Cycling directions and Look Around are now available on Apple Maps Japan


In Japan, Apple Maps has been upgraded to include cycling directions and an extended Look Around feature.

According to Atadistance, Apple has now introduced nationwide cycling instructions and Look Around expansions following the arrival of AR directions in Tokyo earlier this week:

An eventful week for Apple Maps in the App Store After the release of AR walking directions in Japan, several cities in the country, including Sapporo, Niigata, Shizuoka, and Akashi, have finally received the Look Around extension. Greater Tokyo, Kyoto, and Yokohama have confirmed bicycle directions that look to be nation-wide: I can plan riding journeys on my MacOS Maps app in Kagoshima, Japan.

In spite of Apple’s lack of images in Japan compared to the United States and Europe, Apple’s bicycle data provides the fastest route options, routes with fewer traffic, and no walking sections, among other features.

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According to the research, Real-Time Transit, Detailed City Experience, and fresh Apple Maps data are the only major Apple Maps features that have not yet arrived in Japan.

Earlier this week, Apple rolled out new AR walking directions in Tokyo on its Maps service. First introduced in Japan in August 2020, and more recent Maps upgrades for iOS 15 were released in September by Apple.

There’s a good chance that Apple Maps may get even more fascinating with the upcoming WWDC 2022 and iOS 16 release, which is just around the corner. In spite of a rough start, Apple Maps has evolved into one of the greatest iPhone apps for navigating, especially in the Apple ecosystem thanks to its connection with gadgets like the Apple Watch Series 7.

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