How To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft 2019?

How To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft

As Minecraft uses more memory (RAM), memory errors may be resolved if the amount of RAM is increased. The launcher version number can be found at the lower-left corner of the launcher window. Your version number can be found in the lower-left corner of the launcher window if you’re running your own version of Minecraft. Increasing Minecraft’s RAM on a server requires creating a file that launches the game with more RAM. Never allow Minecraft to take up more than half to two-thirds of the RAM in your computer. In this article, we show you how To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft 2019.

Is Minecraft a video game?

The Swedish developer of video games Mojang Studios has developed a sandbox video game known as Minecraft. Developed in Java by Markus “Notch” Persson, the game is the creation of Markus “Notch” Persson. Several early private testing versions followed before it was made public in May 2009 before being fully released in November 2011, after so many early private testing versions. Jens Bergensten took over the development in November 2011. With 238 million copies sold and nearly 140 million monthly active users, Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time.

Why Does Minecraft Need So Much RAM?

Your application definitely determines this. In vanilla gameplay, the memory needs are around 2GB with no mods (or only minimal mods).

It is recommended to have a minimum of 4GB of RAM for moderately to heavily modified games.

Check out this updated guide: “What are Minecraft Mods?” if you’re still unsure what Minecraft mods are.

Moderate- to heavily-modified gameplay on newer versions of Minecraft – particularly packs with 1.13+ – is significantly more demanding, requiring upwards of 6GB of RAM.

Your device will run Minecraft smoothly several times over, regardless of how much RAM it has. A lack of allocated RAM will keep the lag from abating if it is not sufficient for Minecraft. 

The amount of RAM Minecraft uses can be controlled. You can select a number of methods for controlling it.

Getting Your RAM Checked

The amount of RAM you need to work with must be determined before you allocate RAM. Your device cannot be told to dedicate 6GB of RAM to Minecraft if you just have 4GB.

You can easily check your RAM by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your device’s Settings – usually located under the Start Menu, with a gear icon to indicate this.
  2. Navigate to Device Specifications by clicking About (or typing “about” in the Search Bar).
  3. You should see a number next to Installed RAM that tells you how much spare memory you have. Here’s an example showing that there are a total of 4GB of RAM available on the device, with about 3.88GB of it being used.

How to allocate more ram to Minecraft 2019?

There are 3 methods to allocate more ram to Minecraft. There is good news, though: adding more RAM to Minecraft is relatively easy. There is also good news: You can do it in more than one way.

Method 1: Use the default launcher to allocate ram

The amount of RAM allocated to Minecraft hasn’t changed over the years, even though its default launcher has.

  • You can now choose between Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft.
  • On the top of the page, click Installations. Below are the releases, but if you have not specified an older version, you may only see the latest release.
  • Click Edit when the 3 white dots appear on the right side.
  • Following the name of your installation, you will see the version, along with some other settings. You will find JVM Arguments under More Options. I just want you to pay attention to the first bit -Xmx2G
  • Minecraft uses a certain amount of RAM, as indicated at the end. Replace “2” with the amount of RAM you’d like Minecraft to use.
  • The amount of RAM it utilizes depends on what else is open and running in the background. You can let it use the entire amount of RAM you have available.
  • You can now launch the game after saving the changes. A difference will be instantly noticeable.

Method 2: Allocation of RAM from the ATLauncher

For Minecraft players who download a lot of mods, ATLauncher must be very familiar to you. ATLauncher is not the default launcher for Minecraft, but it removes the Java code for Minecraft, making it easier for players to distribute RAM to their games.

  • Right-click Settings in the ATLauncher.
  • Click the Java/Minecraft tab in the top navigation bar. You should get a drop-down menu about how much memory you have. Make sure Maximum Memory/RAM is selected.
  • You can adjust the memory allocation by dragging the arrows. Also, you can type in how much to allocate.
  • Save your work and then close the launcher once you’re done.

Method 3: Use the Twitch/Curse Launcher to allocate RAM

You can also play Minecraft mods through the Twitch launcher. This launcher has similar settings to ATLauncher, but the first set of changes is a bit different.

  • On the top-right corner, click the 3 lines, then click Files then Settings.
  • Go to Minecraft and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. The Java Settings section will appear. Click Allocated Memory.
  • Sky Factory 4 has 3,228 MB of RAM by default. To allocate more or less RAM to your game, move the slider left or right. RAM is increased or decreased in 0.25 GB increments with the slider.
  • Once you’ve moved the slider, you’re done. Return to Mods, select Minecraft, and start your better-performing title. That’s it.

Final thoughts

Minecraft is a highly detailed and extensive game despite its visually appealing appearance. If it wasn’t for its popularity, it might not have lasted this long? Open-world gameplay, endless modding possibilities, and different game modes are what keep players coming back.

I hope now you understand how To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft 2019. I would like to recommend this guide to your friends and family members, so please share it with them, and also let me know in the comments section below if there is anything wrong with this guide. 

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