Google’s self-repair program for Pixel arrived with its launch, but Apple’s program is nowhere to be found


Pixel repair parts are now available from iFixit, a Google-sponsored service. Also, five months after the announcement, there have been no new developments regarding Apple’s repair program.

Genuine repair parts for Pixel devices will be made available through iFixit in the second half of 2022 as part of a Google-iFixit partnership. Everything from batteries to displays to cameras will be available.

IFixit said Friday that it has been working with Google for five years to improve the repairability of Pixel devices and that it hopes to “continue that relationship.”

Not only has Google announced a program to provide genuine parts and repair resources to customers, but other smartphone manufacturers have as well.

Consumers will soon be able to purchase first-party repair tools, parts, and manuals through Apple’s upcoming “Self Service Repair” program, which is expected to debut in November 2021.

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That was a surprise announcement, and it represented a concession on Apple’s part to the right to repair. Apple is well-known for its opposition to right-to-repair legislation, spending millions of dollars in state-level lobbying efforts to prevent such legislation.

In March 2022, Apple has yet to begin selling repair parts or release additional information about its self-service repair program. In other words, the project has been largely silent for the past five months.

We’ve been contacting them every month to inquire about it, and we’ve only received a “no comment” response.

This program was set to begin in “early 2022” when it was first announced by the company. Parts for the iPhone 12 and 13 would be readily available first.

Assumably, Apple’s position remains unchanged. But the company is running out of time to meet its “early 2022” deadline.

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