How To Boost Volume Windows 10?


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How To Boost Volume Windows 10?

Using our computers for work is no longer the only use for them. It is also a source of entertainment, whether it is playing music or watching movies. To guarantee a quality entertainment experience, companies invest in better graphics and better screens. However, your computer or laptop may not have good speakers at times.

There is a possibility that your computer or laptop does not have good speakers. You likely looked for external speakers to enhance the experience. The good news is that there are many ways to improve sound quality without using external devices. I will show you how I increased the maximum volume of my computer in Windows 10 beyond 100%.

What Are 9 Most Latest Ways To Boost Volume For Window 10?

You can boost your volume on Windows 10 using the following advanced and best techniques:

The volume levels on computers run by Windows 10 are usually good enough for you to play your favorite music on your computer. There are times, however, when the volume levels don’t feel right.

When you play your music files and they don’t sound as good as you wanted, you feel this. It is possible to fix this by increasing the volume on your Windows 10 computer.

If you want to increase the default volume on Windows 10, you have a few options to choose from. It is possible to manage and increase the volume levels on your computer using built-in options, as well as using an app that boosts the volume. If you choose to increase the volume levels on your Windows computer, it will still be louder. Below are some methods to achieve this.

Method # 1: Increase the volume of your computer

It is possible to try and accomplish this in a variety of ways, and I will show you a few ways, so you can see what works for you.

Adjust Volume for Programs:

On Windows 10, you can adjust the volume of the programs running on your PC. For instance, you can simultaneously have Chrome and Edge open by choosing the option to keep one at full volume and the other muted. There is a possibility that your volume settings aren’t working right for your app. Try the following to make your volume settings work properly:

  1.  You can change the volume by right-clicking on the volume icon in the Windows Taskbar.
  2.  Select the Open Volume Mixer option.
  3. You may adjust the audio levels for the different apps as you see fit.

Method # 2. Increase the Volume from Within the App

In a media player, everything you play, from a video file to a music file, plays. There are usually different volume levels for different media players. By doing so, it gives you a customized viewing and listening experience.

In fact, you can adjust these settings so that your computer’s volume is higher. It is impossible to follow the steps for one app on another, etc. since each app has its own interface. It shouldn’t be difficult to find the volume level option in most apps.

VLC Media Player is among the apps that let you adjust the volume levels. The sound level option lets you increase your music levels by 200% if you’ve used it before.

This article shows how you can increase the volume of VLC Media Player on your computer:

Step 1. Download VLC Media Player and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. At the top right of the screen, click on the Media option and choose Open File. The app will allow you to open your music file.

Step 3. Once the file opens and starts playing, move the slider in the lower-right corner of the screen to adjust the volume. You have to drag it all the way to the right to make the volume the highest it can be.

The volume of your music file will be significantly improved. You should now be able to hear the music more clearly. By dragging the slider to the left, you can bring the music levels back to the default. This will lower the volume of the song currently playing.

Method # 3. Enable Audio Enhancements to Boost Volume on Windows 10

Your computer’s audio levels can be increased in Windows 10. From the Settings app, you can enable the option and it will allow you to notice a difference in your computer’s sound levels.

It is going to be a universal change to your audio levels, which means no matter what app you use to listen to your media files, you will have increased volume levels.

Step 1. Start your computer’s Settings app first. You can find it by asking Cortana.

Step 2. Click the System option as soon as the app opens. From there you can manage the sound settings for your system device.

Step 3. You should see a screen looking something like the following. Click on Sound in the left sidebar. Next, locate your speaker on the right-hand side pane and click on the Device properties link.

Step 4. There should be an option that says Additional device properties on the following screen. It can be opened by clicking on it.

Step 5. You will see your default speaker settings. You will need to enable the audio enhancement option here. In order to do so, click the Advanced tab at the top, then look for the option that says Enable audio enhancements, and click it. Save your changes by clicking OK when you are done.

Method # 4. Increase Volume on Windows 10 by Updating Audio Drivers

In order to ensure you have the smoothest and loudest audio on your computer, sound card manufacturers constantly work to improve their drivers. If you have Windows 10 installed on your computer, you may have to update the audio drivers to increase the volume. You just need to get the drivers updated on your machine in that case.

The audio drivers on a Windows PC can be updated easily. To do so, open Device Manager and follow its instructions.

Step 1. You can find Device Manager by using Cortana’s search box and opening it once you find it.

Step 2. All of the devices that are connected to your computer will appear. By clicking the Audio inputs and outputs option, you can find the speaker in the list.

Step 3. The name of your speaker should now appear in the list. You can update the driver by clicking on it and choosing the Update driver option.

Step 4. Your computer will then need to determine whether it should request updated drivers from the Internet or if an update file already exists. When you select the first option on the screen, the latest drivers will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Method # 5. Use a Third-Party App to Boost Windows 10 Volume

  • You should be able to increase the volume on your Windows 10 computer using the above built-in methods. It may be necessary to turn to a third-party app if you don’t see any results after trying all the methods.
  • Numerous computer apps are available that can boost and enhance audio. Listen to your favorite music tracks at their loudest volume levels possible using any of these apps.

Method # 6. Install Sound Booster to Windows 10

  • A third-party application is the easiest and quickest way to increase your volume past the 100% limit. Sound Booster is a trusted software that can increase your system volume beyond what you had originally anticipated. Microsoft’s default volume can be increased by 500% using Letasoft’s application.
  • You can download Sound Booster by clicking on the Download Now button on Letasoft’s website. Installing Sound Booster gives you 14 days of free use of the trial version.
  • Your taskbar will show the control icon as soon as the application is launched. On the image above, click on the arrow to reveal hidden items, then right-click on the icon to reveal them.
  • The Control slider can be accessed by clicking Show on the Sound Booster context menu. This slider allows you to change the volume-boosting. To improve your experience, you can also choose different boosting modes from the Settings menu.

Method # 7. Install Boom 3D Sound Enhancer

  • For Windows 10 users who desire a volume higher than 100%, Boom 3D is another application we highly recommend. There are a number of presets that can be applied to the equalizer to boost your volume. Alternatively, you can create your own custom presets to tailor your sound experience exactly to your liking.
  •  Start Boom 3D by clicking on its desktop shortcut or from your Start menu after you have installed it. A video introduction to the software will appear after you complete the quick setup screen. From that point, your 14-day free trial will begin.
  • Select one of the premade volume presets or create your own to increase volume. You can also use the volume slider to ensure the highest volume possible is set for your system. 

Method # 8. Use Loudness Equalizer Alternative for Windows 10

  • Users had to install a third-party app in order to boost Volume beyond 100% on Windows 10’s built-in equalizer. Microsoft removed this feature from 2019’s KB4497934 update, and we have not heard anything about it since.
  •  There is a great alternative to the Loudness Equalizer: Equalizer APO. This software has little latency and consumes very little CPU power. As soon as your installation is complete, you’ll need to configure it.
  • Then, reboot your computer and select the devices you wish to install Equalizer APO for. Change your volume by going to Configuration Editor and boosting it beyond Windows 10’s 100%.
  •  The user can further customize their listening experience with many enhancement options. In the event that you only need a volume boost, however, you need to remove the other features by pressing the red minus button.
  • Just crank up the gain to increase your volume. The maximum is up to +20dB, but it may cause audio distortion, which could compromise the quality. For this to not happen, increase the gain value gradually until you are satisfied with the volume. 

Method # 9. Google Chrome Volume Can Be Increased

  • Users have expressed concerns about the volume of Google Chrome on sites like YouTube being too low. There is no need to install any applications on Windows 10 in order to solve this problem.
  • Alexander Cheng, a developer under the name Alexander Cheng, has developed a tool to boost your volume when browsing with Google Chrome. Google Web Store offers Volume Booster, which you can download.
  • You can turn on volume boosting by clicking on the Chrome button, then opening the extensions tab. Whenever you click on the volume boosted tab, you’ll see a blue rectangle. It indicates that the extension is working.
  • You can adjust the volume of a tab by dragging the slider. If you want your volume to return to its default, click the Turn Off button.

With Sound Booster You Can Make Any Program As Loud As You Want

Your PC’s sound card is no longer limited by its maximum volume amplification capabilities. Even if the volume in your system is set at maximum, you can raise the volume to the desired level. Before the audio reaches the sound card, Sound Booster boosts any audio being played within the system.

No Need To Buy External Speakers For Your Laptop

Have you considered purchasing speakers for your PC? Perhaps you should rethink that decision now. You can use Sound Booster to improve the situation if the volume of your laptop is generally good, but you’re experiencing problems with a particular program or media content that is recorded too low.

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