Dock of Apple Music in iOS 15.6 beta 2 is no longer replaced by other apps


The latest iOS developer beta has fixed a bug that caused the Apple Music app to be installed right in the dock when it was downloaded from the App Store.

After first appearing at the beginning of last month and then being acknowledged by Apple, the unexpected bug would cause the Apple Music app to drop directly into the Dock without user permission, sometimes even replacing other first- and third-party apps located in the Dock.

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iOS devices that are running iOS 15.4.1 are affected, and in the iOS 15.5 beta, we were also able to get Apple Music to install itself over another program.

However, Apple appears to have corrected the fault in iOS 15.6 Beta 2, as reported by Aaron Zollo, indicating that the problem will be resolved for all users when iOS 15.6 is officially published.

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