How To Change Featured Photos On iPhone?


If you’re enjoying the new feature for Changing featured photos on iPhone? , you’re not alone. And with a photo widget, having your favorite faces or scenes right on your Home Screen is a great way to start your day.

You have a couple of ways to change featured photos on your iPhone Home Screen. One option is obviously using the Photos app widget provided by Apple. The other is to use a third-party app with a custom widget.  Here you will find the complete information about “How To Change Featured Photos On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Change Featured Photos On iPhone?

Method 1: Changing the Featured Photo in iOS’s Photos widget

1. The widget will appear when you tap the picture. You will be able to open it in Photos.

2. You can remove a photo from featured photos by tapping the Share icon. Alternatively, you can see this option if you long-press on an image in the For You tab in Photos.

3. In the widget, if a Memory is shown, tap on the More icon in the top right corner. From there, select Suggest Fewer Memories of This Type.

4. If offered, choose to Suggest This Day Less or Suggest This Place Less → Confirm.

5. As soon as the image is removed, the next image (if there is one) will be displayed in its place, thus replacing the existing image. It is possible to remove from the For You section as many images as you wish by following the instructions above. These images will not appear in the Photos widget.

6. There is currently no way for you to select or set which photos should be displayed. We hope that in the future, Apple will allow you to create an album with the pictures you want just for the Photos widget, which will allow you to upload your photos directly to the widget. 

7. If you are using iOS 15 or 14, then the following is a guide on how to change the featured photo. It may be easier to lose the widget than to remove the images individually. If you have several unwanted images and do not have the time to remove them one by one, you may wish to get rid of the widget.

Method 2: Change featured photos through using widget smith

Apple’s own Photos widget comes with limitations, but you may not want to let that limit keep you from changing the picture in the widget.

In addition to letting you create customized widgets, Widgetsmith allows you to add photos directly from the Photos app. Best of all, you get to select the photos and can change them whenever you like!

1. You can choose between small, medium, and large widget sizes in Widgetsmith.

2. Select the Default Widget.

3. Scroll through the widget types until you see Custom.

4. Choose either Photo or Photos in Album if you wish to display a specific photo, or All Photos in a certain album if you wish to display every photo from that album.

5. Then, select Selected Photo from the tab below or Selected Album from the tab below and select the Photo or Album you wish to use.

6. You can return to this page by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner. Another option would be to tap the widget in the top right corner and rename it.

7.  When you are finished, tap the Save button.

You may add your newly created photo or album widget to the Home Screen by adding it through the Widget Gallery. Once you add the widget to the Home Screen, it will be available for use. You can also add the Photos widget in a similar way to how we added the Photos widget over on our website, except instead of selecting Widgetsmith, choose the size of the photo widget you created.

You can select the photo or album widget once the widget appears on your Home Screen by holding it down, selecting Edit Widget, and then selecting it.

How to Customize the Featured Photo?

The Photos Widget currently does not allow you to choose which albums to display. Rather, you can access your photos through the Memories and Featured Photos albums in the Photos app.

Considering there is no way to manually add more photos to any of these albums, the only way you can “customize” the widget is by removing any images you don’t want to see. The following steps will help you customize both Memories and Featured Photos.

1. Take a look at your iPhone’s Photos app.

2. The For You tab can be found at the bottom of the page.

3. The picture you want to remove can be found under Featured Photos on the right side of the page.

4. Tap on the image and long-press it to remove it from the featured images.

5. If you tap the See All button under Memories, you will be able to see all the memories.

6. Find the Memories that should be removed from your account.

7. To delete a memory, long-press it and tap the Delete Memory button.

As another option, if you are trying to modify what Memories are shown on your screen, you can select the option for Suggest Fewer Memories Like This in order to customize what Memories are shown.

By doing so, you’re allowing your iPhone to determine the type of photos and Memories that should actually appear on the screen. Imagine having a bunch of memes showing up as a memory, but missing out on spending time at the park because of the slew of memes that appeared as memories.

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