Free DLC With New Update In Predator: Hunting Grounds


Predator: Hunting Grounds has quite recently gotten its free June update, and keeping in mind that it’s not even close as cool as a month ago’s paid DLC, there’s still some entirely perfect stuff available to all, particularly in case you’re a major fanatic of Illfonic’s most recent hilter kilter chase them up.

In truth, it’s difficult to top the ongoing expansion of Arnie’s notorious Dutch from the principal film. That is to say, Dutch is a genuine OG legend, isn’t that so? All things considered, the studio’s most recent June update brags a clothing list different enhancements, just as a lot of additional customization choices, as well.

In particular, you’ll presently be able to win Dutch’s QR5, “Hammerhead” rifle and his blade. You’ll additionally now approach more colors, skins and shaders that can be found and opened in the field storage spaces. New customizations incorporate the Obsidian Shader for Predator Weapons, Obsidian Tint for Predator Masks, Crimson Tint for Predator Armours, Sage Tint for Predator Armours, Ivy Tint for Default Predator Skin Patterns, Hydra Tint for Raptor Predator Skin Patterns, Blue Viper Shader for Fireteam Weapons, Digital Tint for Fireteam Outfits, Full Suite of Hammerhead Weapon Shaders, and Special Shader’s for Dutch’s Knife.

Moreover, the game’s level top has been expanded from 100 to 150, and “pursue things” have been added to help urge players to arrive at those more elevated levels. For instance, Platinum Predator defensive layer and veil colors are compensated for arriving at level 100, trailed by Fireteam Knives and the Hammerhead attack rifle. The individuals who are sufficiently fortunate to arrive at level 150 will get access to the Elder Predator class, just as Golden Predator defensive layer and cover colors. At long last, IllFonic has likewise included an uncommon arrangement of Elite Fireteam weapon shaders that open once you arrive at weapon level 10 for each firearm. On the off chance that you need to peruse the full summary of June’s update, you can look at the full 1.08 fix notes here.

On an increasingly close to home note, I wasn’t excessively intrigued with Predator: Hunting Grounds when it propelled a month ago. In my survey, I granted the game over two stars out of five, and finished up:

“Like a shrouded Yautja jumping through the wilderness shelters above, you’ll need to look quite damn difficult to see the fun in Predator: Hunting Grounds.”

Ideally, however, Illfonic can make something happen with reliable and significant updates as they did with Friday The thirteenth: The Game. Fingers crossed, correct?

Be that as it may, what state you? It is safe to say that you are as yet playing Predator: Hunting Grounds? Also, would you say you are satisfied with this new update? Get to the choppa and let us know in the standard spot down beneath.


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