Edge and Chrome will support Apple Pay in iOS 16


An irritating problem with Apple Pay in iOS 16 may be fixed by Apple. The business seems to be increasing support for outside browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Up until this point, the only way to use Apple’s mobile payment service was via the Safari browser app.

In a July 29 tweet, MacRumors contributor Steve Moser noted the change in the iOS 16 beta 4. He claims that the most recent iOS beta supports Apple Pay on Chrome and Edge. He adds that it is necessary to function in any unofficial browser.

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Steve Moser did not note support for other browser apps like Firefox. However, The Verge reported in a Reddit post from early July that Apple Pay does work with Firefox in iOS 16 beta 2.It follows that when iOS 16 is formally released later this year, you should be able to use Apple Pay with the majority of third-party browsers.

Apple may be increasing Apple Pay compatibility to get ahead of a proposed European Union regulation that prohibits providers of essential platform services (such as the iOS App Store) from abusing their authority to restrict the functionality of third-party browsers. Apple would break this rule if it were implemented because all iOS mobile browsers are created using the Safari render engine. The Safari render engine is used in iOS mobile browser development, so if this rule were to be implemented, Apple would be in violation.

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