Fortnite New Patch Notes: 2.74 Version Update

After Fortnite Season 3 came out, players went insane on account of all the new updates that accompanied it. One can not ski on the water while riding on sharks, Meowscles’ child is here to show how cool he is, and numerous new mythic weapons have picked up prominence when they got discharged. Anyway another Fortnite 2.74 adaptation update came out quietly and here are for the most part the insights regarding it.

What is the new Fortnite update?

Fortnite designer organization Epic Games has shockingly revealed another update for the Battle Royale as of late. This new update is known as the Fortnite 2.74 rendition update whose data was not reported by the engineer. In any case, this new update has been turned out to fix some Fortnite Patch notes gives that a past PC fix fixed over on the Windows stage.

What comes out is that the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 update accompanied an accident bargain. The players from a few urban communities revealed slamming issues while utilizing the Emote Wheel in Fornite. Afterward, subsequent to becoming more acquainted with the issue, Epic Games answered that they know about an accident that can in some cases happen in the wake of utilizing the Emote Wheel and they are attempting to address this and will give an update when it’s settled. At that point, the organization revealed this required update to fix the issues.

Be that as it may, the issue is just fixed on PS4, Xbox One and Mac stages where the PC has still not got the Fortnite 2.74 rendition redesign. The update tips the scales at 1.57GB and it is obligatory for you to download it before you can play the game on the web.

Fortnite fix notes and what’s happening

  • The chasing rifle is back
  • Headshot harm has been diminished, with the exception of expert sharpshooter rifles and explosives
  • Whirlpools spread around the guide, help you into the air and convey a lightweight flyer
  • A few chests presently have legs in Fortnite Season 3
  • Crews of overwhelmed thugs, Marauders get an opportunity to drop close to you, some watchman explicit areas.
  • Meteors fall after a roaring solid containing Marauders

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