Drop tests show that Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE holds up better than previous models


The new iPhone SE 3rd generation has the “toughest glass in a smartphone” front and back, according to Apple. Changes have been made to improve the product’s resistance to scratches and drops.

Apple’s claims have been put to the test by Allstate Protection Plans, who used a series of carefully timed drops. iPhone SE 3rd generation is more durable than its 2nd generation predecessor and is almost as durable as the top-of-the-line iPhone 13 in Allstate’s tests.

The iPhone SE was able to withstand a six-foot drop onto a sidewalk in the face-down drop test. As with the iPhone 13, the device was found to have only minor scuffs upon completion of the test. Notably, it lacks the iPhone 13 models’ ceramic shield front glass.

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After a 6-foot fall in the back drop test, the iPhone SE cracked. The flat aluminium siding on the iPhone SE is absent from the iPhone 13. Only minor dings and scratches were found on the aluminium frame of the iPhone SE after it was dropped from six feet on its side. This puts it in a tie with the iPhone 13.

Apple’s claim of an IP67 water resistance rating was put to the test after a 30-minute immersion in the water. After being submerged for 30 minutes in one metre of water, the handset was found to be completely unaffected. The device’s audio was muffled when it was first removed, but after an hour, it was back to normal.

Dropping your iPhone is something you should avoid (of course), and a protective case can help keep your handset safe.

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