Cydia lawsuit against Apple over alleged monopoly of App Store loses in court


The lawsuit that was brought against Apple by the developer of the jailbreak tool Cydia will be permitted to continue with a fresh amended complaint, according to the ruling of a judge.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers (who previously presided over the Epic Games trial) declined Apple’s request to dismiss the case against it on the grounds that the allegations were time-barred in a judgement issued on Friday.

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According to the judgement, Apple has 21 days to respond to a new modified complaint. The creator of the Cydia jailbreak tool, SaurikIT, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the App Store and in-app purchases, which Apple began using in iOS 15 and beyond on all of its finest iPhones to distribute apps and handle payments, violate federal antitrust and competition laws. There are a lot of similarities between Tim Sweeney’s and Epic Games’ grievances here. Because of the way Apple has set up its App Store and in-app payment model, SaurikIT says it suffers a new injury every time a developer enters into a contract with Apple, every time an iPhone is purchased, and every time the program is updated.

The original complaint against Apple was dismissed due to conduct from 2008 and 2009, and the plaintiff has now amended their complaint to allege that Apple is instead complicit in ongoing violations of these laws through “millions” of overt acts that are not time-barred because they occur constantly. According to the Cydia creator, Apple has made numerous software modifications since 2008 that have rendered Cydia unusable on the iPhone.

This updated complaint has now given Apple three weeks to react to it.

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