Expected that an Apple Watch Pro Extreme Sports model will cost approximately $1,000


Mark Gurman of Bloomberg estimates that Apple’s anticipated extreme sports Apple Watch model will cost $999, which is the same starting price as Apple’s current iPhone 13 Pro.

In the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter, Gurman makes a comparison between the alleged expensive watch and the existing 45-millimetre titanium Apple Watch Edition, which has a starting price of $849.

It’s not unreasonable to expect the high-end Apple Watch to be priced around $900 to $999, which is the starting price of an iPhone 13 Pro, given that it will have a slightly larger display, new sensors, and better materials. There are only a few months left till we find out exactly where Apple is going to be located.

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He compares Apple’s Garmin-like Apple Watch model to the already leaked Samsung Watch Pro 5, which he believes will be its strongest opponent when it goes on sale in November. Pro variants will have somewhat larger displays and batteries, as well as a titanium shell and an even more durable design, than the normal models of Samsung’s smartphones. There is speculation that Apple’s watch could cost as much as twice as much as this 44mm model with LTE.

The latest tier of the Apple Watch will include LTE, a larger screen, and a metal case that is better suited to withstand damage. This tier is designed to appeal to athletes, hikers, and others who participate in activities that expose them to more harsh conditions. Gurman suggests a few names for the new device, including Apple Watch Extreme, Apple Watch Max, and Apple Watch Explorer Edition. However, the journalist believes that the model will adopt the “Pro” moniker in accordance with the company’s other products that have a higher price point.

The display will have a nearly two-inch diagonal measurement, making it larger than the screen size of the current Apple Watch Series 7 and the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 by 1.9 inches. It is anticipated that it will also come with a screen that is more resistant to shattering and that it will feature a battery that is larger to accommodate longer periods of exercise.

It is thought that the sport-oriented Apple Watch will be available alongside the regular Apple Watch Series 8 when it launches later this year and the Apple Watch SE when it does so in 2022.

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