Comparing 3D-printed iPhone 14 models with iPhone 13 accessories by the leaker


In order to see how the iPhone 13’s dimensions are expected to change, a set of purported 3D-printed “iPhone 14” models has been placed in existing accessories.

Mockups and 3D-printed models have replaced leaked diagrams, and they may be able to provide some insight into how much the new device designs will differ from the current ones. They were tested alongside iPhone 13 cases and screen protectors to ensure that they worked as expected, including the larger camera bump and thinner display bezel.

Sources at Alibaba have given Mac Otakara new mockups for each expected device size. After that, a brief video was produced to show off each model in greater depth.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have molds for their 6.1-inch screens, while the larger 6.7-inch screens of the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max have molds for their larger screens. Because of the larger and thicker camera bumps on the pro models, no cases were able to fit.

The “iPhone 14” mold’s rear camera measures 30.10mm in height, whereas the iPhone 13’s measures 28.84mm, with a thicker camera bump on top. The dimensions of the body were also slightly larger, so the case couldn’t fit either.

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Because its camera bump is smaller and its body size remains the same, it can fit. This is due to the larger iPhone 13 Pro Max having the same camera bump as the smaller iPhone 13.

The “iPhone 14 Pro’s” rear camera measures 38.24mm in height, compared to the iPhone 13 Pro’s 36.24mm. This mold also had a slightly larger body size.

The “iPhone 14 Pro Max” mold fit the body of the iPhone 13 Pro Max case, but the camera bump was 2 mm taller. Because of this, the case would be unable to close completely.

In addition, the screen protectors didn’t match the displays on any model, and the leaker noted that the display appeared “thinner” on the mockups. The mockups didn’t show the cutouts because the pro models are expected to have hole-punched displays.

In light of this information, it appears that Apple is increasing the body dimensions of its 6.1-inch models but not the body dimensions of its 6.7-inch models. The overall size of the camera bumps, on the other hand, is increasing.

Companies that receive early molds and diagrams from Apple in order to ensure that a wide variety of cases are available at launch tend to be less combative in the face of leaked information than others. At an Apple event in September, the “iPhone 14” lineup is expected to debut.

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