12 Best Wakesurf Boats – Review Guide


In terms of wakesurfing as a sport, there has never been a better time. It’s a great time to buy a wakesurf boat, since wakesurf sales are at their peak and wakesurf boat technology is at its peak.

As a result of the popularity of wakesurfing, however, boat manufacturers have also produced wakesurf boats. A number of factors need to be considered before buying a vehicle, including resale value, warranty,  aesthetics,  gas consumption, and dealership network.

It has now become more challenging to choose a wakesurf boat. The best thing you can do is to know what you are getting so that you don’t have to worry about it. The article provides a list of the best wakesurf boats.

Also, we describe the best wakesurf boats in the marketplace and some important factors that matter a lot and must be considered while purchasing a wakesurf boats.

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12 Best Wakesurf Boats





Best Overall

1. M240 by Malibu

  • M-Series design

  • Multi-view seating

  • Most authentic surf

2. Super Air Nautique GS22E

Best Affordable

  • Completely revolutionized

  • Cutting-edge

  • Best fuel economy

3. Tige Z1

  • Ballast regulation

  • Stereo controls

  • V hull design

4. Centurion Ri237

  • V-hull design

  • More comfortable

  • QuickSurf Pro

5. Axis Wake A20

  • Sound reduction

  • Fuel economy

  • Affordability

6. Heyday WT-1SC

  • Comfortable position

  • Asymmetrical design

  • Expansive

7. Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX

  • Adaptability

  • 360 - 430 horsepower

  • Flexibility

8. Centurion Boats Vi22

  • QuickSurf Pro

  • Opti-V Hull

  • Space for storage

9. Supreme S226

  • Eye-catching

  • Ballast system

  • V-hull layout

10. Centurion Boat Vi24

  • V-Bow wake boat

  • More affordable

  • Opti-V Hull

11. Tige 23RZX

  • Excellent quality

  • Wet Exposure

  • Internal combustion engine

12. LS2 Surf By Regal

  • Rxcellent quality

  • Capability to trim

  • Innovator

1. M240 by Malibu


  • Length: 24’
  • Ballast capacity: 3,200 lbs 
  • Beam: 8’6”
  • Seating capacity: 17
  • Dry weight: 7,500 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 86 gallons

Malibu claims its M240 to be their unmatched wakesurf boat, unyielding, and unrivaled on the market today.

 A close look at every detail of this luxury vessel reveals how high-class the M-Series is in terms of its style and functionality. There’s no need to be surprised about this. The Malibu towboat company is known as the world’s leading manufacturer of towboats.

Awakening the wakesurfing industry in 2019, Malibu released the M240, the first wakesurf boat to surpass it, even by itself. In addition to having every feature a surfer could possibly need in a towboat, it also features a premium cooler with a slide-out lid, a GX tower, multi-view seating, and wireless chargers.

This wake boat features the Malibu Launch System 6 Ballast that fills extremely fast. With this trademarked technology, filling takes less than three minutes. The exclusive new M-Line Hull offers the Surf Gate feature for maximum surf swells and the purest wakesurfer experience.

You will find everything you need on the water with the M240. In addition to its unmatched luxury, its unyielding performance, and unmatched design will make wakesurfing more enjoyable than ever before.

2. Super Air Nautique GS22E


  • Length overall:  22′ / 6.70 m
  • Beam: 100″ / 2.54 m
  • Draft: 27″ / .69 m
  • Watersport use time: 2-3 hours
  • Charge time:
    • AC: 10 HOURS at 240V / 50A
    • DC: 4 HOURS at 25kW
  • Maximum capacity: 11 people / 1500 lbs / 680 kg
  • Gear reduction ratio: 2.842:1

With the Super Air Nautique GS22E, you can combine your eco-friendly attitude with the right boat. Nautique’s wake surfing boat changed the game, as seen in current wake surfing news. Whatever your preference, electric propulsion technology will help you shred waves on a board, skis, or tube

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The zero-emissions trend is the newest thing out there, but its power should not be underestimated. Fuel efficiency does not mean it cannot perform just because it is the most efficient out there. As one of the best performing boats out there, this boat can be configured into many different configurations that meet your needs.

Once on the water, you can enjoy up to three hours of wakeboarding with the electric drive system, which must be charged before you get on the water.  In addition to being ultra-quiet, the Nautique Surf System can deliver optimal speed even in choppy waters.

The dual AC and DC chargers can allow you to quickly “refuel” before you head out. If you’ve always dreamed of an eco-friendly, genuine surf brand, now is your chance. It’s called Nautique.

Wake surf boats make wakes, and that’s their main characteristic. However, wake surf boats were not available when people began wakeboarding. In the early days of wakeboarding, weights had to be brought on board and shoved into the rear (aft) end of the boat.

Ballast bags were eventually manufactured by companies. It was possible to push the rear of the boat further into the water by filling these ballast bags with hundreds of gallons of water. By doing so, these ballast bags created stronger and bigger wakes.

With wakeboarding becoming increasingly popular, companies have begun producing V-Drive boats. It shouldn’t be necessary to buy a ballast bag along with your wake surf boat if you’re buying one from a quality brand.

There are a lot of new wake surf boats with internal ballast systems and custom features that make them sink down at the rear.

3.  Tige Z1


  • Year: 2022
  • Model: Z1
  • Class: Ski And Wakeboard
  • Make: Tige
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Length:  21′

In 2022, Tige will bring back the Z1 model, discontinued several years ago but now brought back to satisfy wake boat lovers. A touchscreen interface provides access to everything from the TAPS T3 wake-shaping tabs and Zero Off cruise control to the ballast system and lighting.

The engine is controlled by the company’s Tige Clear system, which includes the company’s Tige Clear system. A continuous rocker, similar to a surfboard, is also included in Tige’s Z1’s convex V hull design.

4. Centurion Ri237


  • Length: 23′ 7″
  • Draft: 36″
  • Beam: 102″
  • Fuel: 89 GALLONS
  • Capacity: 16 + MAX BALLAST
  • Ramfill ballast time: 45 SEC.

With Centurion’s Ri237, watersport enthusiasts will enjoy a smooth, high-quality running surface. With the V-hull modified, the ride is smooth and provides a comfortable riding experience on choppy days.

 A huge wall of water is created by the Ramfill ballast in 45 seconds. Several features of the Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) make it possible to fine-tune the wake and waves. In just two seconds, the QuickSurf Pro lets you change the direction of the surf wave.

This vehicle’s interior features three-position Slide Seats and a Side by Side (SxS) HD Touch Vision dash that allows all the onboard systems at the driver’s fingertips. Spradling Vinyl Comfort Strong is used for seating upholstery.

As part of our test, the Ri237 was surfed by three people, with Ramfill and Plug and Play ballast systems fully loaded. A zero CATS was set on the adjustable CATS, the QuickSurf system was in default mode, and the bow and center tanks were empty. It is the industry’s largest ballast at 5,100 pounds. There was a lot of power and push in the wave, which made for an extremely fun and clean ride.

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5. Axis Wake A20


  • Model: A20
  • Make: Axis
  • Length: 20′
  • Class: Ski And Wakeboard
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

You should always start small if you’re new to the world of water sports, and make sure it’s within your “reasonable” budget. But don’t compromise your performance because of this. All aspects of the Axis Wake A20 are outstanding. Wakeboarding beginners will find it a great choice at around $74,000.

A Malibu Monsoon M5Di/M6Di engine powers this compact machine, offering unmatched efficiency, performance, and reliability, all at a reasonable price. It doesn’t generate bad wakes, so don’t worry about that. Due to its size and price tag, the A20 produces surprisingly big wakes.

In addition to the 11-person seating capacity, 3810 pounds of ballast, and a tandem-axel trailer, standard features include Axis Skybox Seats, Mooring Covers, Stereo Packs, Surf Gates, and Surf Pipes, among others. Most standard garages can handle it, and it is easy to tow.

6. Heyday WT-1SC


  • Capacity: 9 Persons
  • Beam: 8′
  • Base Engine: 5.7 L / 350 HP
  • Fuel Tank: 35 Gallon
  • Ballast: 1200 lb.
  • Length Overall: 19’6″
  • Dry Weight: 3,150 lb.

There is an asymmetrical interior layout on board the Heyday WT-1SC with bow seating on the port side, a console on the starboard side, and two ‘Hangout Zone’ seating areas in the back, letting passengers view surfers from behind the boat or cruise forward comfortably.

It can be easily towed and fits into most standard garages due to its size of under 20 feet. A compact wake surfing boat like this is one of the best on the market today.

7. Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX


  • Approx. Dry Weight: 4,580 LBS/2,077 KG
  • Hull Length:  21’/6.40 M
  • Draft:  27″/0.69 M
  • Beam:  98″/2.49 M
  • Max Capacity:  12

In 2022, Malibu will introduce its Wakesetter 21 LX. This model offers both value and versatility.

A maximum of 12 people can sit in this 21.6-foot-long chair. Featuring a new hybrid bow, it is designed to cut through water cleanly. There is also a G5 tower and a pop-up pylon. There is a torque range of 360 to 430 horsepower offered by the Malibu Monsoon engine.

There is a 5-year factory warranty and a custom-built trailer included in the boat.

This brand-new Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX is built on the heritage of Malibu Wakesetters from years gone by and delivers the performance that users are looking for.

In addition to its unique Hybrid Bow, one of the most unique features of this new boat is its traditional 21 VLX bow that cuts smoothly through the water while featuring the pickle fork bow of the 21 MLX. New in 2022, the 21 LX is a versatile, comfortable, and practical addition to Malibu’s lineup of wakesetters.

8. Centurion Boats Vi22


  • Year: 2022
  • Model: Vi22
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Class: Ski And Wakeboard
  • Length: 22′
  • Make: Centurion
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

Having been manufacturing high-end, stylish boats since the 1980s, Centurion Boats is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. It’s a popular choice among boaters who enjoy getting a little flashy out on the water.

Lower gunwales are probably one of the first features you’ll notice. An ocean-like wave can be created on a lake with the wave-maker’s 20 degrees of deadrise.  The kind of powerful waves that are created here are hard to find anywhere else.

The waves made by a boat can, of course, be too choppy to be enjoyable. Because of this, the most remarkable thing about the Vi22 is how symmetrical the wakes and waves are. It is the Opti-V Hull’s symmetry that makes this boat so gorgeous.

Wakes don’t tell the whole story, however. You’ll also find the PCM 409 engine, a tow pylon mounted on the transom, a Stinger Wake Plate, and QuickSurf Pro capabilities on the Centurion Vi22.

Centurion Boats Vi22 is a true showboat, featuring excellent storage, sleek looks, and adjustable speed.

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9. Supreme S226


  • Beam: 102″ 
  • Length: 22’6” 
  • Seating Capacity: 14 
  • Fuel Capacity: 43 gal. 
  • Dry Weight: 4,560 lb.

Supreme S226 offers riders of all ages and skill levels a fun wave that they can adapt to their individual needs. As well as turning heads on the water, it features a custom vinyl wrap and pickle-fork bow.

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In addition to its V-hull, the Supreme has a Stinger Wake Plate that is helpful in creating waves. The Supreme is ready to surf within moments due to its QuickFill ballast system. Using gravity to flood the ballast, QuickFill makes an otherwise time-consuming task easier. Within minutes, 1,000 pounds of ballast are produced.

Combined with Supreme’s Plug and Play ballast bags, a boat with a displacement of 1,100 pounds can generate waves with great power. With QuickSurf, you can also create and control waves on either side of the boat. Featuring the Pro S4 Tower and Supreme Altitude Control System at the helm, the Supreme S226 is also available with the Pro S4 Tower.

On the S226, we surfed with three people on board, with the QuickFill and Plug and Play bags full, but with the bow tank empty. Carving was fun on the long wave with good power and a good-sized lip created by the boat.

With enough room for 14 people and all their gear, the boat is ideal for those on board as well. In addition to the swiveling helm seat, there is a flip-up bolster that gives the driver better control.

On the dash is an MW3 remote control for the six-speaker system controlled by a Clarion stereo in the center console. There is nothing more comfortable than bare feet on this forty-ounce marine carpet.

10. Centurion Boat Vi24


  • Year: 2022
  • Make: Centurion
  • Model: Vi24
  • Class: Ski And Wakeboard
  • Length:  24′
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a premium wakesurf boat. In this regard, Centurion Boats’ Vi24 proves its worth. With the Vi24, Centurion Boats’ most important addition to the line of boats, you’ll enjoy a powerful surf wave while enjoying the view of the lake without sacrificing comfort.

With its big boat performance at a reasonable price, the Vi24 is designed to satisfy adventurers looking to enjoy the lake. Opti-V’s hull displaces 4,800 pounds of ballast to create waves and wakes unlike anything else in the world.

In addition, many of Vi24’s ballasts are located beneath the floor; therefore, they do not encroach on your storage space. In addition, RAMFILL fills it in under 90 seconds when used. For one wake boat, that’s a lot of power filling.

In addition to keeping the wave at bay, the Vi24 lets you determine your seating position. It allows passengers to fine-tune waves and wakes by repositioning their weight in four positions. There are two different seating configurations available here: Flip-Up Stadium seating and rear-facing seating.

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11. Tige 23RZX


  • Model: 23RZX
  • Make: Tige
  • Class: Ski And Wakeboard
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Length: 22′

It is said that bigger is not always better. However, whoever came up with that couldn’t have been referring to professional wakeboarding. There is no doubt that the 2021 Tige 23RZX is a trendsetter. In terms of wakeboard boating technology, it sets new standards.

RZX boasts a patented Convex V Hull that produces massive wakes of superior quality to any other boat you may have seen. A full trim capability is the first and only feature of this boat.

A number of standard features are included on this vessel, including TAPS 3T technology to generate impressive waves and powerful wakes, the Tige Clear touchscreen, Indmar Raptor 6.2L V8 engines, and the Alpha M2 Tower that includes a surf pocket bimini and board racks.

Overall, the Tige 23RZX is one of the best boards for expert surfers who want to ride a challenging wave.

12. LS2 Surf By Regal


  • Deadrise: 21º
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 11 Gal
  • Beam: 8′ 6″2.5
  • Fuel Capacity: 56 Gal212 L
  • Length: 22′ 4″

This high-performance water sports boat is designed to offer a lifetime of fun every time. This stylish bowrider from Regal Boats provides a comfortable ride, a high level of performance, and a lot of push so you can enjoy the waves.

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Surf System, specially designed for close-quarters wakesurfing, ensures a safe boost of the wakes with the LS2 Surf. The wake boat’s primary component, Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive, relocated its dual propellers beneath the hull of the front drive and secured them there.

Due to its less exhaust, this configuration is advantageous. In Addition, it can trim the boat for both further shaping your wave and creating a more relaxed, comfortable cruising experience. Most V-drives cannot do this.

With its LS2 Surf hull, the company claims it has developed its best design ever based on the same technology as its 2300. During the cleaning process, Regal Boats engineers made sure that the hull water was properly cleaned.

What Are Wakesurf Boats?

What wakesurfers always have an advantage over is Wakesurfing boats . Surfers can surf to a wake created by these boats instead of being towed by them directly. There is nothing ordinary about wakesurf boats.

To provide the rider with the surf they need, they are constructed differently from other boats. An inboard boat is the most common wake surfing boat. In order to keep more weight in the rear of the boat, their engines are located backward in the back of the boat.

This results in a larger wake created by the boat. Nonetheless, there are also direct drive wake surf boats that are specifically designed for wake surfing. In this type of boat, the engine is mounted in the center.

How To Choose The Best Wakesurf Boats?

Knowing the importance of a wakesurf boat for a great ride, the next step is understanding what factors to consider when choosing a wakesurf boat. 

The wake boat generates the waves you need by taking advantage of these factors.

1. Hull Design

There is a reason why the hull design is ranked first on this list. There are wakesurf boats designed specifically for different water sports, some with hulls specifically engineered for water skiing, others for waterboarding, etc.

Waterskiing and tubing are better suited to flatter hulls. A Deep-V hull is essential for wake surfing so that you are able to create an efficient surf. The ability to do this is not available to boats made with flat or round hulls.

2. Hull Construction

Construction of boats with Vacuum-infused is stronger and lasts longer than construction without vacuum.

3. Internal Ballast

There is no doubt that the bigger the wake is, the deeper the boat is in the water. A heavier hull will generate larger and longer waves if the boat is weighed down deeper into the water. It is achieved by having an acceptable amount of internal ballast on board.

Apart from its overall weight, two other factors need to be considered when it comes to ballast:


It is very important to wait for the ballast to get fully weighed, especially with wake surfers of different skill levels on board. You can adjust the wave’s steepness and length with the best wake surf boat.


Allow the ballast to spread out across your boat rather than concentrated in the rear. Due to more bow rise, the boat will be difficult to steer as the driver will have difficulty seeing what’s ahead.

As a result of this placement, fuel consumption is also affected significantly. Ballast is evenly distributed throughout the wakesurf boat, with some extra in the rear.

5. Engine Make

Then why does having a more influential engine increment the wakesurf boat’s torque, and that also maximizes fuel economy. Which ultimately results in more considerable savings inside the big scheme of things.

5. Warranty

Make sure you get the wake boat warranty that you need from your dealer. In the event that there are problems with the engine or hull, this will come in handy.

6. Tab system

You should look for a tab/brake system for your boat to help you optimize your wakesurf wave. Aftermarket systems are also available, and each manufacturer has its own system.

In general, the wave will widen and clean up as the tab deploys, causing the boat’s opposite side to plunge into the water. An accessory that can stick to the side of your boat will have the same effect as a Surf System if your boat does not have one.

The accessory fin or tab system should be used on the opposite side from where you are surfing.

7. Tower

Your boat must have a tower. You can lower the height of the tower if you want to store the boat underneath a lower garage. There are assisted towers and manual towers. If you’re pulling it down yourself, you can use an assisted version that is fully automated or comes with a shock assist.

You should also check the racks on your wake surfing/wakeboarding tower to make sure they are large enough to handle your boards.

8. Sound System

While it’s not necessary to have an excellent sound system, it enhances the experience. When you’re riding waves and listening to your favorite tunes, there’s nothing better.

Several speakers can be installed throughout the boat, including speakers on the tower and a subwoofer. You’ll have a great time and it’s worth the cost. You can connect your phone to many systems via Bluetooth.  The seating layout and the size of the boat are also important considerations; these are based mainly on personal preference.

Boats for watersports such as wake surfing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing come in many brands. Let us guide you in finding your next new or used boat in Phoenix if you found value in this post and/or have any questions!

9. Tech

GPS-guided “Cruise control” such as perfect pass stargazer is one of the things you should look for. Used boats without this feature can easily be installed, so you’ll probably want to do that if you’re looking at them.

With today’s surf systems, manufacturers have made adjusting them as easy as pushing a button. The button even allows you to switch sides of the wave. Even if you don’t have all the upgrades, your boat will still be a good experience without them. Life is made easier by them.

How do Wakesurf Boats Work?

It is relatively simple for Wake surf boats to produce surf wakes – they load up one side of the boat with ballast so that some weight can be placed on that side. When a surfer lets go of the rope, a wake is created on one side that the surfer can try to surf through.

Towboats were the earliest models from which wakesurf boats were derived. To give the boat an extra push on the wakeside, most wakesurfing boats add weight to the hauls and added small devices that help tilt or lift the boat. Wakesurf boats usually have a bigger wake overall if they are deeper in the water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Wakesurf Boats

What is the difference between wakeboarding and wakesurfing?

Since they both involve riding behind a boat, you may think that they are similar. In reality, they aren’t. Among the main differences between wakeboarding and water skiing is that wakeboarding requires the rider to hold onto the rope at all times.

When wakesurfing, a rope is used to pull the rider until he regains his balance.

Do swim platforms reduce the risk of wakesurfing behind an I/O?

The majority of boats we see have large swim platforms installed over the drive or extended backs. The platform offers good protection from wakesurfers falling into the prop due to the recessing of the outdrive.

This cover is good for covering, but there is another risk associated with it. If the driver slows down or stops suddenly, it could be dangerous. There is a good chance that the rider will be pushed under the outdrive. Additionally, the shape and height of the platform may cause the rider to be struck by it.

How Much Do Wakesurfing Boats Cost?

The engine, model, brand, length, trim, as well as any additional custom features you decide to add can all affect the final price tag of a wakesurfing boat.

There is a possibility that you will spend more or less than the vessel actually costs, depending on the dealership network you’re in. The price range for a wake surf vessel with good resale value can range from $93,000 to $180,000.

In terms of resale value, companies such as Moomba, Supreme, Supra, Tige, Axis, Pavati, Mastercraft, Malibu, and Nautiques are among the best out there.


The perfect wave does not have to be found continuously by wakesurfers as it is for coastal surfers. Wakesurfing boats must provide a clean, powerful wave that will last until the boat’s tank is refilled.

Isn’t it interesting to see what boat throws the largest wake?

It is common for manufacturers to claim that they have the biggest wake. As a matter of fact, they provide the best waves. You learn that the biggest surf for one person may not be the biggest surf for another by riding on different boards and trying behind different boats while wake surfing.

It may not be objective to determine which wake has the biggest or best wake. But almost anyone can find a wake surf boat that produces the perfect wake. Our top pick for this review was the Malibu M240.

Malibu Boats’ flagship boat, the M240, cannot be compared to any other. The best wake performance, comfort, convenience, and technology can be found in this boat. Wakesurf boats that are available on the market cannot compare to this boat’s quality.

While Super Air Nautique GS22E is 2nd suggested product due to its functionality and quality. They offer a great comfortable ride. Anyone can afford this easily. It can be worth your money as it is a long-lasting product.


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