How To Block A Website On Iphone?


There are certain things you should consider before giving your children an iPhone or iPad. As an example, your kids can access inappropriate websites using their iOS devices without your knowledge. To prevent this, you should block those websites before your kids access them. Many iPhone users can block certain websites thanks to the iPhone’s built-in blocking feature. Alternatively, you can use a third-party program.

How to block sites on the iPhone in 5 different ways is explained in this guide. It applies to iOS 14 and iOS 8 and explains how to block websites on iPhones. There is information about adding and removing websites on an approved list, a method that is suitable for young children. Here is the complete information about “How To Block A Website On iPhone? Check it below!

How To Block A Website On iPhone?

There are five ways to block websites on iPhone and iPad

With 5 different ways to block websites on iPhone and iPad, we have made things easier for you.

  • The FamiSafe iOS parental control app
  •  Enabling restrictions on iPhones and iPads
  •  Streamlining
  •  Website blockers
  • Setting up the router/network to block websites

Solution 1: The FamiSafe iOS parental control app

With FamilySafe, you can keep an eye on your child’s smartphone activity through an advanced parental control system. You can also set restrictions for your child’s smartphone. On Android devices, you can even schedule restrictions and you can block any app remotely if the target device is an android device. This can be accomplished by accessing the device beforehand, however. FamiSafe can monitor the device usage without even accessing it, so if you are using it on iOS, you can monitor it without even having to touch it. The device can also be used without having to go through any unnecessary processes such as jailbreaking. Following these steps, you can use the device without any problem:

1. Start by downloading FamiSafe from the App Store or Google Play and then installing it on both your cell phones and the phones of your children.

2. Open the FamiSafe App and create a FamiSafe account. This can either be done on your phone or the phone of your kid. There is one account that can be used for both phones.

3. Ensure that both your child’s and your parent’s phones are set up correctly.

4. Famisafe allows parents to monitor kids’ phones from their own phones. Among its many features, FamiSafe offers location tracking, app blocking, web filtering, screen time control, and more. You can begin controlling your family today!

5. FamiSafe’s dashboard can now be accessed remotely from any computer or smartphone. By accessing the control panel, you can access all of the features of the product. Among the features included in the app is the ability to view a detailed review of the device’s browsing history as well. This app is also useful for blocking them from visiting websites that you would like.

Solution 2. Enabling restrictions on iPhones and iPads

You can use the iPhone or iPad’s native feature to block certain websites if you do not want to use a third-party app. Follow these steps to add restrictions to the iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions after unlocking the iOS device.

2. To protect this content, tap on “Enable Restrictions” and set up a PIN that has a four-digit number.

3. You can find different options under the Restrictions section of the website. On iPhone or iPad, you can block websites by clicking on the “Websites” tab.

4. There, you will be able to limit any content you want (e.g. Limit Adult) in order to automatically block certain websites (adult) from appearing on your iOS device.

5. Additionally, you can manually add websites that you wish to block to the list. By adding the URL to the block list under the “Never Allow” section, you will be able to block that specific website.

So that you can block certain sites from an iOS device and use the automatic blocking feature at the same time, you can do that this way.

Solution 3. Refrain

The refrain is a simple, free, and easy-to-use solution that you can use on your iPhone to block websites that you do not want to visit. It is an iOS app developed by a third party that can be used to block websites from being viewed on your phone using the provided URLs. This app is not without its drawbacks, however. In spite of the fact that you have blocked certain websites on an iOS device using Refrain, your children can simply uninstall the app and circumvent the restrictions. Having said that, if you are able to keep an eye on them, then you should use this app to block sites on your iPhone for sure.

1. Install Refrain from the App Store after unlocking the device. It is compatible with all devices running iOS 10.0 or later.
2. Launch the app after it has been installed. Select the “Distracting Site List” option.
3. Select the websites that you want to block and add them here. Save your changes if you want to block websites on the iPhone.
4. You can set a blocking schedule by clicking the “Extras” option. Access to the extra features will cost $0.99.

Solution 4. Website blockers

There is no doubt that this third-party iOS app lives up to its name. With this simple-to-use the app, you can include the websites that you wish to block, simply by adding them to the list. As soon as you block certain websites on the app, the user will not be able to access them in Safari. However, just like Refrain, you can uninstall the tap and your kids will be able to change the restrictions. Even so, with Site Blocker, you can easily block websites on your iPhone in no time at all.

1. The first thing that you should do is to go to the App Store and download a free app called Site Blocker. As a free application, it is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 10.3 and later versions.

2. Now, all you need to do is provide the website URLs you wish to block and they’ll be added to your list of blocked websites.

3. Moreover, you can further access its advanced features by going to its settings menu. If you want to block a particular website, you may set up a schedule or a timer in advance.

Solution 5. Blocking websites through the router/network settings

You may also be able to block certain websites by changing the network or router settings of your computer if nothing else seems to work. However, this restriction can only be enforced when the device is connected to a Wifi network. Mobile users will still be able to access the blocked websites with the help of mobile data. On top of that, all the devices connected to the network will be blocked from accessing the websites.

Nevertheless, this solution is a free one for blocking websites on iPhones. Every router, no matter if it is from Netgear, Cisco, D-Link, or TP-Link, has the ability to block certain websites in a seamless manner. The router setting can be accessed by logging in with your login credentials. At a later time, you will be able to enter the URLs (and keywords) of the websites that you wish to block.

How to Block Websites in iOS 14 Through iOS 12?

There are built-in controls on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that allow parents to control which websites kids can visit. A passcode protects the settings, so children cannot change them. Adults can block websites through this feature.

1. Tap Settings from the iPhone Home screen.
2. Press the Screen Time button.
3. Select privacy and content restrictions.

4. When prompted, enter the passcode. It can be any combination of four digits.
Note: Your children cannot change the restrictions you set because of this passcode.

5. Click the toggle switch next to Content & Privacy Restrictions. If your system requires authentication, enter your passcode.
6. Select the Content Restrictions option.
7. Click on Web Content.
8. Limit access to adult websites.

9. Save the Screen Time settings by exiting the Settings app.

What is the best way to block websites in iOS 8 through iOS 11?

It can be found in the Restrictions settings in iOS 8 through iOS 11.

1. On your iOS device, open the Settings app.
2. Press the General button.
3. Limitations on the use of taps.
4. Password-protect the settings by entering a four-digit code. It should be something your children won’t be able to figure out.

5. Select the Enable Restrictions option. Type the passcode again to confirm it.
6. Select Websites from the Allowed Content section of the Restrictions screen.
7. Remove adult content from the tap.

8. Close the Settings application. By choosing to block adult sites, you automatically save your choice, and that choice is protected with a passcode.

This is a helpful way to block adult content, however, it is also very broad. As a result, you may find that some sites that aren’t adult may be blocked, while others aren’t. As Apple cannot rate every website on the internet, it relies on third-party rating services, which are not perfect. Set up a list that contains only the websites that are permitted for your kids to visit if you find that they are able to access sites you do not want them to access.

How you can Restrict Web Browsing to Approved Sites Only? 

You can use the Screen Time (or Restrictions) feature to create a set of websites your kids are only allowed to access instead of filtering the entire internet. You have a greater degree of control and it is suitable for young children.

By following the instructions in either section above, you can access this feature on the same screen as Limit Adult Content.

Websites should be removed from the approved list

There are a number of websites preconfigured with the iPhone that are appropriate for children, including Apple, Disney, PBS Kids, National Geographic – Kids, and others.

Sites can be removed or added by following the instructions below:

  • In iOS 12 (or iOS 8 through iOS 11), tap Allowed Websites Only in the restricted websites screen.
  • You can remove a website from the approved list by swiping left and tapping Delete.

  • Repeat for each site you want to delete.

Add Websites to the Approved List

The steps for adding new sites are as follows:

  • You can add a website by scrolling to the bottom of the approved websites list and tapping Add Website.
  • The title of the website should be entered in the Title text box.
  • Enter the website address in the URL box.

  • Go back to the previous screen by tapping Web Content (or Websites). You can do this for as many sites as you wish.
  • The settings will now be exited. Your added sites will be saved automatically. 

Whenever your children visit a website, not on the approved list, they are notified that the site has been blocked. You can add it to the approved list by clicking the Allow Website link, but they no longer have access to it without the password.


If you follow these solutions, you will certainly be able to block websites on iPhone without any hassle. Using parental controls on your child’s iPhone or iPad isn’t limited to blocking adult websites. Through the Screen Time and Restrictions settings, you can also block music with explicit lyrics, block in-app purchases, and more.

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