Easiest way to make one-handed typing on your iPhone


There is no doubt that big iPhones are here to stay for a long time to come. With the iPhone’s iconic design, Apple’s iconic product has grown physically since it was launched. The original iPhone’s screen size was 3.5 inches, but Apple has increased the size of the screen with the iPhone 14, which now measures 6.7 inches across.

It is a great experience to use an iPhone with a wide display. This is especially true if you are watching videos or reading news on it. It should be noted that large screens come with many disadvantages: for instance, it is more difficult to type without the use of both hands on them than on smaller screens. 

When it comes to typing out your thoughts, if you’re having difficulty doing so with just one hand, you can find a one-handed iPhone keyboard that you can use faster than you think.

Switch to one-handed mode on your iPhone by following the steps

  • On your keyboard, press and hold the globe icon or the emoji icon as long as you can
  • Click on the left keyboard icon to enable left-handed typing, while clicking on the right keyboard icon to enable right-handed typing. The standard keyboard layout can be found in the middle of the keyboard, which should already be highlighted. 
  • Unless you choose to change it back to two-handed mode, your device will remain in one-handed mode 


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