10 Best Wetsuit Tops – Buyer’s Guide


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Taking advantage of the beach during the weekends as a weekend activity has become a favorite weekend pastime for many people. Getting unwinded after a stressful week can include activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

In case you are getting more interested in participating, you may want to invest in a wetsuit top. Wetsuit tops are the best choice in very cold weather if you need more heat insulation than you can get from full wetsuits. 

As well as being perfect for bikinis and board shorts, they look great with any type of clothing. As you browse the market, you’ll encounter many options, leaving you uncertain. I’m going to provide you with a list of the best wetsuit tops that you can choose from. 

10 Best Wetsuit Tops





Best Overall

1. O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm 

  • 3mm Ultraflex neoprene

  • Interior is smooth

  • High-stretch neoprene 

2. Lemorecn Adult’s 3mm Wetsuits

  • High-quality neoprene

  • Front-zip system

  • Scuba diving

3. O’Neill Men’s Hyperfreak 0.5mm

  • Four-way stretch

  • 3X branded neoprene

  • Lightweight

4. O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 1.5mm

  • 1.5mm long-sleeve

  • FluidFlex 2 

  • Super seal collar

5. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2 GB Steamer

  • 3/2 Back Zip 

  • E5 Flash Lining

  • E4 Thermo

6. O’Neill Men’s O’Riginal 2mm Back Zip

  • 2 millimeters thick

  • 2mm Fluid Foam

  • Zipper on the back.

7.  Surf Squared Mens Wetsuit Top Jacket 2mm or 3mm

  • YKK material

  • Protection to the waistline

  • Fits well

8. O’Neill Mens Superlite Jacket

  • Fluidflex

  • 2mm thickness

  •  Flatloc

9. Billabong Men’s 2/2 Absolute Comp

  • Ensures flexibility

  • Superflex technology

  • Flatlock stitches

Best Budget

10. Wetsuit Top Men’s 1.5mm Neoprene 

  • Front-zip

  • SCR neoprene

  • Long sleeves and tight cuffs

1. O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit


  • Brand: O’Neill Wetsuits
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Color: Black

It features a 3/2mm thickness and is designed for kayaking in warmer waters. In order to accommodate free and easy movement, the undersleeve paddle zones are seamless, leaving no seams in the main movement zones, reducing chafing once the shoulders of the shirt are wet at the end of the paddle.

It features an ergonomic collar made of materials that do not irritate the skin, and mesh smooth skin fluid foam is used for the chest and back areas, providing support for the spine. The upper and lower body parts are also kept warm by neoprene which is ultra flexible.

In-built Krypto Knee Pads help keep your suit in good condition for longer, so you will need less maintenance for your suit. In addition, it includes a concealed key pocket to make kayaking more convenient.


  • The body is made up of 3mm Ultraflex neoprene, while the sleeves and lower legs are made up of 2mm Ultraflex neoprene.
  • Seamless Paddle Zones: Allows unrestricted motion and eliminates rashing due to an ergonomic, seamless undersleeve panel.
  • With its single seal neck, this product ensures its interior is smooth, edges are chafe-free, and there is a minimal amount of bulk.
  • Chest and back smooth skin that resists wind.
  • The Krypto Knee Padz are made of strong, high-stretch neoprene with an ergonomic shape, designed to protect the knee while surfing and extend the life of the wetsuit.
  • Comfortable armpits with seamless edges
  • Mild conditions are ideal for this product
  • Knee pads reinforced with steel
  • Pocket for storing keys
  • This product is not suitable for very cold weather.

2. Lemorecn Adult’s 3mm Wetsuits Jacket Long Sleeve Neoprene Wetsuits Top


  • Material: neoprene and nylon
  • Zip-Type: front-zip
  • Construction: flatlock stitching 
  • Style: black
  • Fabric Type: Neoprene

Wetsuit tops by Lemorecn in 3mm thickness are another option to consider when participating in water activities. Canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and wakeboarding are just a few of the activities it can be worn in. 

With flatlock stitching and high-quality neoprene material, users recommend this wetsuit as a sturdier option. It does not tear easily, even when moved a lot. Additionally, its exterior surface is smoother, which adds to its appeal.

In addition, the bag’s lining is soft and close, which provides relief as well. Your body will stay warm even in cold water or colder climates using this feature. 

Wearing and removing this wetsuit is easy due to the front-zip system. Additionally, the zipper glides smoothly, it makes it more comfortable to secure when having fun.

A feature users love about this wetsuit is the Crewneck design. This advantage prevents the zipper from catching on the neck. Furthermore, the suture fold technique contributes to improved relief. 

The thickness of the material is also suitable for scuba diving. No matter how long you stay in the water, you won’t lose comfort with this wetsuit top’s thermal control. Although it comes in a meek style and is black in color, it still manages to make a great impression. 


  • Multi-purpose: This jacket is suitable for scuba diving, surfboarding, kiteboarding, water skiing, paddling, kayaking, as well as other water sports in cold weather.
  • To ensure maximum comfort and durability, seams are flat-locked and spot-taped at stress points.
  • Easy entry and exit are made possible by the heavy-duty YKK front zipper.
  • Diving fabrics consist of three layers: an outer layer of nylon, which is highly elastic and durable; a middle layer of neoprene, which is high scalability, waterproof, and heat-insulating; and soft close skin heating that is close to the body and comfortable and warm.
  • The production technology was excellent, the use of a classic Crewneck design, which protected the neck from being scraped by the zipper, and the suture technique of folds made the garments more private. Thermal performance and comfort are greatly improved
  • Crewneck style comes with this shirt
  • Easily scalable
  • In comparison with the size guide, it is larger
  • Fast fading of color

3. O’Neill Men’s Hyperfreak 0.5mm Long Sleeve Top


  • Fabric Type:  Neoprene Rubber
  • Origin:  Imported
  • Material: Technobutter 3X neoprene
  • Seams: glued and blindstitched
  • Thickness: 2, 3/2, 4/3, 5/4+mm
  • Entry: chest zip
  • Main use: surfing

Since the launch of O’Neill’s Hyperfreak wetsuits in 2014, they have become known for their unparalleled comfort and warmth, despite having a shorter lifespan than conventional suits.

As the Hyperfreak range evolves in 2021, its flexibility is greater than ever, but its resilience is much better than ever. We chose this high-performance wetsuit as the best wetsuit overall because of its high performance. 

When the neoprene prevents natural movements, a tight fit can feel restrictive and your wetsuit will not perform properly. In spite of its extreme four-way stretch, O’Neill’s Technobutter 3X branded neoprene allows for free body movement and does not hinder swimming, popping up, or any other wave-related movement.

Wetsuits with front zips are often hard to get on and off, but this one is far easier. It is also relatively soft to the touch. Take extra care when putting on and taking off the wetsuit, even though Technobutter is more durable than traditional neoprene. 


  • TechnoButter 3 neoprene is featured exclusively on HyperFreak Tops.
  • Weights 20% less than other premium neoprene and absorbs 30% less water.
  • Boardshort connector, reversible pullover with core insulation, seamless paddle zones, and a reversible pullover with core insulation.
  • Protects against UV rays with 50+ UPF.
  • Breathable seams, TechnoButter 3 on the chest and back, and 8oz of premium nylon/spandex on the arms and shoulders, all laminated with Aqua Alpha Solvent Free Neoprene.
  • It fits the following chest sizes: 46″-48.5, waist sizes  37″-39″, and heights: 6′-6’2″.
  • A lightweight design.
  • It’s warm.
  • Easy to stretch.
  • In the long run, it may lose shape.

4. O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 1.5mm Long Sleeve Top


  • Fabric Type:  Neoprene Rubber
  • Origin:  Imported
  • Pattern:  Geometric

When it comes to water sports, performance is essential, which is why you should get the best wetsuit top you possibly can. If you’re looking for a high-quality 1.5mm long-sleeve top, O’Neill has it for you.

As far as flexibility is concerned, it does not disappoint. The strokes you make while swimming is all effective. Furthermore, users aren’t restricted from moving, which is a positive aspect. 

This product is made of high-quality materials, which include neoprene and rubber. While you’re in the water, you can feel a sense of relief as you move your arms. Because it’s not too tight, it has the perfect fit without causing discomfort. 

Additionally, it has FluidFlex 2 and UltraFlex technologies to ensure optimal performance, as well as durability, regardless of how often you use it. 

This wetsuit top has a back-zip system that makes wearing and removing it convenient. There is no chance of the YKK zipper breaking easily since it is sturdy. Furthermore, it glides smoothly when opened and closed. In addition, it helps to control the temperature by keeping excess water out. 

You’ll love the connector loop for your board shorts that comes with this wetsuit. The waterproofing of this wetsuit ensures that the water temperature remains constant for the duration of your swim.  In addition, the super seal collar comes with an adjustable seal to provide relief to the user. 


  • Wear this O’Neill® Reactor-2 1.5mm long sleeve top from sunup to sundown to conquer those waves. Super Stretch fabrication makes this lightweight wetsuit top soft and gooey. The construction is pull-on.
  • Water leakage is reduced by the sealed crew neckline. A wider range of motion is provided by long raglan sleeves. With FluidFall and FluidFlex 2 neoprene, you’ll feel lighter, more flexible, and have a better range of motion.
  • A seamless paddle zone strategically placed on the board allows for unrestricted mobility. Reduces chafing and increases comfort with flatlock stitching.
  • A boardshort connector is attached to the straight hemline. The fabric is 85% nylon and 15% spandex. The garment should be washed cold and dripped dried in the shade.
  • Originally imported. The following measurements were made using size M (5’9″-5’11”, 150-170 lbs. ): Length: 24 inches. There may be a difference in measurements between sizes.
  • Unworn and unwashed items with tags intact and original packaging could be returned if it doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Paddle zones are strategically placed for seamless operation.
  • A style that is exceptional.
  • At the back, there is no strap for the zipper.
  • Some people have a problem with the size.

5. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2 GB Steamer Back-Zip Wetsuit – Women’s


  • Material: Neoprene
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rip Curl
  • Sport Type: Surfing
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Sleeve Type: Long Sleeve

The Rip Curl women’s team features some of the best riders in the world, which is why their suits are designed to keep you warm and stretched while you swim.

Rip Curl’s Dawn Patrol 3/2 Back Zip Wetsuit is great for those new to wetsuits and for people who want a warm and durable wetsuit. As a result of the back zip entry, it is slightly easier to get in and out of than a chest zip.

Furthermore, the batwing system minimizes leakage and flushing by providing a barrier between the back zip and the body. The E5 Flash Lining, the E5 Neoprene, and the E4 Thermoflex Lining of Rip Curl’s Ultimate wetsuits are all high-end features. It’s the world’s fastest drying flash lining with large front and back panels.

You will be kept warm and comfortable with this worn with the E4 Thermo. To ensure long-term durability, E5 tape is used to seal high-stress areas of the suit, keeping you comfortable in the water and confident in its long-term durability.


  • It is made of neoprene E5.
  • The style is full.
  • The temperature of the water: 58-63°F.
  • The thickness is 3/2mm.
  • The zip is on the back.
  • The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2 Back-Zip Wetsuit wakes us up before roosters and gets us to the break before crowds do.
  • Simple, yet stylish suit for warm water swimming, constructed from lightweight Superstretch neoprene and lined with quick-drying Flash lining, and complemented by highly flexible E5 panels to maximize mobility. 
  • The Dawn Patrol’s seams are glued and blindstitched for maximum durability and waterproofing, and the suit comes with a waterproof back-zip entry, so you won’t waste precious surf time zipping in and out.
  • The material is waterproof.
  • The material is durable.
  • No, not really.

6. O’Neill Men’s O’Riginal 2mm Back Zip Sleeveless Spring Wetsuit


  • Fabric Type:  Neoprene Rubber
  • Manufacturer: ‎ O’Neill Wetsuits
  • Origin:  Imported

Under a neoprene wetsuit, we tend to sweat because we are mostly out of the water while paddling. Farmers john (sleeveless) wetsuits with flatlock seams are the best choice for layering unless the temperature drops below 50°F, at which point it’s best to wear a dry suit. Men and women can both find good ones from Stohlquist.

I strongly suggest avoiding sleeves since you will be working out your upper body so vigorously. They not only cause you to overheat, but they can also cause chafing and restriction of movement. It’s hard to beat O’Neill’s O’Riginal spring suit at less than $100, since it’s two millimeters thick and has flatlock seams.

There is a 1.5mm version of the Bahia that comes in women’s sizes, as well as a 3mm version for those who are experiencing cooler weather. The sleeveless suit is not available from O’Neill, but can be found from Aqua Lung, for men or women. As long as you don’t get in the water, anything above 3mm is a little too hot for paddlesports.

Patagonia’s Long John (men’s) and Long Jane (women’s) are $169 if you want to spend even more for quality although the quality might not be as important unless you’re surfing in these suits. Patagonia’s Yulex rubber suits are flat-locked and stitched for better breathability.


  • The body is made of 2mm Fluid Foam, and the legs are made of 1.5mm FluidFlex.
  • Seams that are glued and blindstitched.
  • Styled in the retro style.
  • Zones of seamless paddling are strategically located.
  • Zipper on the back.
  • This size fits people with a chest size of 46″-48.4″, a waist size of 37″-38.9″, and a height of 6’0″-6’2″.
  • Warmer waters require a 2mm thickness. Keeping you warm and toasty is made possible by a single sealed neckline. Back and chest panels are made of lightweight Fluidflexâ neoprene. Construction without sleeves.
  • An extended pull tab is located on the back of the garment. To increase comfort, the lumbar area is seamless. The graphics are clean and consistent throughout. Bonded nylon and neoprene are 100%.
  • Cold hand washing, and drip drying in the shade. Originally imported. Unworn and unwashed items with tags intact and original packaging may be returned if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  • Over 60 years ago, Jack O’Neill himself created a series that is now being updated by the new O’originals series.
  • Adaptable, ventilated, and cost-effective
  • A chest rubber that is too sticky can be problematic

7.  Surf Squared Mens Wetsuit Top Jacket 2mm or 3mm | Neoprene Long Sleeve Shirt w/Extended Back Flap for More Warmth & Comfort | Durable YKK Locking Front Zipper | Surfing, Aerobics, & All Watersports


  • Material: Neoprene
  • Brand:  Surf Squared
  • Sport Type:  Swimming
  • Closure Type:  Zipper
  • Sleeve Type: Long Sleeve
  • Age Range: Adult

It’s hard to go wrong with the 3mm Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket if you’re looking for a thicker wetsuit top that doesn’t give you distress. It is known for its extraordinary thermal control, making it one of the most popular wetsuit tops by Surf Squared.

During colder water temperatures, you can be assured that neoprene will trap the required water to keep you warm.  In its black color, it offers a stylish look that will pair well with board shorts or bikinis. In addition, it has a matte finish, making it a head-turner.  

Wetsuit tops have another advantage in that they are easy to enter. It can be worn and taken off easily. The zipper padding on this model is thicker, which surfers appreciate. This zipper is also made of durable YKK material, so it will last for a long time. 

You can wear it for as long as you want without worrying about discomfort on the upper body. No matter which moves you use, you can move freely, particularly when you’re tricking. 

This wetsuit top also offers protection to the waistline due to the extended back flap. By doing so, it prevents sunburns or cold water flushes around the waist. 


  • It ensures warm body temperature – 3mm wetsuit traps warm body heat, blocks wind and cold,  neoprene top makes you feel like you’re wearing a heated wetsuit
  •  It makes for an excellent surf jacket and paddling jacket due to its easy entry through the front zipper.
  • The pull tab on the YKK zipper has to be folded flat to lock it. Whether you’re surfing, scuba diving, paddling, or benching, your wetsuit will stay sealed
  • This top is designed to provide you with extra coverage at the waistline so that you will not experience waistline sunburns or cold water flushing as with some other wetsuit tops.
  • Fits well into any fitness regime – Increases sweating and weight loss – Promotes weight loss – Stays warmer when exercising in the sun
  • For maximum UV protection, this shirt is rated at 50+ UPF.
  • A QUALITY GUARANTEED product crafted by two surfers in California, USA who are committed to their craft. You can either receive a refund or a make-right if you experience any issues. Surfing is fun!
  • On the waistline, there is a flap-cover for the back.
  • An advantage of easy entry.
  • Muscular users should not use this product.
  • Breaking in is difficult.

8. O’Neill Mens Superlite Jacket


  • Fabric Type:  Neoprene
  • Brand: ONeill
  • User:  Men’s

In addition to its own use, this jacket can also be combined with other components or accessories in order to provide extra insulation. Underarms and shoulders are made with Fluidflex, which wicks sweat and keeps you insulated.

A seamless paddle zone with flatlock seams is also featured as part of the full suit, which make it ideal for kayaking because it allows easy and free movement.

With the Superlite jacket, you can find out whether warm or cool water is suitable for it. You may need something that’s a little more windproof if you’re dealing with extremely cold waters. With 2mm thickness, it won’t be enough. Nevertheless, it can be worn as a first layer over other clothing.


  • The shell is made from 2mm Neoprene to keep you warm.
  • A fixed hooded utility pocket.
  • Construction by Flatloc.
  • SUP and other surface water sports can be protected with this lightweight helmet.
  • Constructed with 100% neoprene
  • Suitable for paddling
  • It’s perfect for warm climates and waters
  • Short in length

9. Billabong Men’s 2/2 Absolute Comp Long Sleeve Jacket


  • Material: neoprene and nylon
  • Zip-Type: back-zip
  • Construction: flatlock stitching
  • Style: black or blue

It is difficult to find a brand that is as reliable as Billabong when it comes to quality. Buying the 2mm Absolute Comp Long Sleeve Jacket is a good choice if you are having trouble deciding what wetsuit top to buy. The exceptional comfort of this tee makes it ideal for surfing and kayaking. 

A quality nylon and neoprene material ensures flexibility while swimming, allowing you to move your arms. There are no restrictions on movement. The durability is ensured, as well, despite frequent usage. 

It is one of a kind in terms of performance when it comes to wetsuit tops. This shirt is made with Superflex technology, so it is durable and stretchy. Additionally, due to its buoyancy profile, you feel less tired while swimming. 

Moreover, the advanced construction techniques of this wetsuit prevent it from tearing easily. Flatlock stitches make it durable. When dipped in water, it doesn’t feel heavy due to its resistance to excess water entry. 

Despite the fact that it is only 2mm thick, it does not disappoint in terms of thermal management. As far as retaining body heat is concerned, it doesn’t flush enough water inside. Shivering does not cause distress even when you spend long hours in cold water. 

In addition to these advantages, users appreciate its ease of wear and removal. At the back, there is a short zipper that can easily be reached. Besides controlling excessive water entry, it also controls surface movements in the water. 


  • Neoprene is 80% and nylon is 20%
  • Wetsuit jackets from Absolute are made of engineered quality to maximize performance.
  • Comfortable and flexible, this neoprene top is constructed of 2mm Superflex neoprene, which is carefully constructed with thoughtful seam placement, high-quality materials, along with advanced construction methods, such as flatlock stitching and a snapback closure.
  • The back has a short zipper
  • Flexibility is very important
  • Loopless connection
  • Too meek of a style

10. Wetsuit Top Men’s 1.5mm Neoprene Wetsuits Jacket,Front Zipper Long Sleeves Diving Suit for Swimming,Snorkeling,Scuba Diving,Surfing


  • Material: neoprene and nylon
  • Zip-Type: front-zip
  • Style: black

If you’re looking for a wetsuit top that performs well, ZCCO is another respected brand. Due to its SCR neoprene material, it does not disappoint in terms of performance. While it’s not very expensive, it’s able to offer added elasticity and comfort. 

This wetsuit also prevents sunburn, which is another feature that you will love. In addition, its waterproof capabilities are enhanced by a tightened cuff. In addition to its black and dark gray color combination, this wetsuit also features a stylish design. You’ll be making a great impression if you wear it. 

Wearing it while participating in any water activity is extremely comfortable since the material is high-quality neoprene. You don’t have to worry about moving when surfing, snorkeling, or just swimming. 

With this wetsuit’s front-zip system, you can easily remove or put it on. With this wetsuit, you won’t have a loose feeling on your body, so you will be able to perform better. 

Additionally, its 1.5mm thickness makes it the best choice for warmer climates or water temperatures. When you’re in cold water, it retains body heat well despite its thickness. 

Wetsuits like this one are popular among users because of their flexibility. Because it fits most body types, regardless of how skinny or bulky you are, there will be no discomfort in the upper body. In addition, big movements don’t cause it to tear quickly. 


  • Wetsuits are made from the best SCR neoprene available, making them more elastic, comfortable, smoother, and stronger. When you are swimming, snorkeling, or doing other watersports, you will experience an unbelievably stretchy, comfortable, and hugging fit.
  • A wetsuit top with 1.5mm neopreneme, keeps you dry and warm while participating in water sports. You can also do physical activities in cold weather without worrying about getting too cold.
  • Prevents sunburn and injuries with elastic long sleeves and tight cuffs. -Long sleeves with a tighter cuff increase the effectiveness of the waterproofing.
  • An easy method of putting on and taking off this shirt is the front zip design. Allows you to move more freely because it fits close to your body.
  • In addition to being a great neoprene top for swimming and surfing, our top is also ideal for fitness. In addition to creating a sauna effect, it makes you sweat more when you exercise, accelerating the process of getting fit faster.
  • Protects against the sun.
  • Suitable for water.
  • There isn’t too much heat for scuba diving.
  • There is an inaccuracy in the size.

How To Choose The Best Wetsuit Tops?

Following the basics, let’s take a look at different kinds of wetsuit tops, their constructions, and the differences between long and short sleeve tops.

Summer is a great time to wear wetsuit tops instead of whole-body wetsuits. A wetsuit top is just the right amount of protection without overheating you when you don’t want to wear too much gear on you.

A wetsuit top is made up of many different factors.

1. Different Types of Wetsuit Tops

Generally, the temperature you are in can be determined by the length of your wetsuit top, whether it is a short sleeve or long sleeve. Scuba divers and snorkelers can enjoy maximum comfort and heat insulation with long sleeve wetsuit tops.

The design will still be better even in the summertime when temperatures are high since underwater temperatures are always lower than outdoors.

 When paddling, kayaking, or surfering, a short-sleeve wetsuit top will be much better since you won’t be hindered in your movement, and you won’t get blown away by the wind and sunshine as much.

2. Construction of Wetsuit Tops

Aside from sleeves, construction differences play an important role in whether water is prevented or let through. Wetsuit tops also benefit from them in terms of their overall durability.

A flatlock stitching design consists of two neoprene pieces stitched together along the seams. There is a zigzag stitching method that is noticeable. In warmer weather, this construction provides exceptional breathability, making it ideal for water sports.

3. Overlock Stitching

You don’t need overlock stitching if you just plan to wear your wetsuit top in summer, and UV protection is more important to you than thermal protection. If not, it tends to flush out water and isn’t as effective at retaining it.

4. Glued and Blindstitched (GBS)

A stitch halfway through the neoprene material joins neoprene segments with the GBS method. Although flatlock stitching is fairly strong, blind stitching and gluing are considered to provide a better construction quality.

As a result of being glued, it is watertight so there won’t be any holes in the stitching. A minimum amount of water is also absorbed by it.

5. Welded Seam

Welded seam construction is usually found on premium wetsuits and wetsuit gear because it is a silicon-based seal on neoprene panels. This type of protection guarantees 100% waterproofing and is, naturally, more expensive.

How Does Neoprene Works?

There are nitrogen gas bubbles enclosed within a carbon-based organic chemical called neoprene. This material traps heat more effectively than any other, even rubber, due to its repeating building blocks called monomers.

In modern wetsuits, the most commonly used material is neoprene. Water is trapped between the material and your skin, providing excellent thermal control. Even when the temperature drops below 50 degrees F or 15 degrees C, it keeps you warm.

The water must be completely contained to prevent it from flushing out in order to be effective. Buying a wetsuit top should focus on the temperature of the water where you will be paddling, no matter the model, the design, or the color.

Do You Know How To Select a Wetsuit Top That Is Right For You?

1. Temperature Guidelines

The design of a wetsuit top depends on the water temperature and thickness of the material. Several models do not list thicknesses since they are manufactured with lightweight and quick-drying materials such as nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. Material such as nylon, polyester, and spandex is used instead of neoprene.

The fact that they are designed for warm weather does not make them less valuable, but rather more suitable for protection. If you wish, you can also wear a thinner (between 1 and 3 mm) neoprene wetsuit top, which gives you the same UV protection, regulates your body temperature, and keeps you warm in the water during the day and in the water throughout the night.

As a whole, vests such as these are thinner, offer more airflow, and are designed to prevent your skin from overheating.

No matter what material or thickness your wetsuit top is made of, one thing remains the same. While in water, avoid wearing anything made of cotton. The warmth from your body is lost into the air or water when cotton clothing is drying too slowly, even socks. The cotton will not dry, so you will constantly lose heat until it does.

Frequently Asked Questions

What different kinds of wetsuits are there?

The type of water activity you’ll be doing on or in is an important consideration in choosing a wetsuit. It is likely your best guess to wear a single-piece or closed-cell suit if you are swimming or surfing. You can choose between chest- or back-zipping these and there are different sleeve and leg lengths.

However, closed-cell wetsuits allow too much water to pass between the material and the skin when diving. While diving for prolonged periods of time, it is never a good idea to feel stiff and cold.

In an open-cell wetsuit, the skin and suit are suctioned together, creating nearly tight seals that keep out water. Underwater, these suits are not only much warmer but also much more flexible, which means you can move much more freely.

Unlike open-cell suits, closed cells come in various zipper configurations ranging from wrist cuffs to leg cuffs. Zipperless suits are also being developed by some manufacturers, removing zippers entirely at least on the most expensive suits.

How thick should my wetsuit be?

The core of a wetsuit is usually thinner than the extremities to provide you with better mobility while keeping your body temperature up. This is why two or three numbers will be listed first, listing the core’s thickness (e.g., 3/2 or 4/3/2).

There is a general relationship between temperature rating and thickness, but some differences exist between companies and materials. Here is a basic guideline:

1. Mid 60s to low 70s: 2 mm
2. Between the low 50s and the low 60s: 4/3 mm, or 4/3/2 mm
3. Low 60s to high 60s: 3/2 mm
4. High 30s to low 40s: 6/5 mm or 6/5/4 mm
5. Low to high 40s: 5/4 mm, or 5/4/3 mm
6. Upper 30s and below: You can make it through the upper 30s with a good 6/5 or 6/5/4-millimeter suit, but any colder and you’ll struggle. It is possible to purchase wetsuits that measure 7/6 and 7/6/5 millimeters, but they become impractically stiff at that size. Most of us will be okay through winter with a good 6/5 or 6/5/4 with hood, boots, and gloves.

What are the differences in wetsuit zipper types?

Back-zip suit: In the original design, back-zip suits are usually cheaper than chest-zip and zipperless suits.
 It is unbearable to watch cool water seep down your back on a colder day or at any time of year, in fact, I cannot bear it. A warm day in temperate water makes them work well, but a cold day makes them absolutely useless.

Chest-zip suit:  Due to the small, well-protected zip on the front of a chest-zip wetsuit, they are usually more expensive. Their difficult entry and exit also makes them the most challenging to use. However, we think it’s worth it in the end. Many of them last longer, and some even allow you to replace the neckpiece, which is usually the first part to wear out on a wetsuit.

Zipperless:  The O’Neill Hyperfreak Comp zipless wetsuit has been getting good reviews, but I haven’t tried it yet. This is a performance suit rather than a casual one, so there’s no way of knowing if it’ll stretch or keep us warm without a zipper. However, we’ll keep an eye on it over time and update this guide accordingly.

What sizes do wetsuits come in?

There are different size charts across companies, so make sure you check them out before getting a pair.

You should be able to get close enough to fitting into one, unless you get a custom suit.

How to take care of your wetsuit?

To make sure your outdoor equipment lasts as long as possible and hopefully beyond, it needs a little TLC. Keeping your wetsuit well-protected will help you stay warm – at least in the winter.

What are wetsuits made out of?

The stitching and seams are what make all the difference in wetsuits, even those that are made of the same material and are made in the same factory in Taiwan.

1. Overlock stitching: The basic stitching allows water to flow like Victoria Falls through your suit. It’s not exactly board-short weather, but a constant flush of cool air is actually refreshing, so I save these suits for the spring and summer.
2. Flat stitching: In Home Economics class, you probably learned how to stitch similar to this. Even though it isn’t waterproof, it lies flatter than basic overlocking, and it holds up better.
3. Blindstitching:  There is even thinner stitching on blindstitched suits than on flat stitched ones, as well as glued seams, which prevent water from seeping through.
4. Sealed, taped, glued:  A blindstitched suit is usually a step up from a handstitched suit. As you get more comfortable blindstitting, you will notice very little water seeping through your suit, and you will remain relatively dry. Some suits also have seals and tapes both inside and out, which makes them more expensive than $500. Most people don’t need it. Even so, we highly recommend spending the extra money if you want to surf in temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

What you should know these things before you get your first wetsuit?

Keep your suit clean as often as possible by washing it every time you use it. All the things you put into your wetsuit, like sweat, sunscreen, seawater, and even urine, will find their way into the suit. However, it will surely smell bad, even if it does not damage your suit.
For obvious reasons, peeing in a wetsuit may not be a good idea, despite Helen Hunt doing it. You should get a wetsuit shampoo and follow its directions well regardless of whether you decide to relieve yourself in it. You won’t be sorry if you use ordinary soap on this.

Dry, shaded, and well-ventilated areas are the best places to store your wetsuit. Drying a wetsuit in the sun is surely the fastest way to ruin it, as we know what happens to wet things in enclosed spaces.

Wetsuits should be hung loosely with thick-framed clothes hangers or wetsuit hangers. Wetsuits stretch out when hung on sharp wire hangers. Folding it too tightly will cause it to crease. Travelers can avoid creasing theirs by rolling them up.


In ending my words i must say that all the item listed above is the best products in the market but overall best that deserve to be on the top of the list is O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm. It is made of excellent quality material and comfortable in wearing due to which it is little bit costly.

While if you want a high-quality wetsuit at a low price, don’t worry we also have an option for that. You can pick Wetsuit Top Men’s 1.5mm if your budget is low. It offers great protection from Sun rays, and also provides great warmth and waterproof ability.

You can benefit from most water activities by wearing a wetsuit top without being restricted in movement. Wear one under a wetsuit or drysuit for an additional temperature-regulating layer or be paired with one and pair it with bikinis or board shorts.

In this market that is filled with so many different thicknesses and models, it can be very confusing to determine which one to choose. Here are the five best wetsuit tops you can’t go wrong with. I have done all the research for you, so you don’t have to.

Plus, you’ll discover how to choose the right one for you, as well as how to care for it for optimum performance and longevity. As you can see, I think you are ready to take on your grand paddling journey.

Feel free to comment down below with any questions or your experiences with your wetsuit top. Your experience might be helpful to someone you don’t know.


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