How To Call Voicemail On iPhone?


A voicemail system (also known as voice message or voice bank) is a computer-based system that facilitates the exchange of personal voice messages, as well as the selecting and delivering of voice information and the processing of transactions for individuals, organizations, products, and services, using an ordinary phone line. An answering machine can also be used to convey a voice message stored in a telecommunications system.

Voicemail is a standard feature of most cell phones; many corporate private branch exchanges offer diverse internal voice-messaging services, and *98 vertical service code subscriptions are available to most individuals in the US, businesses with landlines are also included.

How Does Voicemail Feature Work?

Callers’ recorded audio messages are transmitted to recipients via voicemail systems. A user interface facilitates the selection, playing, and management of messages; a delivery method is used to deliver messages, and a notification system is available to inform the user when messages have been played or otherwise delivered system for notifying users that messages are waiting.

Typically, all of these functions are handled through phone networks, either cellular or landline-based. The messages may be retrieved or left on multiple methods through the use of PCs, PDAs, cell phones, and smartphones in some systems, such as those that use multiple telecommunication methods.

Simple voicemail systems act as remote answering machines via touch-tones as their user interface. With more complicated systems, you may also input data using a computer interface or voice. Many voicemail systems playback audio messages over the phone, while more sophisticated systems may also provide email delivery or text message delivery, message transfer and forwarding features, and multiple mailboxes.

Unlike physical devices, digital storage is used in most modern voice mail systems. Notification methods can differ as well from voice mail system to voice mail system. While simple systems may not provide active notification at all, Messages may also be indicated by other indicators.

For delivering information or processing orders using advanced systems, an organization may integrate its PABX system with its call center’s automatic call distribution system, with mobile devices or paging terminals. A voicemail system based on an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system may use pre-recorded words and phrases in a voicemail vocabulary to create a speech response for a caller based on information stored in a company’s database.

If you are facing the problem of ” how to call voicemail on iPhone?” then no worries. We are here to help you by calling your voicemail. The following article gives a brief overview of how to call voicemail from an iPhone. Follow the instructions as mentioned below.

How To Call Voicemail On iPhone?

  1. Double-click quickly on the Side button or the Sleep/Wake button if your iPhone is locked
  2. Touch the Decline button on the screen if your iPhone is unlocked
  3. Press and hold the center button until you hear two low beeps when using headphones with in-line buttons (like EarPods)

Apple states that this feature isn’t available in some regions. You can find more information on Apple Support.

Creating a passcode will be the first step in using your voicemail service. In your iPhone, you will already have voicemail service provided by your carrier.

  1. Launch the Phone application on your iPhone.
  2. The Voicemail icon is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the Set Up Now button.
  4. Provide a passcode (passcodes must be four to six digits in length).
  5. Tap the Done button.
  6. Enter the passcode again.
  7. Tap the Done button.

It will not be necessary for you to reenter the passcode once you have set up the voicemail system unless there is an issue.

How You Can Listen To Your Voicemail On iPhone?

The Voicemail tab in the Phone app displays a badge with a number when you receive a voice message. Voice messages not yet heard are represented by the numbers.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Phone app.
  2. You can access Voicemail by tapping on the right bottom corner of the screen.
  3. Open the playback options by tapping a voicemail.

4. Messages can be heard on your iPhone’s speaker if you choose that option. Connect your Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone, use your iPhone’s speaker, or listen directly from your iPhone using the iPhone speakers. If you have a Bluetooth speaker connected, you can listen to the music through the Bluetooth speaker you have connected.

5. To hear the message, press Play.

6. The message will be paused once you press Pause.

7. You can rewind or fast forward a message by dragging the slider bar left or right.

How You Can Mark Voicemails As Heard On iPhone?

The voicemail does not have to be listened to in order to be marked as already heard. The message you receive may already be clear to you and you need not hear it.

  1. Launch the Phone app on your iPhone.
  2. The Voicemail icon can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. To edit, tap the Edit button in the upper right corner.

4. If you haven’t heard the message or messages, select them.

5. The bottom left corner of the screen will show Mark As Read.

How to Check Voicemail With Another Phone?

Your iPhone is almost certainly with you all the time. You can check your messages on a landline or friend’s cell phone if you have left your iPhone at home and you want to check.

1. Voicemail Is Available Through AT&T

You can call your 10-digit cell phone number by using a touch-tone phone, which is any phone with push buttons. Never answer the phone if you are using your iPhone. You can interrupt your personalized or automated greeting by pressing the Star Key.

Input your passcode if prompted. The default passcode is the seven-digit number without the area code from your phone, so enter your cell phone number if you have not set one up or if you’ve forgotten it. You may now listen to your messages by pressing 1 or send them by pressing 2.

2. Using Verizon Voice Mail

Do not answer the call when a touch-tone phone calls your 10-digit cell number. Simply press # to interrupt the automated or personalized greeting. Press # again after entering your passcode. If you want to delete your message after listening to it, press 7 or 9 respectively.

3. Get Sprint Voicemail

If you want to call your 10-digit cell phone number, call a touch-tone phone and don’t answer. If you want to interrupt your personalized or automated greeting, you can press the Star Key. Type your passcode. You can delete or save your message by pressing 7 or 9. You can delete a voice mail message by pressing the Star key and then 3.

4. Voicemail Can Be Called Online

If you don’t have access to a landline or a friend’s cell phone, check your messages on a computer. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) transfers sound over the Internet as a form of data. Popular VoIP services include Skype and Google Voice. Call your voice mail with Skype credits for less than 3 cents per minute. You can call your voicemail for free using Google Voice or Hangouts.

How to access iPhone’s voicemail transcript?

Using the voicemail transcripts feature, you will never need to listen to voicemail messages again.

  1. The iPhone’s Phone app is open.
  2. You can access Voicemail by tapping on the right bottom corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the voicemail button.
  4. Transcripts of voicemail messages will be available there as well.

With voicemail transcripts, you can access many other interesting features.

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