Buying a refurbished Mac Studio from Apple will save you 10% on the price of buying a new one


Apple has begun selling the Mac Studio model in its refurbished shop, almost three months after the model was first introduced to the public. By selling it refurbished for $1799. Apple is providing customers with a savings of $200 off the purchase price of a brand new unit of the same model by selling it for $1799.

Mac Studio’s reconditioned $1999 model is equipped with an M1 Max processor, 512 GB SSD, 32 GB RAM, and a 24-core GPU. The $1799 price tag represents a savings of around ten percent off the original list price.

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Don’t worry about buying refurbished if you’re hesitant to do so. Refurbished products from Apple’s refurbishing shop rarely fail to impress, and it’s rare to hear of a customer having an unhappy experience. There is a one-year warranty on all refurbished products, like this Mac Studio, regardless of whether they are new or reconditioned.

Apple is only offering refurbished versions of the M1 Max Mac Studio as of right now. In the future, you may expect to see a variety of alternative setups.

As a refresher, the Mac Studio is Apple’s newest Mac (introduced this spring), which looks like an extruded Mac mini. Also included are two USB-C ports on the front of the device and an SD card slot that can be used to store more storage space for the device. The Mac Studio contains two USB-A ports, a 10Gb Ethernet jack, HDMI, and a headphone jack on the backside, in addition to the four Thunderbolt 4 ports.

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