Expert in Apple Chips left the company to work for Samsung


 One of Apple’s nine-year employees, a chip expert, has quit the business to join its archrival Samsung, Business Korea reports.

According to the story, Kim Woo-Pyeong had previously worked for Texas Instruments and Qualcomm before joining Apple’s staff in 2014. There is no specific information in the report about Kim’s duties at Apple other than the fact that he was a semiconductor expert.

Apple’s products make use of a wide variety of chips, including ultrawideband chip technology, the processors that power all of Apple’s gadgets, and a bespoke 5G modem that is apparently in the works.

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Kim will be in charge of a new packaging solutions department at Samsung. In the past few years, Samsung has extended its engagement in the semiconductor industry as competition from TSMC, Apple, and others has intensified. Last month, Samsung revealed that it had begun mass production of 3nm circuits based on a novel transistor architecture.

Apple and Samsung are still locked in an intense battle for customers’ attention in the smartphone, smartwatch, and accessory markets, including the AirPods and Galaxy Buds. “Somewhat unexpected” is how Business Korea describes Samsung’s recent recruitment from Apple, considering their cooperative and competing relationship. For example, Samsung and Apple have collaborated on OLED displays despite their bitter competition.

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