Clean energy use has doubled at Apple suppliers over the last year


Apple announced today that its suppliers have increased their use of clean power by more than twofold in the last year.

Apple’s suppliers are now using more than 10 gigawatts of clean energy out of nearly 16 gigawatts of total commitments over the next few years. Renewable energy projects prevented 13.9 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions last year, and the current projects are equivalent to removing three million cars from the road each year.

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To help Apple meet its 2030 goal of being carbon neutral throughout its entire supply chain, 213 of the company’s major suppliers have committed to using renewable energy to power all production at their facilities in 25 different countries. Since 2020, Apple’s global operations have been carbon neutral.

About 500 megawatts of solar and other renewable energy projects are currently under construction in China and Japan as part of Apple’s upstream emissions reduction efforts. See the full press release for more information on Apple’s current renewable energy efforts.

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