Creature Crossing: New Horizons Method to Swim and Dive

Creature Crossing: New Horizons Method to Swim and Dive

Creature Crossing: New Horizons has gotten a free update that permits players to swim and plunge for ocean animals unexpectedly. As a feature of the principal summer update, you’ll likewise find the opportunity to meet another island character and open mermaid-themed DIY plans.

Update Your Game

Before you dispatch Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch, be certain you are associated with the web to download the most recent programming update, Version 1.3.0. Without refreshing, you won’t have the option to get to the new summer update content.

So insofar as you’re associated with the web before propelling the game just because, the application launcher will consequently tell you that another product update is accessible.

On the off chance that you missed the programmed update warning, explore to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons symbol on your Nintendo Switch home screen and afterward open the “Choices” menu by squeezing the “+” button on your correct Joy-Con controller.

You’ll see “Ver. 1.3.0” or higher in the upper left corner under the game name in case you’re refreshed to the most recent form. On the off chance that not, select the “Product Update” tab and afterward pick the “By means of The Internet” alternative to download the most recent update to your Nintendo Switch. Press the physical “A” button on your controller to present any changes.

Where to Unlock Swimming and Diving

After you’ve refreshed the game, dispatch Animal Crossing: New Horizons and go out. Check your post box to get an uncommon letter from Nintendo that contains a Snorkel. The Nook Shop has additionally sent you a letter to advise you of new “Curiosity” stock things—like the Wetsuit! A Striped Wetsuit can likewise be bought from Timmy and Tommy for 3,000 Bells.

So as to start your profound jumping experience, you should initially buy a Wetsuit from Nook’s Cranny or the Nook Shopping stand. You can likewise buy things on the Nook Shopping application.

In the event that you like to buy an alternate choice, the Nook Inc. Snorkel can be reclaimed for 500 Nook Miles Tickets, and the Nook Inc. Wetsuit can be reclaimed for 800 Nook Miles Tickets. On the off chance that you submit a request for the Nook Inc. Curiosity things, they will be sent to you the exceptionally following day you sign-in to the game.

Timmy will give you a little instructional exercise on the most proficient method to utilize your new Wetsuit—to swim around, quickly press “An” on your delight con controller, and on the off chance that you see a shadow or air pockets in the water, press “Y” to plunge and bring the thing back up to the surface.

Swimming in Animal Crossing

Subsequent to preparing the Snorkel and the Wetsuit, head to the sea shore and approach the water. Press “An” on your delight con controller and your character will start swimming their way into the water.

To swim all the more quickly, hold down your D-Pad controller (the left delight con) and quickly press “An” on the correct satisfaction con. Just holding down the “A” button won’t move your character.

Making a plunge Animal Crossing

While swimming, you can jump submerged and get new ocean animals like ocean stars, which can be given to the gallery. To jump, press “Y” on your satisfaction con controller to lower your character under the water. You can make a plunge the water, however to discover a thing, search for a shadow and air pockets over the water, and afterward jump to gather it.

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