Contributors to the Apple Support Community are recognized and rewarded with Apple Community+


The new “Apple Community+” initiative intends to recognize and reward outstanding contributors in the Apple Support Community by delivering “exclusive incentives, white-glove experiences, and more.”

There are times when a member’s willingness to help others and willingness to learn new skills make a great difference in the Apple Support Community, and we appreciate that. Our global Apple Community+ program honors and celebrates these people because of this. Every year, we choose a small selection of the most prominent members of the community to participate in the program. It’s our way of saying “thank you” and expressing gratitude.

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Apple said it will search for high-level community members who “embody the attributes that make our environment warm and welcoming” by being involved and active in the community, producing great material and providing answers to technical queries.

Those who use Apple products have the opportunity to build their peer reputation by participating in Apple Support Communities, where they can earn badges, levels, and rewards. It’s also available on Apple’s support site, where you can see the various levels and benefits.

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