How To Add Music To iMovie On iPhone?


This video editing program is available as an app for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices, and at times known as iMovie HD.

The first consumer Mac model to use FireWire, the iMac DV, came bundled with the application in 1999 as part of Mac OS 8. iMovie is the only application included in the iLife software suite for Mac. Since early 2017, iMovie has been free for all users that own a Mac or an iOS device. Previously, it was included with the purchase of a new Mac or iOS device.

Video editor iMovie was developed by Apple for the consumer market. For the professional market, Apple has Final Cut Pro.

It is not difficult to add music to iMovie on iPhone. Here we are discussing in detail” How to add music to iMovie on iPhone?” The complete process can be found by reading this entire article.

What are the Features of iMovie?

A video effect

It is possible to manipulate and enhance the color settings in iMovie, crop a video, and reduce background noise in a project using iTunes. When editing sound, it is also possible to boost the levels of quiet clips.

Importing and exporting Apple data using other software

Apple developed a feature that allows iMovie users to export their projects from iMovie to macOS because iMovie is available on both Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems. A complex project can also be sent to Final Cut Pro X if it cannot be edited in iMovie.


Movie trailers can be created using the included templates in iMovie. Clips from iMovie can be dropped directly into the trailers feature, which consists of a timeline containing panes with labels that indicate what type of clip should be placed where in which pane. In addition to the outline, the template includes a section detailing how the trailer will be credited and titled.

Previews of applications

A preview video can be made using iMovie and placed in Apple’s App Store. Developers can display app previews to users by using video instead of images.

The iPhone’s iMovie app includes a music background, but how do you add it?

1. As soon as you click the “+” button in the top left corner of the iMovie app, you will be taken to the project creation screen.

2. Select the movie file from the media you wish to add the music to and insert it into the project. Video clips can be rotated, stabilized, and include video transitions (like fading), as well as had their speed adjusted. Video effects, such as cutaway, blue screen, green screen, and split-screen, can be applied to more than one clip at a time.

3. Once the movie has been added to the project, hit the Create Movie icon at the bottom of the screen.

4. To add the perfect ambiance and quality to your video using iMovie’s themes. Go to screen 2 and select “Theme music” after clicking the gear icon at the bottom. Choosing a theme can be done from this point.

5. For those who want to add their own audio to the video instead of choosing from the collection, click on the “+” above the video. Choose “My Music” under “Audio” on the next screen.

6. You can add a song from your phone by selecting an Artist or Music Album from your Playlist, Artist or Album, or by selecting an individual song and clicking the “+” button. There can only be one song at a time added to your account at a time. All that needs to be done is to add one sound and adjust it if necessary.

The song was successfully incorporated into the video. Exporting the video to your gallery or saving it to the phone is done through the “Export” option using the arrow that points up when you are in the video.

The Two Steps to Adding Background Music To iMovie on iPhone?

The most powerful feature of iMovie is its ability to cut clips, overlay titles, add transitions, and so on, which gives Apple users and those interested in video making the greatest opportunities.

Nonetheless, anyone who has used it will have noticed that there are only seven songs in its music library, which is quite disappointing.

What’s the latest good news I should share with you? There has been an update to iMovie, which will allow you to add more music; here’s how;

1. Install The Required Music For iMovie

The copyright laws of the major social media platforms allow you to share videos. These laws need to be considered when adding a song to a video.

A well-known example is YouTube’s extremely strict copyright policy, which is always enforced when it’s violated, especially when music is concerned. Conversely, certain songs are copyright-cleared, which means they can be used without restriction.

Various websites, including YouTube, offer downloads of these songs. No matter where you get the songs from, just make sure you open them in iTunes as soon as they are on your computer. As an alternative to iTunes, iCloud Drive is also an option.

2. Adding Music To iMovie

As soon as you have downloaded your music, you need to upload it to iMovie. Apple iOS and Mac OS X are both compatible with uploading iMovie projects.

You can add music to iMovie on the Mac by following this guide

The audio feature in iMovie appears at the top of your screen if you’re using a Mac. Additionally, iTunes should be selected.

Afterward, the iTunes library should display all the songs you just added, as well as those you just downloaded. It is also possible to drop audio files into the platform’s media folder.

Adding music to iMovie on an iOS device

You begin by opening iMovie, then selecting the ‘+’ button, then clicking on ‘Audio’ and then ‘Songs,’ where you will add the songs you intend to use.

If the music is located in your iCloud Drive, not iTunes, then select ‘iCloud Drive’ to navigate the music file. If you have synced your iTunes library, you need to ensure it is synchronized with your iCloud Drive.

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