How To Change Language On iPhone?


A number of factors influence language to change. The first is the changing needs of its speakers. The use of new words is necessary for referring to new technologies, new products, and new experiences. Language constantly adapts and changes in response to our changing lives, experiences, and cultures.

No two people have ever experienced language in exactly the same way. There is always something new about the language. As well as changing across spaces and social groups, language also changes over time.

However, we all need to change the languages of phones whenever we travel anywhere. Here is the detail of” how to change languages on iPhone and also on android?

How to Change Language On iPhone?

The iPhone language can be changed while it is being set up, so you do not have to reset it. You can select a new language on your  Apple device and your OS will automatically load that language’s settings.

  1. The first thing you should do is to do this by opening the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. As seen on the menu, select General.
  3. You can find Language & Region under the general settings. This is also where you can modify the region in which you live.
  4. On top of the screen, tap the iPhone Language option.
  5. From the given list, pick your preferred language. If you want to narrow the results, the search bar’s language should appear after typing the first few letters to save time.
  6. Tap Done from the top of the screen once you have chosen your language.
  7. Verify the language you selected.

How to Change Language On iPhone for Siri?

If when you switch to another language on your iPhone, you may not find that Siri changes over. Additionally, Siri, some of the languages it supports can also produce popular accents. The process of chaging Siri’s language is easier than changing the language on your iPhone.

  1. In the Settings app, open its main menu or we’re back on the app’s home page.
  2.  As a shortcut, tap the back icon until you get back to the main menu. You can access the previous menu by clicking on a sign of less-than(<).
  3. You can search Siri by tapping it.
  4. Select Language from the drop-down menu.
  5. Confirm your language selection after you have chosen the language you want to select.
  6. You can return to Siri’s settings by tapping the back button.
  7. Siri is the voice you should choose.
  8. If available, you have the option of choosing a gender and an accent.

How to change the language of the iPhone’s keyboard?

You should see the new language appear automatically on the iPhone keyboard, but if not, the following can be added to your selection of keyboards. Also, there is the option of switching between two different languages.

  1. Navigate to the main menu of settings or open the Settings app.
  2. Press the General button.
  3. Go to the general settings and select Keyboard.
  4. On the screen, select Keyboards.
  5. Tap the Add New Keyboard button to create a new keyboard.
  6. Choose a new language for the keyboard.

At the top of the screen, tap Edit, then click Delete next to any of the keyboards you want to remove. You will see a minus sign next to the Delete button. Tap Done when you are done deleting the keyboard.

Note: A keyboard appears when the screen is displayed, you can select a different keyboard by tapping the keyboard button. Around  123 buttons and the Microphone icon is the Keyboard button, which is a globe.

The Effect of Changing the Language on an iPhone?

It only takes a few minutes to accomplish, and once that is done all menu text, the menu will appear in the menu bar as well as text in apps that support the new language, will display in the new language.

By you can change the language setting on the iPhone, you are able to change the language setting for the keyboard as well as get easily accessible to accent characters.

Although Siri may not automatically change over to another language, it may be necessary to make changes to its language setting as well. You don’t have to stick with just American English with the iPhone; it supports more than thirty languages and dialects within a few.

English can also be used in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Singapore. The list goes on from there, including Spanish and Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese, and French or Canadian French so forth.

Many iPhone Users Encounter Problems Changing Their iPhone’s Language 

One of my readers asks me for help with the steps above. Since Arabic is new to her, she does not know how to convert it back into English. If you don’t understand the new language, switch back to English by following the steps mentioned above.

The above images, which shows the options for changing the language of your iPhone/iPad after changing into an unknown language.

When third parties support another language, conversion may not be possible. If you change the language, dynamic original content in Mail and Message will not be affected.

Switch from keyboard runtime and use other alternate languages without modifying the language. Add a third-party keyboard to iPhone/ iPad.

How To Change The Language On An Android Phone Or Tablet To The One You Prefer?

You can easily change your Android device’s language by going to Settings if you accidentally selected the wrong language during setup or purchased the device in another country. 

You should be able to find a language to suit your needs out of more than 100 options.

The following steps will guide you through changing the language on your Android device.

How To Change The Language On Android?

1. On your Android device, open the Settings app. 

2. Press the “System” button.

  • You’ll find it under “System.”

3. Press the “Languages & Input” button.

4. Select “Languages”.

5. Select “Add a Language”.

6. Touch the language you want to use from the list. You may be asked to choose a region for your language.

Additional region-specific options are available for some languages. Following the selection of your preferred language, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can choose between various regions. Tap on the region of your choice. 

7. You can drag your preferred language to the first position by pressing firmly on the two horizontal lines to the right of your preferred language.

Press firmly on the two horizontal lines and move the language to the top to make it the default on your Android. 

If your phone changes its default language automatically, you should see it on your phone. You should restart your phone if you don’t see it.

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