Depreciation on the Samsung Galaxy S22 is higher than on the iPhone 13


According to a recent report, in comparison to the iPhone 13, which was released in September of last year, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has depreciated three times as much as the iPhone 13.

SellCell, a company that tracks the depreciation rates of various mobile devices, has published a report with this information.

The value of the Galaxy S22+5G has dropped by 58% in just two months, while the value of the iPhone 13 has dropped by 13% since its launch.

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Apple, Samsung, and Google’s top handsets have all seen their depreciation values examined by SellCell using internal smartphone value data. The resale value of phones in “like new” and “good” condition was used to calculate the trade-in value of each model in each range (iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google Pixel 6). SellCell gathered data from the first and second months following its inception in order to compare the depreciation of various brands and to determine which ones are still valuable. A leading pricing comparison service for selling phones, SellCell keeps an eye on the market value of these devices from 40+ independent purchasers.

The survey also takes a look at other smartphones, including the Google Pixel 6 models, the iPhone 13 models, and the Galaxy S22 series. The report’s details can be found at the following link.

Source: SellCell


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