How To Block Snapchat On iPhone?


The Snap app was developed by Snap Inc., formerly Snapchat Inc. A service and app that allows you to communicate instantaneously. Messages and pictures on Snapchat are typically only accessible for a limited amount of time before they are permanently deleted. Users’ 24-hour stories and “Discover,” a free section where brands can share short-form content, are now available in the app, which used to specialize in individual photo sharing. 

As well as keeping photos in a password-protected space, users can also keep them in the “my eyes only” section. There are also rumors that the system has limited end-to-end encryption capabilities, with plans to expand them in the future. Snap Inc. was founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, who were students at Stanford University.

With its emphasis on virtual stickers and augmented reality objects, it has developed a reputation as a mobile-first social media platform. According to Snapchat, its daily active user count in July 2021 reached 293 million, an increase of 23% over the year before. Snapchat is prevalent among young people, particularly those under the age of 16. This creates many privacy concerns for parents. The app is popular among the younger generations, particularly those under the age of 16.

However, if you wish to “ how to block Snapchat on iPhone?“, then you have a number of options available to you. Read on to find out what they are and how to do this without any difficulty.

4 Best Methods For How To Block Snapchat On iPhone?

Snapchat is a popular app among teenagers because they enjoy playing and collaborating. The use of multi-media messaging apps is not harmful unless we abuse them excessively. Due to the increased exposure of these platforms among children, parents should enforce device usage guidelines before their mental health suffers.

With any parental control app, it’s easy to block any app on the iPhone or iPad or to disable anything on the device.

You can manage your children’s devices with any parental control application, so you’ll know what they’re browsing, installing, and deleting. Apple does not offer parental controls on its iOS devices.

The screen time or the downtime feature will allow you to block any application on your iPhone. Download Familysafe or life360 to gain greater control over individual devices for a more appropriate solution.

Method # 1: To Block Snapchat On iPhone With Setting

  1. Access your iPhone settings.
  2. Click on the Screen Time option.

3. Check the limits of an application.

  1. Click on the Add App button.
  2. Select an application (that you wish to use for a certain period of time)

Method # 2: Block Snapchat On iPhone Using Downtime. 

Users of iOS can schedule downtime away from the screen by using the Downtime feature. As a result, you’ll only be exposed to the apps you’re interested in and eliminate any unwanted ones. In addition, you can choose which calls you to want to receive. This method works perfectly for disabling Snapchat or other mobile applications. 

  1. Click on Screen Time again.
  2. Click the ‘Downtime‘ button on the right. 
  3. Select the Downtime option.
  4. Set the downtime effect time and days to suit your needs. 

Allowed Apps lets you choose the apps you want to have available to you all the time. Select an app by tapping on the ‘+’ sign to make it available during downtime.

Method # 3: Block Snapchat On iPhone Using Parental Control App.

Any parental control application could also be used to put a halt on Snapchat. Parents can control their kids’ phones with such apps. You can disable any app with Famisafe. 

  1. Famisafe should be installed.
  2. Make a new account.
  3. Screen Time can be found there.
  4. The application should be blocked.

What Is The Reason For Blocking Apps On An iPhone?

Taking a moment to examine the why will help us understand the how. I will begin by discussing parenting. One of the biggest concerns that parents have is making sure their kids are not exposed to material that is too explicit for them. 

Furthermore, many parents do not feel comfortable letting their children use social media platforms that allow strangers to send them messages. Lastly, kids and teens are becoming increasingly sedentary due to an increase in screen time. 

To combat this, many parents put a time limit on screen time for their children as a way to encourage them to be more active.

However, blocking apps on an iPhone isn’t just for protecting kids. In many cases, adults find themselves distracted by games, websites, and social networking applications to the point that they become less productive. 

It’s also unlikely that iPhone restrictions will help, as we’ve already mentioned. 

Method # 4: Block Snapchat And Others Apps On Your iPhone With Freedom

Using Freedom on your iPhone, let’s look at how to block apps. While Apple restricts you from using certain apps, Freedom allows you to truly block yourself so you can concentrate even on days when you’re having difficulties with self-discipline. 

 1. Download Freedom From The App Store

To begin, you need to download the Freedom App from the App Store. After you have downloaded the app, you will be prompted to create an account by Logging in using an email address and password. This is necessary each time you wish to access the service. 

Unlike similar app blockers, Freedom allows you to install it on any of your computers (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome) and to use that Freedom session on any of those computers. This lets you avoid distractions no matter where they appear. 

2. Install The Content And App Blockers

The Freedom app needs to contain the app blocker and content blocker in order to block apps and websites. Technical details aside, app blockers work by blocking access to apps when you try to open them through a VPN. 

 3. Creating And Naming a Block List

Freedom can be used to generate a variety of blocklists that can be customized to fit a variety of needs. 

While you want to block certain apps and websites while working, the types of apps and websites you want to block when studying for an exam, exercising at the gym, or winding down before bed can be very different. 

You can also create blocklists to block specific apps and websites that you know distract you. Listed under social media, for instance, you may block Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Steam, Reddit, etc. 

Below are some examples of names used for Block Lists:

  • Working
  • Exercise
  • Use of social media
  • Apps for news
  • Time to focus
  • List of study blocks
  • Blocks of time for driving

4. Add The Blocked Apps To The List

It is necessary to block both apps and websites for blocklists to blocklists are very simple to create and involve selecting a particular list by selecting By tapping on the list, you can go Freedom allows users to add apps and websites to their list in three different ways:s to the list, including:

Adding items to a blocklist is easy and quick with the category filter option:

which includes Social Media, Politics, and Sports options. When a category is chosen, the most pop selecting a category, the most popular apps and websites hosen, Freedom will add sites like CNN, FIn the case of News, for instance, Freedom will add sites like CNN, Fox News, ABC, BBC, and so on.

Premade List Of Distraction-Inducing Apps And Websites:

Among the most common distractions are apps and websites that are commonly blocked. This list includes Gmail, Netflix, and Instagram, among others.  It’s possible to block all items in a list or only one item at a time.

Freedom hasn’t had a chance to add all the applications available:

due to the sheer number of apps available. Although, if you can provide the URL for the unlisted app, the program will still block it.

5. Saving The Block List 

A block list is created by creating one or two lists and adding apps to them, followed by saving it so it can be used in the future. Whenever you open the Freedom app on your smartphone, you can access it as soon as it’s saved.

6. Set Up a Freedom Session

Click the “Start Session” icon at the bottom of the screen to select one of your blocklists and start the session. As soon as a list is selected, you’ll be prompted to choose a session end time before the start button appears. 

You can include as many blocklists as you like in one session without Freedom imposing any limitations, meaning you have a lot of control.

If you would like to schedule a session for a later date, you can do so by selecting the “schedule a session” option. Another option offered by Freedom is to schedule recurring sessions at a specific time.

The blocking feature can be turned off, so those who lack the willpower to resist temptation may end the session. If you find yourself in this position, there are several options available to you, and one of them is “Locked Mode”, which prevents the session from ending.

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