How To Cancel Netflix On Iphone?


How do I cancel Netflix on Iphone? A 30-day free trial attracted millions of people back to Netflix. With the expansion of high-speed internet across the globe, the online streaming platform boomed in popularity. High-speed internet is not available in every region. People are now able to watch Netflix shows, movies, and documentaries offline.

Occasionally, Netflix subscribers find it difficult to cancel their subscriptions. This guide is for Netflix subscribers who want to cancel their subscriptions on their own without the need for expert help.  It is possible to cancel a Netflix subscription from various devices including iPhone, iTunes, Mac OS, Android OS, and Netflix itself. 

Users on a free trial will also find this guide useful. As part of its promotion strategy, Netflix gives all new users a free trial of one month. There is no knowledge of how to cancel a Netflix subscription among these new subscribers. Consequently, once the trial period has ended, they are forced to pay the subscription fee. Here is the complete detail about “How To Cancel Netflix On iPhone?” below you can find it out.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on iPhone?

Many paid for the service through iTunes or their iPhones/iPads. Check the Apple app store to make sure Netflix is updated. App updates are essential because the app won’t work properly if it’s not fully functional.

  • To access iTunes and App Store, go to the “Settings” menu and select “iTunes & App Store”.
  • From the section’s top, tap on “Apple ID “.
  • There will be a small confirmation window on the screen. Click “View Apple ID” to move forward.
  • Sign in with the Apple account associated with the iPhone/iPad.
  • When the page appears, wait a few moments. Choose “Subscriptions” from the drop-down menu above “Purchase History.”
  • Netflix should appear in the list, and tapping on it should take you to the Netflix site.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription” on the next page and confirm your cancellation.

The subscription will be removed from the iTunes account in a few moments if you are connected to the internet. Due to your successful select out of Netflix’s premium services, the company will not bill you next month.

Some Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to your further questions about canceling Netflix.

1. Even after canceling my subscription, I was still billed. Why is this happening?

Netflix cancellations take effect on the following billing cycle. You’ll have access to Netflix’s entire library until the first day of the next month if you cancel on the 15th and are due to be billed on the 1st.

There are sometimes delays when canceling, so if you cancel your subscription within one or two days of the renewal date, you may see another charge.

Once you have canceled your membership, check your email to verify that the cancellation has been completed successfully. An email confirmation will be sent to you. If you haven’t received a notice, sign into Netflix and check to see if your membership is set to expire.

In addition, if you are certain you canceled your account on time and you canceled the correct account (you may have more than one), contact Netflix Support. If you’ve been billed incorrectly, get in touch with Netflix to get your money back if you’ve been refunded. Netflix’s official stance on refunds is that they don’t offer them.

2. My profile does not contain a cancelation option. Why is that?

It’s possible that you’re being billed through another service if you don’t see the cancellation option after following the steps above. You can find your billing information on the Netflix account page by clicking on the link near the billing information. The process of canceling your Netflix account is outlined on the Netflix account page.

3. Is it possible to reactivate my account?

Absolutely. You can reactivate your Netflix account during this period. You will be able to keep your viewing history and everything intact if you do this within this time frame.

You will need to create a new account if you decide to cancel after this period.

4. Do I have the option of pausing my account?

When a subscription is paused, payments and services are suspended for a period of time. Not all customers can pause their accounts at this time. However, Netflix confirmed in July 2021 that it would be testing the feature. You can resume your service just as before if you resume your account before the 10th billing period.

Netflix cancels subscription

With the Netflix cancellation instructions in hand, you can clear your mind of another monthly bill. Some people subscribe to Netflix only when the streaming service releases new original content that they want to watch, then cancel their subscription until the next season is released.

Can I cancel my Netflix subscription?

  • While your current billing period is still active, you may continue watching. The free trial does not affect this.
  • Netflix Gift Cards and promotional balances can be used until the balance is exhausted.
  • Netflix keeps you viewing activity, recommendations, ratings, and account details for ten months. If you rejoin within this timeframe, Netflix will keep your account information. months, you can have a smooth experience and pick up from where you left.

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