How To Add Bookmark On iPhone?


Bookmarks are temporary placeholders for web pages that allow you to quickly reach them without having to search or browse. If you click the bookmark, you won’t need to type in the URL in Google.

Adding bookmarks on iPhone and then accessing them is not a difficult thing. Here we are completely describing “how to add bookmark on iPhone?”. For a detailed guide read this out.

A Bookmark or electronic bookmark is the method by which the address of a web page is saved in an Internet browser. Most browsers allow you to bookmark pages by using the Ctrl+D key combination. Use the (star) icon (or another similar symbol) located above the address bar to bookmark a page. A bookmark is also known as a favorite in Internet Explorer.

What Is The Purpose Of Bookmarking?

Bookmarks make it easy to remember web pages that you want to check back on later. The shortcut you create for a web page is the bookmark you create. By bookmarking the webpage, you can access it at any time without having to search the Internet for it again.

A Simple Method Of Viewing Bookmarks Using Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to view and access your bookmarks in your browser.

  • Google Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+O or Command+Shift+B on a Mac.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl+B or Ctrl+Shift+B
  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl+I
  • Opera: Ctrl+Shift+B
  • Safari: Ctrl+Command+1

How To Add Chrome Bookmarks To iPhone Home Screen?

This can be done using the Shortcuts app pre-installed on all modern iOS and iPadOS devices from version 13 and up. If Shortcuts is not already installed on your device or you cannot find it, download it from the App Store.

1. You can find shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad by opening the “Shortcuts” app.

2. Click the “+” icon at the top-right corner of your screen to add shortcuts to “My Shortcuts” in the app.

3. Then select “Add Action” to begin creating your own shortcut.

4. Go to the “Actions” category by typing “Safari” in the search bar. From the drop-down menu, select “Open Links.”

5. You can now go to the next step by tapping the “URL” part of the Safari card.

6. In the Google Chrome address bar, enter “google chrome://” followed by the URL of the bookmark. It is necessary to type “googlechromes://” if you want to add a shortcut to open OSXDaily in Chrome. The triple-dot icon can be tapped to continue.

7. Select “Add to Home Screen” under the shortcut name.

8. Choosing the icon and name of the home screen is the last step in the process. You can save your changes by clicking “Add” after you have finished.

9. A shortcut for the new feature will appear on your home screen. You will be able to open the website in Google Chrome once you tap on it.

That’s it. Using Shortcuts, you have successfully added Chrome bookmarks to your iOS or iPad’s home screen. The process is smoother with Safari, but you can still add a bookmark to your home screen.

The Shortcuts app will be launched for a split second after tapping this icon before your configured website is displayed. You can also use this method to open multiple URLs at once from the home screen and launch your Chrome bookmarks quickly.

How To Add Safari Bookmarks To iPhone Home Screen?

If you wish to return to a web page later, you can save it in Safari.

The saved pages can be found by tapping the Bookmark button at the bottom of the Safari screen once they’ve been bookmarked. 

1. Open Safari and you will see the bookmark in the bookmarks list for any web page you bookmark.

2. Slide your finger over the Share button (the square with an arrow).

3. Press the “Add Bookmark” button.”

4. By tapping either of those fields and typing as needed, you can change the bookmark’s name or even adjust the URL if need be.

5. Choose “Save” to store the bookmark in the Bookmarks folder by default. In addition, you can choose “Favorites” and then choose a folder (or create a new one) and then select “Save.”

6. When you save a bookmark to Safari’s default folder, it will appear in the list of favorites whenever a new tab is opened, allowing you to quickly access frequently accessed web pages.

What Is The Difference Between Favorites And Bookmarks?

Adding bookmarks and favorites is possible when you tap on the Share button. Due to the fact that bookmarks are saved by default in the Favorites folder, this can cause some confusion. 

As a matter of fact, favorites are simply special bookmarks. Bookmarks saved to the Favorites folder (either by utilizing the Add Bookmarks button or by selecting “Add to Favorites” from the Share menu) can be used just like favorites.  You must navigate beyond the default Favorites folder if you store a bookmark in a different location. 

In summary, clicking on the “Add to Favorites” button accomplishes the same thing as clicking on the default folder for “Add bookmark.”

How To Access Bookmarks (Safari) In iPhone?

1. Launch Safari.

2. Choose Favorites at the bottom.

3. Favorites can be selected.

4. If you wish to jump directly to a page, select the Bookmark you wish to visit.

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