Every Apple fan should own an Apple History Calendar


A new Apple History Calendar on Kickstarter is currently receiving pledges and appears to be a must-have for any die-hard Apple enthusiast.

There are currently 175 backers, more than their pledge goal on the project’s first day of existence, according to Stephen Hackett. In addition, Hackett’s original photos and dates commemorating Apple’s launches over the years are featured in the calendar. According to the information provided,

The history of technology fascinates me since it reveals so much about how our favorite gadgets have changed through time.

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I’ve been interested in Apple and its history for longer than I’ve been a podcaster or blogger. I’ve got over 200 Macs in my collection, not to include the iPods, iPhones, iPads, Newtons, and other items the firm has released throughout the course of the years.

Apple’s software history is one of meticulous attention to detail, tempered by the occasional outlandish concept, dating back to the days before the Macintosh.

Along with digital copies of the photos featured in the calendar, customers will have access to the dates for use in their own digital calendars, which is a nice extra. The calendars, which measure 20 inches by 13 inches, will begin delivery in the fall, according to Hackett.

Last year, Hackett released a similar calendar for the year 2022, which included hardware milestones such as the release of Apple’s best-ever iPhones, iPads, and Macs. If the first one was any indication, this new iteration is going to be a smashing success.

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