Competitive Season 21 April 2020 Overwatch Tier List


April sees the center and closure period of Competitive Season 21, and abound together saint boycott framework between the Overwatch League and Competitive Play. Coordinating the bans overall degrees of play makes it more clear, yet in addition, it takes the superfluous worry off the OWL and Contenders players. Snowstorm has likewise done without the restricted guide pools in Competitive Play. They were not accomplishing the ideal impacts and didn’t cause each season to feel unmistakable enough, so now all maps put something aside for two are accessible. Skyline Lunar Colony and Paris have been expelled from pivot for retuning or revamps.

The large fix of the month was the arrival of Hero 32: Echo. Maybe it is only the new-legend impact where individuals are not as mindful of how to counter her, yet she has come out of the entryways hot. With a pack that has high portability and can apparently do everything, a practical saint level rundown can demonstrate significant in attempting to manage her.

The accompanying level rundown exists decisively to help manage players through this progressively unique meta, reflecting how separately all around kitted Overwatch’s 32 saints are and how well they synergize with other ground-breaking legends. With every month, there will be another level rundown discharged to refresh changes in every legend’s exhibition from month-to-month (March 2020) so make certain to return one month from now to perceive what changes lie ahead.

Level 1: Optimal legends with high win-rates and collaboration

  • Reinhardt
  • D.Va
  • Reverberation
  • Mei
  • McCree
  • Ana
  • Lucio

In spite of slight nerfs to Mei’s ammo and Ice Wall, she despite everything stays an unquestionable requirement pick when she isn’t prohibited. The dexterous situation of the divider can win battles without anyone else, and her definitive is as yet crazy whenever played accurately. Reinhardt additionally observed a nerf to his Steadfast inactive capacity, however, it is still solid related to Lucio. This is exhibited in the OWL as these are quite often run aside from the weeks they are prohibited. Ana’s Biotic Grenade is as yet one of the most remarkable capacities in the game, equipped for changing the tides of a battle. Furthermore, in conclusion, the Echo has emerged cocked and locked. Her unit is very solid and portable, pulverizing in the hands of talented players. All things considered, if these legends aren’t restricted, they’re clear top picks.

Level 2: Good options in contrast to Tier 1 and still suitable generally speaking

  • Pharah
  • Torbjorn
  • Tracer
  • Hanzo
  • Solider: 76
  • Brigitte
  • Baptiste
  • Moira
  • Collector
  • Orisa
  • Winston

A few of these saints are either acceptable replacements to those in Tier 1 or can give great counters to those legends. Pharah got a pleasant buff to her rocket blast range and is much deadlier with a Mercy pocket. However, she is still somewhat delicate if flying solo with the commonness of McCree and other hitscan saints. Torbjorn has sprung up to stop flankers with the turret just as giving high measures of harm, support with Overload, and an extraordinary zoning extreme.

Winston can give a decent option to D.Va or can even commendation D.Va instead of Reinhardt. Besides a few groups are running a Winston-Wrecking Ball jump variation, to variable achievement. Warrior: 76 has climbed a level because of the Helix Rocket buff, giving somewhat more burst-harm potential. In general, search for these saints to keep up a similar style of play as the ones in Tier 1, just with somewhat less harsh packs.

Level 3: Good situational picks however less solid by and large

  • Ashe
  • Doomfist
  • Sigma
  • Benevolence
  • Symmetra
  • Sigma
  • Destroying Ball
  • Widowmaker

These saints would all be able to be consummately acceptable in specialty circumstances or when being played by players who are pros in that legend. Be that as it may, with regards to rating them against the remainder of the Overwatch program, they are at present more effectively exploitable or have better choices. Search for these when certain legends are restricted to think of smaller than usual metas contained less mainstream picks.

Level 4: Difficult to have achievement in the current meta

  • Sombra
  • Roadhog
  • Zenyatta
  • Zarya
  • Junkrat
  • Genji
  • Bastion

In general, these are somewhat less amazing by and large. than different legends in the game. A few, as Sombra and Genji are excessively dependent on their definitive capacities, which gives a more slow pace of play than would normally be appropriate to manage Reinhardt-Lucio. There are minutes where they can fit into specialty organizations, in any case, there are commonly progressively feasible choices that are accessible. Look somewhere else, if conceivable.

As an update, this level rundown is presently working off of the most recent live fix, This rundown will be refreshed as patches keep on coming out during the time of April and another rundown will be distributed in May.


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