Dutch regulators require Apple to revise App Store rules for dating apps


In an effort to comply with a Dutch regulator’s ruling, Apple has made several significant tweaks to its App Store criteria for dating apps.

The company that makes the iPhone has stated that it has made the adjustments after having a number of “constructive meetings” with the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

Earlier last week, Apple revealed the new features. When developers wish to employ external payment entitlements, which allow them to use third-party payment systems, they must make revisions to the user interface standards and payment processor criteria.

In addition, Apple notes that its 3% commission discount now applies to in-app transactions that qualify for a lower commission rate. To put it another way, developers may only be required to pay a 13 percent cut if they participate in the App Store’s Small Business Program or if a user has a subscription that is more than one year old.

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Even though Apple has agreed to implement the changes, the company maintains that they are not in the best interest of customer privacy and security. It is also appealing the initial ACM judgement that mandated it to allow dating apps in the Netherlands to accept third-party payments.

Some of these modifications, according to Apple, are not beneficial to the privacy or safety of its customers. “We’re implementing the extra adjustments requested by the ACM because Apple is committed to constructive dialogue with regulators.” We have previously said that we are appealing the ACM’s original order.

In 2021, the ACM found that Apple’s App Store regulations violated local competition laws in the country and requested that the business alter its in-app purchase policy in 2022. Apple complied.

The Dutch authorities were not satisfied with the improvements Apple made to comply with the mandate. Apple, for example, allows developers to select between in-app payments and alternate payment methods. ACM, on the other hand, requested that Apple allow developers to use both at once.

This has resulted in the ACM issuing fines of almost 50 million euros every week.

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