EU accuses Apple of unfairly blocking third-party access to NFC payments on iPhone


According to a report in the Financial Times, the European Union will accuse Apple of violating EU law by unfairly restricting third-party payment systems’ access to its iPhone mobile payment system.

An unnamed “source familiar with the matter” claims that Apple will be accused by the European Union of “unfairly blocking groups such as PayPal and leading banks from accessing its mobile wallet system.” If this accusation is proven true, Apple could be subject to severe penalties.

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The European Union (EU) is concerned about Apple’s restrictions on third-party app developers’ access to the iPhone’s NFC technology. The result is that third-party payment services, such as PayPal, banks, and other financial institutions, are unable to offer iPhone users an experience that rivals Apple Pay. Apple, on the other hand, claims that its NFC restrictions are in place to protect users’ privacy and security.

Apple is under increasing legal pressure from a variety of parties around the world to open its iPhone to third-party app stores and sideloading, as well as to make iMessage a cross-platform messaging service.

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