eSIM models for Apple iPhone 14 are only available in certain regions


It’s possible that Apple will fully comply with the new standard at around the same time that other countries in Asia and Europe will. The company may offer the new iPhone 14 in some international nations with models that solely support eSIM, as suggested by a source that came out not too long ago.

The Cupertino-based corporation may not immediately switch all of its upcoming iPhone models to eSIM-only arrangements. Or it can decide to try out different things with the technology first before making a complete changeover.

According to reports, SIM cards themselves will be rendered obsolete within the next several months. T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are among the major U.S. phone companies that expect a period without SIM cards in the future. Remember when the iPhone 13 didn’t come with any SIM cards in the box? The first smartphone to employ eSIM technology was Google’s Pixel 2 phones in 2017, which were early adopters of the technology. Motorola’s foldable Razr phone, meanwhile, has completely moved to eSIM in 2019.

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Users in Asia and Europe are more likely to utilize dual-sim phones, which let them switch between several service providers and even separate their personal and work lives. It’s not uncommon for Americans to stick with a single wireless provider. Although this may change in the future,

When it comes to mobile devices and accessories, AT&T’s Jeff Howard says eSIM is a “natural evolution” that will “enhance the experience over time.” Because the iPhone SE 3rd generation does not come with a physical SIM card, Verizon had to train its employees to increase the number of people using an eSIM. Physical SIM cards aren’t going away anytime soon. According to the publication, this will occur whenever Apple stops supporting genuine SIM cards in future iPhones.

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