How To Change Caller Id On iPhone?


If you manage a small business and use your iPhone for business purposes, adding contacts to your iPhone may be useful for you, since as a business owner you will probably be in contact with colleagues and business relations regularly. In this article, there is a complete guide about “How to change caller id on iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Change Caller Id On iPhone?

You will be able to know who is calling you from your iPhone’s Caller Identification, thanks to information such as the person’s name that’s saved into your phone. You can decide whether or not you want to accept the call from that point onwards. Adding a Caller ID entry can be done from the “Recents” tab, or from the on-screen keypad.

1. The Phone app can be opened by tapping the “Phone” icon.

2. The “Recents” tab shows you the numbers you’ve called and the numbers that have contacted you previously. Tap the blue and white arrows to the right of the phone number for which you want to add a caller ID. Move to the keypad icon and dial the number, then tap the “Add Contact” icon to the right of the “Call” button if the number is not in the “Recents” tab.

3. To create a new contact, tap “Create New Contact”.

4. Please fill out the fields provided with the requested information. Among the options are named, last names, companies, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can put a caller ID in this number by tapping the “Done” button when you are done.

How to fix Caller ID on iPhone XS Max if it is not working?

You may have been blocked from seeing your caller ID on the device that the person is using. As a result, you are not able to see the caller’s name. It may be necessary to change your Caller ID settings if your Caller ID is not working for your outgoing calls. Select the Show My Caller ID option in Settings-> Phone from the menu, then toggle it on or off. Turn on the Caller ID with your iPhone XS Max to see it on every call. If you don’t want the feature to show, turn it off.

Solution 1: Adjust the time and date on your iPhone XS Max.

There may also be a conflict with some caller-identification features due to incorrect date and time settings on the phone. This may be due to invalid timestamps. Ensure that the date and time on your iPhone XS Max are properly set. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Press the General button.
  • Please select the date and time.
  • Set Automatically can be enabled by tapping. Consequently, your iPhone XS Max’s date and time settings will automatically be adjusted to reflect your time zone and current location.

You can manually set the time and date on your device if the Caller ID is not working using automatic settings. Test this out and let us know how it goes.

Solution 2.  Reset your iPhone XS Max to its factory default settings.

To resolve persistent issues, you can consider a factory reset or master reset as one of your last options. If your device’s network functions are not working properly, there may be some complex system issues causing the issue. If that is the case, an advanced solution is needed. You can try resetting your computer to its factory settings if you’re willing to take a chance, but make sure to back up all of your important files beforehand. With this action, all saved data, as well as other contents and settings on your device, will be deleted. Here’s how to perform a master reset via settings on the iPhone XS Max once you’re finished:

  • Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.
  • Press the General button.
  • You can tap Reset by scrolling to it.
  • Erase all content and settings by selecting this option.
  • Continue by entering your device passcode.
  • You can then confirm the factory reset by tapping the option.

When you reset your iPhone, it automatically reboots. Wait for the iPhone to boot up before you start the initial setup. Following the setup wizard will allow you to set up and configure the iPhone as a new device. After a master reset, software-related issues should be resolved. Otherwise, you are probably dealing with a more complex system issue that requires more advanced solutions. An iOS restore can often be helpful in these situations. In the event of major problems that couldn’t be resolved by a master reset, a recovery mode restore can be considered the next step. In the event that that also doesn’t work, you could try restoring it in DFU mode. You will need iTunes on your computer to do either of these methods.

Solution 3. Reboot the iPhone XS Max (soft reset).

If the Caller ID was working fine on your device and has suddenly stopped, then it could just be a random software glitch affecting your iPhone’s network services. It is recommended to perform a soft reset on your iPhone XS Max in order to eliminate these glitches. The steps are as follows:

  • When the Slide to Power Off menu appears, press and hold the Side/Power button and either the Volume Up or Volume Down button simultaneously.
  • Turn off your iPhone by dragging the Power off slider.
  • Once the phone has rebooted, press and hold the Side/Power button for another 30 seconds.

Check whether the Caller ID is working properly by making a test call after the phone has finished booting up. Try the next possible workaround if it doesn’t.

After you have tiredout all previous methods, contact your carrier to escalate the problem. Make sure your account is configured with the correct service plan. A refresh of your carrier’s account services may be necessary. If you get an error code or warning prompt related to caller ID, be sure to take note of the information since it often provides hints as to what went wrong and what needs to be fixed.

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