Chicago and Las Vegas get Apple’s new 3D maps


Chicago and Las Vegas are the two additional US locations that Apple is adding to its high-detailed map function. In September 2021, with the introduction of iOS 15, the feature was initially made available to Map users in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.

The satellite 3D map is distinct from the 3D map. The new 3D view displays rich, custom-designed components for buildings, marinas, business districts, neighborhoods, and more. Users have access to hundreds of custom-made landmarks, new road labels, and elevation statistics for the entire city.

The road details on the map also include crosswalks, bus and taxi lanes, medians, and turn lanes. In order to make driving easier for drivers, highways with overlapping, complicated interchanges are displayed in a road-level 3D view. The 3D maps include everything from multi-level freeway interchanges to famous hotels in Las Vegas. Additionally, there is a moonlit night mode that turns on after sunset.

Additionally, routes with several stops can be built by drivers using iOS 16 and synced with other Apple devices. Within Maps, transport instructions will also display the estimated cost of a trip and allow users to reload their transit cards via the Wallet app. Soon, support will be introduced for more cities, including Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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