How to cancel spotify premium on iPhone?


There are many kinds of music streaming apps out there, but Spotify is the largest. This app delivers updates and excellent service to millions of users around the world. Users will have to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to experience ad-free listening. iOS and Android devices can be used to access the streaming service.

If you decide to change services, are not using Spotify Premium enough to justify the fee, or are unable to afford it, you may wish to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription. 

You can easily cancel Spotify Premium on your iPhone, regardless of the reason. Spotify, however, does not allow you to cancel. We will show you how to cancel Spotify premium on iPhone in this article.

Instead of using an internet browser, you can log in to your Apple ID account via the Settings app. 

How to cancel Spotify premium on iPhone?

Spotify’s mobile app for Android devices and iPhones does not allow you to cancel your subscription. If you prefer to cancel via your mobile phone, you can do so through the Spotify website.

Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone using Web Browser

  • Tap your iPhone’s home screen to open your preferred internet browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) and go to 
  • To access your account, you will need to enter your username and password. 
  • You will be taken to your account information page once you have logged in. Under “Your plan”, click on “Change plan”.
  • Go to the “Spotify Free” section at the bottom of the plan screen. You can cancel your subscription just below this section. Click here to cancel.
  • In order to cancel your premium account, you must confirm your decision. Just select “Yes, cancel” from the drop-down menu. Spotify Free account will then be created. 

How to cancel Spotify premium on iPhone using Apple ID?

If you subscribed to Spotify Premium through a mobile device, you can cancel the subscription by accessing the Apple ID settings on your phone.

  • Go to the Settings app by tapping on the home screen of your iPhone. 
  • Enter your Apple ID password when prompted at the top of the next screen after you select iTunes & Apple Store. 

  • The Subscriptions section can be found on the Account screen. Scroll down and tap it. A subscription to Spotify Premium will appear there. 
  • The easiest way to disable automatic renewal is to tap on your Spotify Premium subscription, and then choose to Off Automatic Renewal. 

Spotify Premium subscriptions purchased through third-party services other than iTunes must be canceled through the third-party company.

Tip: The Spotify Premium subscription may not appear in iTunes if your Apple ID is incorrect. Spotify may email you a link to manage your account after you sign up. Using that link, you can manage your account information.

There is no need to be concerned if the process fails-if you experience problems or have trouble making the payment, you can contact Apple directly for assistance. Spotify cancels your subscription, a cancellation notice will be sent to the email account that you have provided. You will be informed when your subscription will be reverted to the free level once you cancel the paid subscription.

Spotify can now be removed if you wish. Also, deleting your Spotify account might be a good idea, since this will also remove any custom playlists you created. It would be a good idea to keep your Spotify subscription active if you ever decide to return to the service.

How to cancel Spotify Premium from iTunes on a Mac?

You can also cancel your subscription on a Mac using iTunes.

  • Launch the App Store app.
  • From the bottom of the sidebar, click on the sign-in button or your name.
  • View information by selecting View Information. A sign-in may be required.
  • Choose Manage from the Subscriptions menu.
  • You can edit Spotify by finding it and selecting it.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to cancel your subscription.

Some Frequently Asked Questions By Users

1. On my iPhone, I cannot cancel Spotify. Why?

Do I have the option of canceling my Spotify subscription? If you do not see a cancellation option on your Spotify account page, you may have subscribed to Spotify via a third-party vendor, such as iTunes or your broadband provider. In this case, it is necessary to contact the payment processor.

2. How come Spotify keeps charging me?

Your statement may contain recent charges if you logged into the wrong account page. Log in again using a different username and password. Click Cancel again, and make sure the confirmation message appears. You likely canceled just after your payment was processed, and there will be no charges on the account.

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