FGO: Ways to Complete the GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration

Despite the fact that the most recent Fate/Grand Order occasion is finishing today around evening time, players won’t need to hang tight at all for the following one. Subsequent to cultivating Inheritance of Glory assaults, the GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration Rerun will quickly be having its spot. As one of the last reruns before the third commemoration festivity in a while, this occasion will be a decent difference in pace while it runs from May eighth to May nineteenth.

GUDAGUDA is a progression of occasions highlighting characters from Koha-Ace and Fate/GUDAGUDA Order, fourth-divider breaking spoof manga from TYPE-MOON. While the first GUDAGUDA occasion acquainted experts with the Fate adaptations of Okita Souji, Oda Nobunaga, and their wacky tricks, Meiji Restoration makes a big appearance significantly more characters identified with the two out of a somewhat senseless story. Veteran players will be comfortable with the occasion, however newbies will rapidly see how to take an interest.


Chacha, Oda Nobunaga’s niece, briefly joins players when they start the occasion. Like different government aides, finishing the story will make Chacha a changeless piece of the list. She is a 4-star berserker with abilities that charge her NP check, produce basic stars, and debuffs a foe with expanding protection down more than a few turns. Chacha additionally has an AOE Buster Noble Phantasm and will discover a job on the day by day cultivating groups of most players that can give her a beginning NP make embodiment. By completely finishing the rerun, Chacha can be raised to Level 80 and NP5 yet this will be the last time players can get her on the off chance that they couldn’t do as such during the first occasion.

Point System (Shinsengumi/Oda Bakufu)

In the Meiji Restoration Rerun, players will have not one, yet two point stepping stools to completely finish. The two stepping stools will be filled by gathering Shinsengumi or Oda Bakufu focuses that drop from adversaries on journeys for that particular group. Compensations for hitting certain breakpoints incorporate QP, Summon Tickets, Crystallized Lores. Note that the 4 “Gold Leaf Sun Fan” and 4 “Bit of Ranjatai” expected to climb Chacha and get her NP duplicates are prizes from the Shinsengumi and Oda Bakufu stepping stools separately. In any case, playing through the occasion typically will permit players to finish the occasion utilizing regular AP or only a couple of apples.

“Contradicting Armies” Battles

During the initial barely any days of the occasion, there will be 3 “Restricting Armies” fights during specific focuses in the story. Each fight sets the Shinsengumi in opposition to the Oda Bakufu and the triumphant group will be chosen by the quantity of focuses players have assembled on each side. The successful group will likewise blessing some extra focuses for their stepping stool to all players that took part during the fight. Along these lines, players with insignificant time accessible are encouraged to finish in any event one mission during every period to get credit and the extra focuses.

Occasion Shop And Currencies

According to common during past FGO occasions, the shop will trade things for occasion cash: Koban, Gold Dust, and Eiraku Coins. Completely getting out the shop will require 3000 Koban, 2850 Gold Dust, and 2800 Eiraku Coins. The entirety of the occasion cash can be cultivated by taking an interest in the “Contradicting Armies” fights and a progression of “Tidy Up” free missions once the rounds are finished.

Occasion Craft Essences

There will be five specialty forces that can be acquired through the occasion or gacha that help cultivating.

Point/Shop CEs

  1. Stronghold of the Sun, +30% (+60% if MLB) to Shinsengumi and Oda Bafuku drops during journeys
  2. Wolves of Mibu, +50% (+100% if MLB) harm to workers in the gathering

Gacha CEs

  1. Evil spirit King of the Sixth Heaven, +1 (+2 if MLB) to Koban drops
  2. A Stroll in the Spring Breeze, +1 (+2 if MLB) to Gold Dust drops
  3. The Flower of High Society, +1 (+2 if MLB) to Eiraku Coin drops

Occasion Bonus Servants

New and returning GUDAGUDA workers just as those showing up in the story will get a harm reward during journeys.

100-Percent Damage Increase: Hijikata Toshizo, Chacha, Okita Souji, Oda Nobunaga

80-Percent Damage Increase: EMIYA, Mysterious Heroine X, Mysterious Heroine X (Alter), Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison

50-Percent Damage Increase: Cu Chulainn, Medusa, Medea, Helena Blavatsky, Edward Teach

Best Places To Farm

Players are prescribed to cultivate the 40 AP journeys during the “Contradicting Armies” fights. Since a wide range of occasion cash will drop paying little heed to the side picked, it’s up to the player’s decision dependent on the rising materials that can likewise drop. The diagram beneath alludes to the most noteworthy 40 AP missions so players can target what things they need or need to load up on. Note that 30 AP and lower journeys will just drop silver climb materials.

On the off chance that players despite everything need to complete the two stepping stools, there is additionally a Clean-Up fight that drops high measures of Shinsengumi and Oda Bafuku focuses.

Last Main Quests And Challenge Quest

When all the “Contradicting Armies” fights are done, players can complete the Meiji Restoration story to secure a Holy Grail and Chacha or a Crystallized Lore in the event that they played through the first occasion a year ago. A short time later, a unique test journey is accessible to anybody that has finished Part 1 of Fate/Grand Order’s principle story and is handily finished with the harm reward from the “Wolves of Mibu” occasion CE.

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