European, Asian, and Middle East students can now take advantage of Apple’s Back to School deals


Apple today began its annual “Back to School” promotion, unveiling back-to-school offers across the majority of European countries, certain countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Mexico. The promotion is still ongoing.

In most countries, higher education students and instructors can obtain an Apple gift card with the purchase of select Macs and iPads, which is the same deal that went live in the United States and Canada in June. However, in other countries, Apple is offering AirPods instead of gift cards. There are gift cards available with a maximum value of £120 in the United Kingdom, while gift cards may be purchased with a maximum value of €150 in other nations of Europe.

The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac, as well as the iPad Pro and iPad Air, are all eligible devices. Eligible devices include Apple’s newest models, the M2 MacBook Pro and M2 MacBook Air. Apple’s Mac computers come with the most expensive gift cards, while iPads come with lower-priced gift cards.

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If you buy an iPad or Mac from an Apple Store in the following countries: Mexico; Turkey; Czech Republic; Belgium; United Arab Emirates; Hong Kong; and China, you will receive a set of AirPods as a free gift. Apple is giving away second-generation AirPods for free in countries where AirPods are the back-to-school option, although users can pay to upgrade to third-generation AirPods or AirPods Pro.

Student discounts are available through the EDU store in each country, which provides discounted prices for Macs and iPads for school purposes. A 20% discount is available to students who purchase AppleCare+ through the Apple Store.

According to the terms and conditions listed on each country’s promotional page for Apple’s Back to School program on its website, verification through UNiDAYS is required in many of the nations participating.

Back-to-School sales are offered to students and teachers in a variety of countries, including Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Turkey, Hong Kong, and China, to name a few.

Most of the above-mentioned nations, including Hong Kong and China, will see Apple’s Back to School Promotion run through October 20, 2022; however, the promotion ends in September in those countries.

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