Developers get a sneak peek at watchOS 9 with the second beta


Apple has just released the second beta version of the impending watchOS 9 upgrade to developers for the sake of testing. This new beta comes exactly two weeks after Apple initially announced the update at WWDC and gave the first beta to developers.

Developers will need to get the configuration profile from the Apple Developer Center in order to install watchOS 9. If you already have watchOS 8, you may upgrade it using the dedicated Apple Watch app on your iPhone by navigating to General > Software update. An Apple Watch must have at least 50% battery life, be placed on a charger, and be within range of an iPhone in order to upgrade to the latest software.

Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and Astronomy are among the four new watch faces that watchOS 9 introduces, as well as improvements to certain current watch faces and complication options. AFib History has been added to the ECG app to keep track of how long a person has been in atrial fibrillation.

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In addition, as part of the new sleep tracking feature, the Apple Watch can now determine whether or not a user is in REM, Core, or Deep sleep; in addition, Apple has included a Medications app. With the Medications app, users can keep track of and be reminded to take their prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements.

A new version of the Workout app adds unique programs for runners, triathletes, and swimmers, as well as a host of other enhancements. App notifications have been reworked to be less disruptive when the watch screen is active, and third-party TVs are now supported for individuals who don’t own an Apple television.

Other new features include an application programming interface (API) called CallKit that enables VOIP calls to be answered on the Apple Watch; Apple Watch Mirroring that enables users to control the Apple Watch with an iPhone; Quick Actions that enable users to do more with a double pinch gesture; and updates to the Reminders and Calendar apps.

WatchOS 9 is currently only available to developers, but Apple expects to release a public beta later this summer ahead of the software’s fall introduction with new Apple Watch models.

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