How To Change Date On iPhone?


It has also been reduced to some extent to wear a watch all the time since smartphones have become more popular. The use of smartphones for checking time has evolved along with technology, although most people prefer their smartphones. Update the time on your iOS device as soon as possible if you fall into this category.

There’s a possibility that, due to a bug or hardware malfunction, your iPhone or iPad isn’t updating the time and date in real-time when it’s supposed to. iOS devices offer the automatic time zone detection option based on location services, but there’s a chance that the device’s location services won’t be accurate enough to detect time zones.

The guide below explains how to manually set the time and date on your iPhone if that is your situation. We’ve also included a guide below to “how to change date on iPhone?”.

How To Change Date On iPhone Or iPad?

The following steps will help you change the time and date on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod by going to the Settings menu.

  • Tap General once you’ve scrolled down.

  • Scroll down to the Date & Time section of the next page.

  • You can turn on or off auto-date and time updating on the next page by tapping the toggle beside Set automatically.

  • Turn off the toggle button beside Set Automatically if you want to manually change the time and date.

  • A Time Zone option will appear next to the current date and time on your phone.

  • A scrolling edit box will appear when you click the date or time. You can adjust these settings by moving the slider up and down.

You can choose a time zone manually by clicking the option or by selecting the option.

You may be experiencing time and date variation on your iOS device because of the settings for location services.¬†You can improve the accuracy of the automatic time and date update by turning on your iOS device’s location services.

What’s The Problem With Changing The Time And Date On Your iPhone?

If you found this article, it’s likely that you need help changing the time or date on your iPhone. You may be experiencing difficulty for the following reasons:

  • Time on screen has been enabled. The iPhone cannot be changed manually when Screen Time restrictions are on. Changing the date and time settings will prevent people from getting around Screen Time’s time limitations. The date and time can only be changed after Screen Time has been disabled or after the restricted period has ended.
  • Not all phone companies provide an automatic setting of time and date as part of their service. By updating your carrier settings or contacting your phone company, you may be able to resolve this.
  • The Location Services settings you have selected. It is possible that you have blocked the feature that sets the date and time automatically. Setting Time Zone slider needs to be brought to on/green in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.
  • Policy for managing devices. Your IT administrator may have set up your iPhone so that you cannot adjust the date or time if you get it from work or school.
  • Where you are currently located. Not all countries and regions allow automatically changing the time.
  • You can try the following (in this order) to change your time and date if you have already tried everything else.

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