Castle Serenity 30000 BTU 1500 sq. ft. Wood Pellet Stove Review

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  • Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 37 inches
  • Manufacturer: Castle Pellet Stoves
  • Item Weight: 186 pounds
  • Model number: 12327
  • Fuel Type: Pellet, Wood
  • ASIN: B00FQR70VY
  • Material Care Instructions: Clean Ash Pot
  • Warranty Description: 1-year limited.
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Ventilation Type: Vent Free
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • Brand: Castle Pellet Stoves
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • The shape is space-saving and the design is attractive.
  • Cleans up easily.
  • There is too much feed going through the feeder.
  • The thermal efficiency is greater than 69.8%.
  • There would be no complete combustion of pellets.
  • There is no doubt that it’s weakest point is the size of the hopper.

I wish you a lifetime of good friends and a pellet stove that is better than what you had before. There is a sense of peace at the stove that evokes the sound of burning ashes and tastes of sweet memories rather than being alone. There is a tear-filled shell surrounding us.

Using an ordinary stove pellet or an excellent stove is another way to heat your room. It is necessary to heat your house with the best castle serenity 30000 btu 1500 sq. ft. wood pellet stove in the winter because winters are harsh especially if you live in a freezing climate. Specifically designed for the indoor heating temperature.

All the necessities you need to run a furnace are included in this stove. In order to warm up your room according to your schedule, many useful options are available, including thermostat settings and weekly operating modes.

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Castle Serenity 30000 BTU 1500 sq. ft. Wood Pellet Stove Detailed Review

The Castle 12327 Serenity Pellet Stove is a great choice for heating small spaces like mobile homes, cabins, and small rooms.

This stove has completely met my expectations. Due to uneven weight distribution over all four feet of the machine, the occasional “expansion” noise was caused. 

Compared to some other pellet stoves which can take up to 20 minutes to reach maximum heat, Castle pellet stoves are able to heat a large area and reach maximum heat in only 10 minutes.

A 40lb can only run this unit for 18 hours. If you set it to the lowest setting, it will consume a bag of pellets. This bag will be consumed in 12-13 hours on number 3 of 5. It is true that the hopper is only designed to hold 40 pounds so you will have to feed this stove at least twice a day because it consumes a lot of pellets. 

It would now be increased by just a little bit by the manufacturer to be able to hold 50 pounds of pellets, which would make loading much easier. When you need to add more fuel, you have to put a partial bag in.

In addition to burning softwood pellets, it also burns hardwood pellets perfectly. Opening the inlet gate (inside the stove) doesn’t work automatically? You’ll need to adjust the voltage of the exhaust fan a bit.

It takes a bit of tuning to get this stove tuned, but once you’ve got it tune, it burns very cleanly and efficiently. Being patient is essential if you want to do that right. 

Basically, it’s a game of waiting, seeing, and making adjustments step by step. Here are some more detailed features that should be discussed in detail so let’s read

The Highest Efficiency

You can get more heat with less fuel consumption. An innovative heat exchanger in the Castle Serenity is designed like the fins on air-cooled engines, which offers 2.5 square feet of more surface area to maximize thermal exchange in a smaller area.

Due to its unique design, the inside of the stove can be cleaned easily and ash can be easily removed, allowing you to exchange the heat produced by burning wood pellets effectively.

Your hard-earned dollars are not being wasted when you buy a Serenity stove, which maintains all of your warmth inside. In an already compact space, this pellet stove can heat up to 1,500 square feet while still taking up little space.

Installing Is Easy

It is very easy to install the Serenity stove in comparison to other stoves. Small spaces can be easily utilized by their compact design. You can install it by yourself. Instructions are provided in the manual for installation.

In general, installation takes less than two hours. It complies with state and local regulations in most areas as it is mobile home approved and EPA certified. As this unit can be direct vented, you won’t have to spend money on a chimney or flute.

Controller With Programmable Setup

A Smart Controller is another feature that makes the Castle 12327 Serenity Pellet Stove stand out. For maximum control over when your home is heated, you have three options weekly operation, manual operation, and thermostat operation.

Make sure that your heating needs match your lifestyle. Featuring a 24-hour programmable controller, the Serenity heats your space quickly and turns itself down to maintain a comfortable temperature every day of the week. 

In the morning and after work, the house can feel warm; however, during the day and at night, it can feel cooler. Additionally, a local thermostat or a manual setting on one of five burn levels can be selected along with calendar and time-based heating options.

With the remote control included, all controls can be programmed for added convenience. A whisper-quiet fan offset controls the speed of the blower so that the combustion can be fine-tuned according to the pellets. The volume of air that is blowing into the living area can also be controlled.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning is one of its strongest points. I can clean it in about two minutes and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. There is a bit of noise coming from the blower, but it is not overly loud in comparison to other brands. The speed can be adjusted fully and it does a good job. 

Additionally, Phillips head screws should be replaced with another type of fastener in order to clean the blower once a month during continuous use. Eventually, they will wear out and will need to be replaced with oversized ones.

Pellet stoves need to be cleaned regularly, while Serenity makes it easy. The other method of exchanging heat involves routing hot gases through a maze of metal. Heat is exchanged in this way, but the stove cannot be effectively cleaned with this method.

Over time, the ash in the maze of metal gets harder to remove, reducing the stove’s ability to heat your home. There is no corrugations, tubes, or hidden chambers in the Serenity Stove, making it easy to clean.

Disassembling or removing panels is not necessary. After the stove has cooled, simply dumped the firepot and ashpan, swept out the exhaust pipe, and discarded the firepot and ashpan.

Although its price tag, this stove is truly worth the money. There are better stoves out there, but this one isn’t one of them. With some minor problems, it’s a good quality stove you can expect to last for about  8-10 years.

You can easily use it, and it is very simple and easy to install. We stuffed the remote in a closet because it is small and easy to lose. It’s good enough for us to have a top-mounted display. This produces a lot of heat considering how much fuel it uses, and it is quite efficient as well. Overall it is a good quality product at a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • A wood pellet stove from Castle’s Serenity series and a smart controller will transform the way you heat your home
  • With the Smart Controller, you can heat your home according to your schedule with manual, thermostat, and weekly modes, as well as setting a local thermostat or manually setting it at one of five burn levels.
  • You’ll experience style, affordability, and practicality with any Castle Pellet Stove. Thanks to its space-saving design and stylish appearance, this heater will enhance any home, and the new Smart Controller, will heat your home efficiently and according to your preferences.
  • Unlike other stoves, the Serenity Stove has no tubes, corrugations, or secret chambers to make it easy for cleaning.
  • A capacity of 1500 square feet is achieved through the use of 77 Watts (W), 120 Volts (V), and thermal efficiency of 69.8%.
DimensionsDepth 23.75″ / Height 34″ / Width 18.25″ / Exahust 3″ / Weight 186lbs
Fuel TypeWood Pellets (40lb Capacity)
SafteyThermal Overload Protection / Saftey Shut Off / Heat Shields Included
ThermostatAdjustable Thermostat Included with a Built-In Fan Controlled by LED Programmable Controller
Heating Coverage1500 Square Feet
Burn Time (Per 40lb Bag)12 Hours (High Setting) – 24 Hours (Low Setting)
Operating Wattage/ Ignition Wattage/ Amperage (Starting)77 Watts / 400 Watts / 3.3 Amps
Plug-In120 Volt Plugin
BTU Input/ Output31,960 BTU / 9,575-22,226 BTU
CertifiedEPA Certified / Moblie Home Certified / ETL Certified

How To Choose The Right Pellet Stove?

Some of us don’t know much about pellet stoves. Therefore, we have written this short buying guide for pellet stoves. Let’s take a quick look at the 3 primary specifications. The following are listed:

  • The heating capacity of a pellet stove (in BTU). You need a pellet stove between 500 and 3,000 square feet based on your home’s size.
  • Efficiency in energy use. In order to save energy, you should only use pellet stoves with the highest efficiency possible.
  • Size of the hopper. Pellets are put into stoves into hoppers, which are baskets where pellets are stored. How often the stove needs to be restocked with pellets is determined by the hopper size, which can range from 20 to 60 pounds.

What Are The Benefits Of Castle Serenity 30000 btu 1500 sq. ft. Wood Pellet Stove?

  • Pellets of all types can be burned in the castle pellet stove.
  • EPL, EPA, and mobile home certifications are all available for the mini pellet stove.
  • Having the thermostat adjusted according to your preferences offers you many benefits.
  • There is a sufficient heat exchanger on the stove, and it is of high quality.
  • There is no specific maintenance required on this wood stove heater and it is easy to clean.
  • There is a perfect fuel system with a controlled cycle.
  • There is no problem with the blower that checks whether warm air is distributed effectively in the room or not.
  • There are many benefits associated with hopper safety switches and they save a lot of electricity as well.
  • Besides being included, the air wash is easy to install and has a smooth texture.

What Is Pellet Stove And How Do They Work?

In comparison to other heaters commonly used in our homes, pellet stoves work very differently. An overview of pellet stoves can be found below.
A hopper is filled with compressed biomass pellets (usually made of wood or corn). An average hopper can hold 40 pounds (18 kilograms) to over 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of pellets.

Air is added to the fire by an electric blower to ensure the pellets will burn efficiently and as hot as possible. It depends on the model of the pellet stove and what type of venting is used to exhaust the used air.

Pellets are transported from the hopper to the burn pot by an auger powered by an electric motor. Depending on the heat setting, sensors in the stove trigger the augur to add more fuel.

A burning pot is filled with pellets. There is a small fire that is kept very hot. This allows the pellet stove to burn very efficiently and produce very little waste.

There is a heat exchanger above the heating compartment; it consists of a series of pipes that catch most of the heat emitted by the stove itself. Heat may be dispersed using a fan, depending on the model.

What is the timing of Castle Pallet Stoves Serenity to turn on back?

After you select the time, the automatic programming features automatically turn it on thirty minutes before you arrive home.

Which type of folks should this stove be preferred?

There isn’t any doubt that this compact castle stove is perfect for adventurers who like to travel or live in RVs and travel trailers.

What is the estimated price tag of this stove?

The initial cost is less than $2000 compared to other local pellet stoves, and with this purchase, you can heat your home to 28000 square feet.

What is the operative wattage of this crop?

It has a 77W working system, enough to keep you warm in winter, and it’s called Castle Pallet Stoves Serenity.

What’s the best way to keep it clean?

My method of cleaning the window is to use a wet or damp cloth when the stove is cool to vacuum out the ashes.

Is it necessary to turn off the stove in order to clean the burn pot?

Activated pellets that are on fire cannot be cleaned in a flaming pot.

What is the installation time of this Castle Pallet Stoves Serenity?

In less than two hours, you can install this castle pellet 12327.

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castle-serenity-30000-btu-1500-sq-ft-wood-pellet-stove-review<!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Our choice of the <strong>Castle Pallet Stoves Serenity 12327 indoor heater</strong> is based on the fact that it offers simple and effective features that make the customer extremely pleased. During the winter, people begin looking into the best heaters available on the market and become disappointed with their prices.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Here at the castle, the warranty is the best, and the prices are budget-friendly. One of the best things about this crop is the built-in thermostat. Castle pellets offer a variety of benefits, including saving you a lot of space and providing you with warm moments. I like that.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph -->


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