Caviar makes iPhone 13s with the autograph of Rasputin and the iPad Pro with Rasputin’s


Caviar is a big fan of sprucing up smartphones and other gadgets with rare and collectible items. They usually use gold and jewelery, but this time around they went with autographs instead.

Among its first four models are tributes to Rasputin, Napoleon, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. The Autograph collection will continue to grow, with more signatures from famous people from all walks of life (athletes, authors, politicians and more).

For the time being, the highlight of the collection is an iPad Pro 11 (2021) (or 12.9 2021) bearing a message from Grigory Rasputin. One of Rasputin’s handwritten notes, inscribed in gold, can be found encased in a second gold-plated sheet. Rasputin said in Russian, “I know that you are as proud as Tsar Herod. You came in like a fox, and you want to leave like a wolf, Rasputin.” If you’re willing to shell out $90,000, you can get your hands on one of only one tablet.

It’s an iPhone 13 mini, Pro, or Pro Max with the signatures of the other four artists. Only one iPhone model and storage capacity will be made for each signature, and you’ll be able to choose which one you want.

The Napoleon model is the most expensive, starting at $75,000, due to its double gold plating over jewellery alloy. In addition to Napoleon’s signature, an excerpt from a letter is engraved on the back of the card.

Depending on the exact configuration, the Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk models cost about $25,000. Each one has a logo in the upper right (next to the cameras) that identifies the person who inspired the model in question.


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