How To Calibrate iPhone Screen?


You might have noticed that the iPhone screen no longer responds. My iPhone screen sometimes becomes unresponsive after I use it for a long time if I proceed left or right. Then here you will find all solutions to explain, how to calibrate iPhone screen? if you want to resolve this issue.

Playing the games on the iPhone or sending instant messages, as well as doing some web searching, causes the screen to hang or become slow. In Apple’s case, the screen calibration cannot be adjusted, but our display brightness can be adjusted and the motion sensors can also be adjusted. 

Your iPhone touch screen can sometimes behave in an unusual manner, at that time you might see an area of the screen that doesn’t respond to your touch. The iPhone touch screen sensitivity is not adjustable, but the motion sensors and screen brightness can be adjusted. An Apple guide for calibrating motion sensors has been published.

How To Calibrate iPhone Screen?

Method 1: Calibrate The iPhone Motion Sensors?

By placing the iPhone in close proximity to a magnet or by changing the environment, the motion sensors may be affected. A notification appears when this happens, and you are prompted to re-calibrate all motion sensors, including the gyro, magnetometer, and accelerometer, using the Compass app.

Step 1. Choose your iPhone.

Step 2. Open the Compass app on your iPhone.

Step 3. Calibrating the iPhone motion sensors requires opening the Compass app.

Step 4. Occasionally, recalibration is required due to electromagnetic interference that affects motion sensors.

Roll the red ball around the circle using the iPhone’s touchscreen. You’ll be prompted to tilt the phone screen.

Step 5.  When you tilt the iPhone, a compass will appear on its screen.

Step 6.  Once the sensors have been calibrated, they are tested.

Method 2: Using the Auto-Brightness Sensor to calibrate

1. Make your way to a room with dim lighting. A room with little light is required to calibrate the Auto-Brightness sensor. The lights should be turned off and/or the room should be dark.

2. Select Settings from the menu. The app is a gray one with gears and typically resides on your home screen.

3. Select Display & Brightness from the drop-down menu. Select “General” from the drop-down menu.

4. Turn “Auto-Brightness” off. In the “BRIGHTNESS” menu, the first section will turn white.

5. Slide the “BRIGHTNESS” slider to the left. The screen will be reduced to the minimum brightness level if you drag the slider as far to the left as possible.

6. Slide “Auto-Brightness” to “On.”. The light will turn green. Brighter colors will appear on the screen. When you select BRIGHTNESS, the bar will move automatically to the right side of the screen, allowing the Auto-Brightness sensor to operate at maximum efficiency.

How to Adjust iPhone Screen Sensitivity?

Despite what was mentioned above, iPhones do not have a feature to calibrate their screens. However, there are several methods you can use if you are having trouble with your phone’s screen.

1. Grease can easily accumulate on glass, affecting the screen’s performance.

2. With a soft cloth, clean both the screen and the phone.

3. You should take it to the Apple store so that a technician can look into the problem.

You can also perform a hard reset by pressing the Home and Sleep buttons together for 10 seconds and selecting “Reset All Settings”. This method is not very popular because it will delete all the data from your phone. Have fun and let us know what method works best for you!

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