Dragons Weapon Pack Releases In Valorant

Dragons Weapon Pack Releases In Valorant

Another weapon pack has been uncovered for Valorant which transforms the game’s firearms into mythical serpents – and will cost you almost $100 dollars for the full munititions stockpile.

You can look at the Elderflame skin uncover trailer here, with the main “Ultra Edition” weapons showing up in-game this Friday, the July 10.

The designer has gone well beyond most definitely – the weapons are truly aware winged serpents, and will act out when you get executes, reload, point down the sight, etc. Indeed, even the projectiles seem like fire shooting from the legendary animal’s mouth. Regardless of whether it’s every one of the a piece too gaudy to even consider allowing for appropriate concentration in a strained match is another story…

Notwithstanding your feeling on these new beautifying agents, the cost is something to observe. Valorant’s Revenue Lead Joe Lee presented the breakdown on Twitter, taking note of that the full set will cost you 9900 Valorant Points. The nearest VP pack you can purchase is 11,000 VP for $100, so be set up to dish out on the off chance that you need the full set.

Likewise, remember that Valorant’s weapons can likewise be redesigned utilizing Radianite, another cash earned through the fight pass. You can likewise buy it utilizing genuine cash to rapidly step up and open each activity for each firearm. A completely deceived out Elderflame set is conceivably going to cost you a great deal of cash.

We checked on Valorant back toward the beginning of June, scoring it a 9/10 and considering it a “smart strategic saint shooter that is bounty profound.”

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