How To Change Alarm Volume On iPhone?


Regardless of the fact that you can set an iPhone alarm if you sleep through it, then it’s not doing you any good. There are settings in touch & Sounds that allow you to adjust the alarm volume on your iPhone. 

The following tips will help you figure out “How To Change Alarm Volume On iPhone?” so let’s get started.

Set Up An Alarm On Your iPhone

Firstly, we will set an alarm on your iPhone so that it can be adjusted. 

Steps To Set A Wake-Up Alarm If You Utilize An iPhone:

  • Download the Clock app to your iPhone and open it.

  • Open the Alarm tab by tapping it.

  • Adding an alarm is as easy as tapping the Plus icon.

  • When you want to awaken from your slumber, you must specify the time when you want to do so.

  • The window also allows you to set a repeating alarm, name the alarm, set an alarm ringtone, and enable or disable the snooze feature.
  • On the top right side of the screen, touch the Save button when everything is to your liking. 

How To Change Alarm Volume On iPhone?

  • Please open the Settings app on your mobile device.
  • Make sure you have selected Sound & Haptics.
  • To adjust the volume, slide the volume bar to your preferred setting under Ringers and Alerts. It is possible to find the perfect volume on your iPhone by playing the alarm for you.

That’s all there is to it! You’ll know when your alarm goes off the next time. The volume can always be adjusted in the Settings section if it isn’t quite right. Your alarm can even be customized to play a different sound every morning!

How to Set alarms using Siri?

iOS users have exclusive access to Siri, the easy-to-use AI assistant. iOS users can set alarms using Siri on their devices. As this method does not even require you to touch the phone or open the Clock app, it is the simplest method for setting an alarm on an iPhone.  

Asking Siri to set an alarm for you

It is only necessary to acknowledge Siri to initiate a Voice command with a “Hey, Siri!. At the bottom of the screen, Siri emits a small beep and displays a colorful swirling orb. By doing this, you’re alerting the AI that you want to make a voice command. Using this method, you can now ask the assistant to set alarms on your iOS device. 

1. The following commands are acceptable:

  • “Get me up at six in the morning”
  • “Show me the alarms”
  • “Set an alarm for my workout”
  • “Set an alarm for three hours from now.”

2. Making Alarm Changes on Apple Handsets

A mistake you made when setting an alarm can always be corrected by editing it. 

3. The steps to follow when editing alarms are

  • On your iPhone, open the Clock app.
  • Click on the Alarm tab.
  • The Edit option is found in the upper left corner.
  • You can edit an alarm by selecting it and making the necessary changes. 
  • After you have finished, tap Save.

4. On Apple phones, deleting an alarm

You can delete an alarm before it rings if you don’t want it to ring anymore. 

5. The steps to deleting an alarm on an iPhone 

  • On your iPhone, open the Clock app.
  • Click on the Alarm tab. You can delete an alarm in three different ways from here
  • Choose the Edit option, tap the minus icon, and then select Delete.
  • You can delete the alarm by swiping left on the alarm.
  • Tap Edit, select the alarm, and then tap Delete Alarm.

6. A bedtime tracking system

Apple Inc. cares about its users, which is why they have the Bedtime tracking feature, which monitors the amount of sleep you are getting. Apple Watch is equipped with a health-conscious feature that ensures you get a sufficient amount of sleep and warns you when it’s time. 

7. Using Apple iPhone, track your bedtime

  • Open the Clock application. 
  • Go to the Bedtime tab.
  • You can customize the settings by selecting Get Started.
  • When you’re done, tap Done. 

8. Changing the tracking settings for bedtime

Bedtime Tracker users can customize the settings to suit their preferences. 

9. Editing the bedtime tracking settings

  • Open the Bedtime tab in the Clock application on your iPhone.
  • Toggle between Bedtime and Wake up in the Schedule section.
  • Tap and drag the floating Zs (bedtime icon). Following this, the Sleep reminders and Wake up alerts are updated in the UI.
  • Select the days you wish to receive alerts for under the Days of Week Active section. Active days are indicated by an orange background. 

10. Viewing the Sleep History

If you do not intend to view your rest data, it is pointless to enable Bedtime tracking. 

You can view your Sleep History by scrolling down the Bedtime tab in your Clock app. 

Changing the iPhone alarm sound

For understanding and fixing the iPhone alarm sound, understanding and fixing the previously stated settings took some time. 

What Are Some Ways To Activate Alarm Volume

Controlling the iPhone alarm sound and setting it to your liking can be done in two ways.

A list of frequently asked questions

1. What is the process for changing the volume of my alarm?

There are two different methods by which you can alter the volume of your iPhone’s alarm.

  • By changing the settings
  • Using the Volume buttons

2. What effect does phone volume have on alarms?

The volume on the Phone is different from the volume on the iPhone alarm. As a result, if you change the volume of your phone, the alarm volume will remain the same. You can set the alarm volume separately from the volume of your phone.

3. How can I turn down the volume on my iPhone alarm?

There is a possibility that the volume of your iPhone is too loud when the ringer volume is below the audible level. To change the ringer volume, you can go to Settings.

4. Why Does My Phone Alarm Not Sound Loud?

The volume of the alarm is turned down as a result of a glitch. This can be fixed by adjusting the iPhone’s Sounds and Haptics settings.


In addition to eliminating the need for alarm clocks, the alarm feature on every iPhone and other device is also meant to wake the user up on time. Many alarms have quite loud sounds. Most people would prefer a quieter wake-up time. 

The volume of your alarm can be adjusted on your device for this reason. The following article contains all the information you need about controlling the alarm volume on your iPhone. For more information, please visit Apple’s website.

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