Foxconn iPhone plant could face a lockdown after mandatory testing


Officials in Zhengzhou, where Apple’s primary iPhone manufacturing base is located, have mandated COVID testing in areas surrounding Foxconn facilities and adjacent areas of the city.

Bloomberg reported on Thursday that thousands of workers at Foxconn’s primary iPhone manufacturing plant will be subjected to mandatory COVID-19 testing, which could potentially impact an already fragile supply chain.

Testing is meant to prevent further lockdowns, but Chinese officials have been quick to issue lockdown orders in areas that tested positive, so the move puts Apple’s iPhone supply at risk.

As the COVID situation in Shanghai deteriorated earlier in April, officials in Kunshan, which is home to many important Apple suppliers, implemented an emergency lockdown. Pegatron, Wistron, Quanta, and Luxshare Precision were among the Apple partners that were forced to halt production as a result of the lockdown.

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As of now, analysts believe that Foxconn’s primary plants have been unaffected by the lockdowns, and this could be Apple’s saving grace.

Exactly what effect the lockdowns will have on the availability of Apple products is currently unknown.

Although Pegatron’s factories have been closed, Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the iPhone SE’s delivery estimates have not been affected. While this may be true, it appears that Quanta’s plants, where MacBook Pros are manufactured, are closing, reducing the available supply of those computers.

Some analysts believe that Apple’s iPhone will be unaffected because the June quarter is a seasonal low point for shipments. This means that decreased supplies could still meet the overall decrease in demand.

China’s President, Xi Jinping, on the other hand, has championed a zero-tolerance policy for COVID, implementing strict lockdown measures even when only a few cases are detected. Besides the possibility of Foxconn’s factory being shut down, it’s not clear how long the lockdowns will last.

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