Does the iPhone 14 Pro Gold exist? Forget the green iPhone 13, Apple is likely to introduce a dazzling new color for its next flagship device


The iPhone 14 is generating a lot of buzz online. Those expectations are based on the belief that the iPhone 14 will be a game-changer in the smartphone market. Many people were disappointed by the iPhone 13’s lack of cutting-edge technology. It’s now being reported that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro will come in a gold color in addition to the current hot technology. Representations of the iPhone 14 have appeared online, and they’ve provided a wealth of information about the device’s look and feel. Additionally, a gold colorway of the iPhone 14 Pro has been leaked. published renderings of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. Also noteworthy is that the spectacular iPhone 13 green was unveiled just over a week ago by Apple. According to reports, the next iPhone may come in gold.

In addition to the color, the design of the iPhone 14 Pro models is expected to be significantly different from that of the iPhone 13. This year’s iPhone is expected to do away with the notch that has been a staple of Apple devices for the past several years. The notch could be replaced by an “I-shaped” punch hole camera with a pill-shaped cutout. As far as other features go, they’re expected to be largely unchanged. Normal iPhone 14 models, on the other hand, will likely feature small notches, similar to those seen on iPhone 13 models.

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What else can you expect from the iPhone 14 Pro? 

Regular iPhone 14 models are expected to be powered by the A15 Bionic SoC, which is already found in the recently launched Apple iPhone SE and the iPhone 13 series. With that said, it’s expected that the A16 Bionic chip will make its first appearance in the iPhone 14 Pro model.

Other major features of Apple’s iPhone 14 series are expected to include a complete e-SIM option and the removal of the SIM port. The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to have a 48MP primary sensor, even if the camera on the standard models isn’t changed.

Based on Apple’s previous launch patterns, we can expect the Apple iPhone 14 to hit the market in September or October 2022. A lot of information about the iPhone 14’s launch is still up in the air, including its price and more information on its camera, as well as whether or not the phone will have an upgraded battery.


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