilts down and forward.

This wakeboard boat from Malibu Boats features bolster-style helm seating that is not only swivel-capable but additionally extremely comfortable. It looks great and wears exceptionally well partly due to the new upholstery look. In addition, the underfoot is comfortable.

It is important to keep in mind that the Malibu Boats 25 LSV Wakesetter is not only for riders. Besides being a driver’s boat, it is also a passenger’s raging vessel and a wake-setter for riders. You will certainly feel like a king when riding it.

8. Moomba Mondo


  • Boat length: 20’
  • Fuel capacity: 39 gal
  • Seating: 13 people
  • Ballast: 3,700 lbs
  • Engine: Raptor V8

Bringing back the Moomba Mondo after a year of hiatus, it is now even better. Unlike other Moomba wakeboard boats, such as Makai and Kaiyen, this boat is redesigned to resemble them heavily. Additionally, it delivers premium performance and features at a reasonable price.

Even though it’s 2′ shorter than the MasterCraft NXT22, don’t be fooled by its size. There are 3,700 pounds of ballast on the Moomba Mondo. A simple multisport crossover machine with both bark and bite, this 20-footer can handle both sport and pleasure.

There is a good amount of volume and a user-friendly shape to the wakeboarding waves it produces. In other words, it is ideal for the whole family, including beginners and young children. As your group of about 13 people watches you from the boat, you can enjoy the ride.

An attractive, carefully planned interior design keeps the Moomba Mondo separated without adding a lot of extra cost to the consumer. In the cockpit, for example, there are cup holders, USB charging ports, and phone holders strategically placed.

Further, its bow is wide and deep, and its walkway has nonskid GatorStep floors that can be changed as needed.

The Moomba Mondo was a much better wakeboard boat than what was expected. Simple yet functional, it has a touchscreen and sound system that are stylishly designed.

How To Choose The Best Wake Boats?

The right wakeboard can make all the difference to your riding experience, so read these tips for choosing one. Anyone who rides wakeboards knows that getting the right gear and specifically, the right board is one of the best ways to improve your skills.

1. Bring Your Own Board

Wakeboarding is an activity where you need your own board if you want to excel. Shared boards are popular among riders looking to save money, according to Ballone. I have faced nothing but problems for me to use this method.

There is a compromise between the two riders regarding their desired characteristics, but neither gets better.” To be on the safe side, if your lake house or beach bungalow requires a single board for multipurpose use, you’d better get a good intermediate board.

2. Match Up Sizes

Your weight and height should determine what size board you need. “Too small, and the board will sink, causing the boat to pull you faster,” Ballone says.

As a result, you have less control over your wake and it is smaller. There are sizing charts for proper weight-to-length and height-to-length ratios available from most manufacturers. If the board is too big, it will be cumbersome and difficult to spin.

Shorter boards are less stable in starts and turns, so choose the longer one if in doubt. In addition, as your skill level increases, you can upgrade to a longer board.

3. Get Under The Skin

It is common for wakeboards to have either foam or wood cores wrapped in fiberglass. Wooden boards flex better than foam boards, which are lighter, cheaper, and more durable.

Wood is reputedly more able to provide extra snap off the wake than foam, despite foam being more common and standing up to more punishment. Briscoe says graphite is another material being tested.

In addition to reducing weight, graphite increases stiffness. By reducing swing weight, the board is easier to control in the air.”

4. Check The Label

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced boards generally fall into these categories. In the following tips, we discuss a variety of characteristics that differentiate each category, such as materials, rockers, fins, etc.

As a beginner, you don’t need a tournament-level board if you’re just starting out. Instead of saving money, you’ll end up spending more on gear that feels fast and loose. The learning curve will be easier on beginner boards because they are slower and more forgiving.

A board with advanced materials and designs has much more aggressive materials, while an intermediate board is just a board that has been slightly tweaked for all-purpose use.”

5. Know Your Style

The type of board an individual chooses will also depend on how they ride. Those who are used to riding with one foot forward, such as slalom skiers, should look for a single tip board. With its narrower front and square back, this design has a modern look.

A twin-tip board, which is round on both ends, may be preferable to you if you’re a snowboarder or skateboarder.

6. Find The Fin

On the water, fins prevent your board from rotating freely and keep it going in the right direction. Fins can vary in depth, size, thickness, and whether they are removable or molded. A beginner’s fins are deeper than an experienced board’s fins, according to Ballone.

Basically, fins come in two types: built-in and removable.” The type of fin you use and how it works will be determined by the type, size, and style of your board. In order to find the most comfortable configuration, Ballone suggests that riders try a variety of removable fins to determine which one they are most comfortable with.

“Some riders choose to ride without removable fins and just use molded fins,” Briscoe says. “It is known as ‘riding finless.’ As a result, you will learn to control the edge of the board using the rail, which will enable you to maintain good posture and benefit you as you advance.”

7. Rock On (Or Off)

It is divided into two types: continuous and three-stage rocker, which describes how much bend is in a wakeboard’s profile. In addition to offering predictable performance, continuous rockers offer smooth curves from head to tail.

Off the wake, it is faster and gives a consistent feeling. Two-stage rockers, on the other hand, have curves that are almost like those on skateboard decks, yet less dramatic and they provide aggressive lift off the wake.

Choosing a wakeboard with the right rocker will result in a flatter bottom and increased stability while choosing one with a higher rocker will make landing jumps easier.

8. Investigate The Shape

The wider the board, the more pop it will have off the wake for bigger air tricks, but the wider it is, the more difficult it will be to carve on the water,” Ballone says “.

On the other hand, a narrower board will carve well on the water surface, however, it will not be as easy to pop off the wake for extra air time.” The edges of your board are also very important.

It is common for beginner boards to have squared-off edges to help with tracking, but at the same time that more advanced boards have rounded edges for easier landings, which makes catching edges less likely.

9. Try Before You Buy

Testing different styles and types of boards is probably the most important part of the process. Is the board wide or narrow? Are the edges rounded or hard? Do you prefer the single-tip or the twin-tip? As boards become more popular, more shops offer demos of them before purchasing them.

The shop may charge a fee for testing, but if you decide to purchase the board, they will often deduct the fee from your final sale price. Getting the board you like might be more expensive, but Briscoe recommends not being afraid to spend this extra money.

Your local dealer can sell it to you. This will be useful if you have a problem or have to make a warranty claim. Make sure the company you choose has survived the industry. All the bugs have been worked out by these companies as the sport has grown.

10. Don’t Skimp On Bindings

Bindings are also important, according to both experts. “You are what your bindings make you”

This is an integral part of the board, which reduces the possibility of injury by a huge margin,” Briscoe claims. The beauty of interchangeable bindings is that they are made by all manufacturers. Your decision should be primarily based on comfort.”

Make sure your bindings fit snugly without being uncomfortable. The best bindings for beginners are adjustable ones. However, as you progress into bigger air, you will need a pair that is professionally fitted to ensure maximum safety.

11. Price

In order to buy a wakeboarding boat, you first must figure out what kind of budget you can afford for the boat itself, as well as maintenance and registration fees, shipping, slip rental, and other expenses.

Start by determining your budget, as this will help you narrow down your search for the perfect boat. Monterey M4 boats are good choices for midrange boats, but the M-22 is a smaller boat you might consider if your budget is only $35,000 or less.

12. Size, Weight, and Performance

There are several reasons why size matters. The performance of wakeboarding and water skiing will be better on a smaller boat with a more powerful engine.

Boats that are more nimble can turn more closely and accelerate more quickly, while larger boats can handle more passengers and have more amenities. Based on your preferences, you should choose the size of the boat.

When choosing the right size of the boat, it’s important to consider the storage location and the way you’re going to transport it. When towing a boat that is much longer than 25-28′, even with a powerful truck, it is not practical. The 238SS, on the other hand, offers a lot of features and benefits for its small footprint.

13. Build-in support for wakes tab and other wake accessories

For the best wakeboarding and water skiing experience, your boat should at least support wake towers and tabs, even if you don’t have the budget to add them right away when you buy it.

Featuring plenty of space and a stainless steel tow, the M-22 is an excellent budget-friendly option for water sports.

14. Versatility 

Boats with more amenities, such as wet bars, coolers, refrigerators, or even toilets and showers, maybe a good choice if you plan on using your boat for more than wakeboarding and water skiing even if you plan on taking longer cruises or relaxing on the water. It’s hard to beat the Monterey M4 when it comes to wakeboarding and water skiing performance, combined with a host of amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Wake Boats

Here below we have listed the answer to the most commonly asked questions about the wake boats. I try my best to answer all but if you still have any queries then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

Why are wakeboard boats so expensive?

As a first point, it isn’t a small toy but a boat. The second reason is that these wakeboard boats include several technological advancements that are extremely expensive.

These boats have also become more expensive due to the use of composite materials in their bodies and increased safety features. Some companies are now, however, designing boats, which come with a moderate price tag.

What is the best wakeboard boat?

The MasterCraft X-7 wakeboard is the best wakeboard boat on this list, despite several good wakeboard boats available these days. While this boat might be a bit costly, it can certainly meet its expectations.

Moreover, since it was introduced, some of its performances have been absolutely amazing.

What is the best wakeboard boat for the money?

It is extremely expensive to buy a nice wakeboard boat. A new 247 LSV variant was launched by Malibu Wake Setter, which has a great value for the price. It is clear to see that there is a win-win situation when comparing the price point and the performance.

Is a wake boat worth it?

Those who love water sports are sure to enjoy it. The majority of wakeboard companies will sponsor you if you have boating talent. The only problem is that if you want to maintain one of these boats for recreational purposes, you have to be extraordinarily rich.

Although, it is important to take care of the local laws, as fast boats, as well as wakeboards, are not allowed on many coastlines around the globe due to tourism.

Why are wakeboard boats expensive?

Wakeboard boats are extremely valuable for the simple reason that they aren’t toys. These modes of transportation are specialized and high-end. Additionally, ballast systems, surf systems, and a more complex cockpit raise the MSRP even further.

Are wakeboard boats bad for lakes?

Depending on where you are located in the lake, wakeboard boats may have an impact on the environment. Waves coming from wakeboard boats, such as, may accelerate erosion along shorelines. A wakeboard boat accelerates erosion and deposition, which are natural processes.


Wakeboard boats are available on almost every lake in the United States. Their sporty style, wakeboard tower, and aggressive stance will let you know which one is theirs. It is no doubt that their presence is contributing to the growth of the sport.

Is it worth it to buy a wakeboarding boat? It is undoubtedly expensive to purchase a wakeboarding boat, but if you are truly passionate about this sport, it is definitely worth a try.

 It won’t be difficult for you to secure sponsorship from wakeboard companies if your skills are unique. Alternatively, you can buy value boats without the advanced technology such as electronic components that come with higher-end boats.

You should test drive a wakeboard boat before making the big decision to purchase one.


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